I have a natural vast of energy and cannot use or touch crystals without my energy going crazy. Is this a clash of energies with the crystals or something else?

“I’ve found that I absolutely cannot use crystals or even touch/look at them without my energy and spirit freaking out and going haywire. I’ve always had a naturally vast store of energy, both spiritual and mundane, and I can call upon natural energy easily. In many ways I’ve always felt like a living battery, so I’m wondering if I’m having an energy clash with the crystal? I get this mild pain in my fingers and begin to feel queasy if I even look at a crystal. So, is this common/rare, and what are your thoughts? Thank you.


With crystals and stones being a common piece of pagan practicies, I can understand your curiosity about your energetic reaction. I personally have a similar issue. When I pick up crystals in the store, I get a painful tingle up my arm until I set them back down. On the other hand, I can pick up rocks by the creek without an issue.

This can be seen a few ways. First, many crystals we find in stores are harvested in less-than-positive ways. Perhaps the negative energies caused by ripping them from the earth leave some of us more sensitive to their residue? Second, sometimes an element or type of energy “bites” us as a hint that we’re ignoring something important. Have you worked with the energies of earth in particular, or use a stone in energy work? Lastly, all items pick up energy from whoever they contact. Crystals are notoriously fondled and admired by a large number of strangers; you may be finding yourself sensitive to their residual energies, rather than those of the crystals themselves.

The best way to determine which is the case would be through controlled experimentation. Try working with your birthstone, or ask someone to cleanse a crystal for you before you touch it. As I said, I’ve found that “free range” stones and crystals cause me no discomfort. See if you can find your personal trigger and ways to work with (or around) it.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer


I’ve been having dreams and seeing things that’s been standing out to me like neon signs begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?

“Hi, I know these things seem insubstantial at first, but it was like they had a neon sign saying “LOOK AT ME”. I just can’t make sense of them. First I dreamed all my upper right teeth fell out, then I keep seeing rainbows everywhere, then two sparrows flew right at me, turned around and came back. I know I sound silly but they really stood out to me, begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?”

It could be deity. Though I don’t know of any that have connections with a toothless mouth, rainbows and sparrows. I don’t have one answer for this, because this could mean many things. Yes, it could be a possible deity or spirit, it could be some sort of energy, or backed-up energy – either from you, someone you live with, or just the excess energy that’s laying around from when you do ritual (you need to remember to ground yourself and your energy after every magickal practice and ground yourself every so often). It could be parts of a greater sign. Leading you to the big picture – asking you to try and put everything together. Reflect from things going on and happening in your life to help you.

It could literally be a myriad of things. Do some divination to help you follow these signs, perhaps use the Tarot. A few sessions of deep meditation might also bring you answers, or at least a better picture of what could be a sign. If it’s something that’s bothering you too much, perhaps you need to do some cleansing – both of your home (if most of this is where it’s happening) and of yourself.

Only you will be able to figure out what everything means, how to connect them, and what it’s trying to tell you.


Blessed Be

Is it possible to be pagan and not believe in deities, but rather energy? Also is there a specific name for this sort of belief so that I could read into it?

“is it possible to be pagan and not believe in deities, but rather energy? also is there a specific name for this sort of belief so that I could read into it? thanks!”

So you’re a pagan atheist? That’s kind of a contradiction in terms, but the meaning of Pagan is definitely broad and different for every person. The term “deity” can be however you want to believe it to be; an ancient Greek God or Goddess, a dwelling spirit, an animal, a human, or even energy. Though modern Paganism is usually very polytheist, Paganism’s root belief is the unity of the body and spirit with the energies and powers of nature and Earth.

As a Pagan, I do pray to the Goddess Moon and God Sun as deities that sustain life and existence. However, the Universe and Cosmos are what I consider to be the “highest power,” or “ultimate God.” Paganism is a very personal practice, so you can take what you want to believe in with the root beliefs of Paganism.

I don’t know of any specific names for the belief in just energy, but as I mentioned, Paganism is a broad practice – a personal philosophy. With the basic roots of  Paganism, you can add whatever other beliefs and practices you believe in.


Blessed Be,

I like to describe myself as a person who believes in the universal energy that flows through all living things. I have never really found a set religion or path to take – Maybe a form of Paganism might suit me?

“Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe help me. I like to describe myself as a person who believes in the universal energy that flows through all living things. I have never really found a set religion or path to take, but I was recently told that maybe a certain form of Paganism might suit me. Do you have any suggestions?”


Paganism has many different faces, traditions, beliefs, etc. Paganism is the “big picture” to the other little paths like Wicca and its many traditions. Paganism itself is not a “religion.” In history, people called others Pagans, or Heathens, because they were not (or believed not to be) Christian. Because there are not many records of what ancient religions were like before Christianity and Judaism, besides cave paintings, statues, temples, ancient texts like the Sanskrit Vedic texts and different forms of hieroglyphs (most ancient teachings and story-telling was verbal) – whatever records were found mentioned ancient people worshiping the moon, sun, stars, animals, and nature. And once Judaism and Christianity came around and it did not believe in these worshipings, Heathen/Pagan were the titles given to these people.

Aside from that short history lesson, what you should do is basically do some soul-searching. All the knowledge you need and searching for are in books. I would suggest visiting your local library and checking out some books on Paganism/Wicca or even something on world religions or western religions. Many of those books will have something to mention besides just about the book’s title and will refer you to other research and topics – and that will definitely help you expand your horizons and knowledge and hopefully lead you in the right direction to find what path is calling your name.

If you want to start with Pagan/Wicca/Witchcraft books, I would suggest with one or two of the books I mentioned in Wicca 101: Books for beginners. All these books and more can be found here.

Aside from books, some soul-searching could be in order. Through meditation and finding your “happy place,” you can (with time and practice) find your spirit guide or some sort of energy or force that can potentially lead you to a path. A guided (click here) or deep meditation could help you – for a deep meditation technique, I’ve written this one (starts at paragraph 7).

Good luck with your search!

Blessed Be

Energy work vs. Magick

“I am a massage therapist. When learning massage in school we learned energy work as well. How to use and feel energy, and that intent played a large role in giving massage.I was taught that when giving a massage the therapist should focus on the massage and the client as much as possible with the intent of healing, and helping the client to feel better. That some times even when everything you know isn’t making the problem better, a stubborn muscle for instance, your intent and touch can improve how the client feels. So my question is this. What then is the difference between what massage therapists do as energy work, and what some pagans call magick? I admit to not knowing much on the subject but I have been curiously looking into it recently as I have begun to really feel clients energies during massages.

Thank You!”

Dear massage therapist,

I was actually a certified massage therapist when I was doing my undergrad to make extra money, so I know all about client energies, healing, etc. What I did was place crystals around my client to absorb any negative energy coming from them during the massage and would always place small crystals on top of stones whenever I did a hot stone massage.

Anyway. Healing is done in myriad of ways, obviously. Massaging being one of them. Pagans use a series of crystals and energy work to “heal.” It’s not so much magick, than it is just simply transferring energy; getting rid of the bad and flowing in the good and new. Healing spells are also considered “energy work,” for the most part because you’re sending healing energy to the recipient to be healed.

Healing magick, as in using herbs, potions, etc. is different. That’s using physical properties and techniques to heal. Herb sachets, home remedies and medicines, amulets, etc. are considered “magick.”

When working with someone’s energy, it’s important to somewhat know what kind of energy you’re dealing with. Some people’s energies are stronger than others. Some are darker. Some are radient, while other’s are dimmer. You need to feel, connect, and “see” the energy you’re working with in order to heal it and replace it with positive, healthy energy.

Some people’s energies are stubborn. It doesn’t want to change, leave, or be replaced. In that case, it’s the person that’s going to need to change. Some people’s lifestyle is just filled with so much worry, stress, frustration, etc. that their energies has become part of those qualities. Our energies change and is different, because our day-to-day lives are usually different, changing, and many different things happen to change our mood. But sometimes, one’s routine, feelings and moods might be so consistent that the energy had adapted to it and won’t be able to “heal” with simple energy work.

Carrying a stone or crystal will always help keep one’s energy stable and positive. Whither the stone or crystal is to absorb negative energy, or keep your current energy positive and content – it’s always helpful to have or have around your house and/or workplace.

Blessed Be,

How can I write my own spells? What color candles should I use? Do I needs objects and tools for my spells to work?

“Hi, I have a question about spells. I want to learn how to create them, but it entails many factors. I don’t know what sort of objects I need, I can put the words down, somehow, but I don’t know what I have to use in the process. What sort of candles, or what else. Which’s a nice source to find reliable spells? or any help will be appreciated. I’m just starting, I don’t want to do things wrong. Thanks.”


Spells are one of the simpler aspects of the Craft. Spells can be as simple as lighting a birthday candle, or as elaborate as creating your own candle, involving herbs, crystals, and other tools to conduct your spell.

You really don’t “need” anything to cast a spell. Just yourself. The whole point of involving candles and other tools is to enhance the power and energy. But like I said, you can literally use a birthday candle. Depending on what kind of spell you are trying to do, is what you can determine the other factors and objects to use. For example, with love spells, obviously the color candle you could use is red or pink. You can also use roses, or any other flower, heart-shaped objects or even paper cut outs, or literally anything else you would use to represent love to use as the “extra” stuff in spells. With a money spell, you can use a gold or green candle. Use coins to implement in your spell. For protection spells, white and black candles. Crystals or some small, personal object can be used to empower and protect you.

What you use during/for a spell can never be “wrong.” Because YOU know what it’s for, and YOU know its intention, so will the Gods and the Universe, and it’ll work in your favor, regardless if the object represents what your spell is for or not. It’s the same thing with wording or language. Some people believe that saying a spell is a different language, Latin being the popular one, will make the spell more powerful. False. The magick isn’t coming from the words, it’s coming from YOU and within you. So language or elaborate, rhyming words isn’t even that necessary either.

As far as deciding what objects, tools, etc. to use for a spell, just use your imagination. Objects are usually just used to “activate” a spell, and you can do this by burning your spell on a piece of paper, tying a knot on some string or yarn, or even burying the object. The best way, for me at least, to do an objectless spell is by creating an “energy ball.” Rubbing your hands together and then pulling them apart, visualize an electric, glowing ball being formed. As you recite your spell, visualize the ball getting bigger and you pull your hands farther apart. Once you’re done reciting, SEE what your intent for the spell within this energy ball. See it happening, see what you want come true. And when you feel ready, lift and “throw” the ball up into the Universe to work its magick.

Here is a light of colors and their magickal correspondents:

  • Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust
  • Pink: Friendship, sweet love
  • Orange: Attraction and encouragement
  • Gold: Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections
  • Yellow: Persuasion and protection
  • Green: Financial gain, abundance, fertility
  • Light Blue: Health, patience and understanding
  • Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability
  • Purple: Ambition and power
  • Brown: Earth-related or animal-related workings
  • Black: Negativity and banishment
  • White: Purity and truth*
  • Silver: Reflection, intuition, lunar connections

The best source for spells are your own. You can get inspiration from other spells, but the only truly powerful ones are your own.

Blessed Be

What comes after the books, spells, and rituals? How do I advance, learn more, and go further than just another Wicca?

“I’ve read all the books, the articles online, and whatever else that comes my way. I’m not saying I know everything, but every book (even the “advanced” books) are practically repetitive and not really giving me more or new information. I guess what I’m trying to ask is, what now? I know there’s more to Wicca than the spells and rituals; I still do my daily basic meditations, communing with deity, etc. In other words, is there more to learn beyond the books and information?

Thank you. Daisy”

Dear Daisy,

Should I be welcoming you to the Craft or something? No offense, of course. But if you’ve read all the books and everything you could get your hands on like you said you have, then you should know by now what “really” comes after the books: Self-growth and self-development.

Books doesn’t give you power. They give you knowledge, which is the root of power. Books are just the tools and guidelines to what comes after that. You can literally read every book in the Wicca/Witchcraft category and that wouldn’t mean a single thing without practice! You can read every single book that you can get your hands on about spell casting, meditation, astral projection, etc. So you know how to do it all and how it works, but do you really KNOW how to do it and how it works? Being a book-worm doesn’t make you an active practitioner.

Books are just a fraction of what the Craft is about, or any religion for that matter. It’s what you do with the things you learn. So you learned how to meditate. Okay. Go further with it. Exercise deep meditation, astral projection, visualization, learn to meditate within your meditation. What about divination? It’s practically in every book, so work on it. Divination, next to spirit contact, is one of the “tougher” tasks. Choose a divination method – tarot card, runes, gazing, etc. – and master it. Just because you have and know the definitions of what the cards or runes say, or what you see in gazing, doesn’t mean anything more than checking your mail – you get your mail (spreading the cards or runes), you know what it is/who it’s from (the definition), but you don’t really know what it means or the answers to your questions until you open the mail (go beyond the surface meanings).

You want to develop your psychic powers? Work on opening up your “third eye.” The first step in psychic power comes with meditation and being able to really master visualization and holding that visuale in your mind for more than one second. For example, a good way to exercise your visualization skills is with a candle. Light a candle and stare at it for a few minutes. Look at it and look past it. See the way the flames move. See the different colors. The way it sounds. Try to look at all the details of the candle. And when you think you’re ready, close your eyes and visualize everything you just saw – see the color of the candle and flames, the way the flame flickers and moves. From one candle you can move on to several candles, and from that to details on your altar, and then your room, etc. Every time having the image bigger and more complex. Seeing what’s “not there” when your eyes are closed will also help you enhance your ability to see auras, spirits, and bad energy.

Spirit communication is another way, and probably one of the most difficult and dangerous, to “go to the next level.” For more than half of the time I have been practicing, spirits and spirit contact has been my biggest focus. I have had some great successes and many failures. It’s something that takes much time, extreme patience, practice, and finding the best way that works for you and for the ritual. If you look at the rituals in a lot of Occult books, the Key of Solomon or the Geotia for example, you’ll see that the “magic circle” is a very elaborate and dramatic design for just invoking a spirit. I have done the elaborate rituals with full-blown designs and symbols, and I’ve done basic circles with little to no designs and symbols and just used crystals, herbs and runes. And you know what, the “basic” circle works better for me. So it’s just a matter of what you feel is necessary and what you’re more comfortable with. Of course, you don’t always have to conduct an entire circle or ritual for spirit communication, it’s only recommended just so you’ll stay safe from the spirit and not have to worry about it attacking you or “messing with your head.” You can simple be at your altar and try to commune with a friendly spirit that may be visiting your home or somewhere near by.

You can commune with friendly spirits with an almost seance setting and way, by lighting candles and placing bread on the table. Dim any lights and eliminate all distractions. Concentrate on only attracting good, friendly, loving energy. And when you’re ready, you can say something along the lines of, “friendly spirit, I (we) bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with me (us) and move among me (us).” You can repeat the chant until you feel, see, or hear something respond. At this point you can communicate and ask questions. Start with basic yes or no questions. When you are done, you can bid the spirit farewell and thank it for coming to you. Blow out the candles to conclude the ritual and dispose of the bread by burying it.

Advancing comes and happens in many ways, shapes, and forms. Work on herbology, potions and concoctions. Learn and develop yourself to be one with nature by meditating and doing ritual work and whatnot outside. Advancing doesn’t always have to stay within Wicca, you can also explore, learn and understand new faiths and religions. Buddhism and Egyptology are always the “famous” ones. As well as Shamanism. Think outside the box. Developing yourself doesn’t always have to be about magic and spells, but concepts, ideas, and self-improvement/empowerment.

Blessed Be,

My spells don’t work. I follow all the instructions, I have everything I need and do everything the spell tells me to do, but I never get results. Do I not have magic? What am I doing wrong?

“I have been involved in witchcraft for several months now. I do protection spells a lot. Recently I’ve been doing love and luck spells so that someone would like me and want to be with me. But it’s not working. I have all the tools the spell needs and I’ve been doing everything it tells me that I need to do. I do a full circle casting and then my spell, but weeks after my spells nothing ever happens. Do I not have magic or am I doing something wrong?

– Midnight”

Dear Midnight,

You’re probably not doing anything wrong. Spells are like flowers – it takes time to grow and fully blossom for it to be at its peak for the world to enjoy its beauty. Spells aren’t always about magic potions and hocus pocus, no. We do “spells” all the time, even when we don’t know it. Every heavy thought, prayer, wish and meditation is a form of a spell. Every Wicca 101 book will always tell you, you need candles, incense, an athame, and whatever else tools and crafts you’ll need to obtain for the spell/ritual to work. But really, all you need is yourself. Yes, tools, crafts, incense, herbs, etc. help enhance your magick a bit, but they’re not always necessary. The magick comes from within you – it is you. (you can refer to this blog post about the power of magick coming from within you and the use of tools and their necessity).

Magick and spells are mystic. They work and weave their intent in their own way as the universe sees fit. Just because you cast a spell and you think it’s not working or it didn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s not in it’s own way. For instance, say you cast a money spell to bring you fortune. Well, don’t expect to win the billion dollar lottery. Instead, see how the little signs and ways your spell is really working. Instead of literally wanting buckets full of cash dropping on your doorstep, the spell might work in a way that you save money on something. Perhaps getting a big discount on something, finding a big coupon, coming across something valuable that you are able to sell at a good price, or even getting a good APR on a credit card offer!

Love spells, more than almost any other spell, is one of the trickiest and one of the most sought after spells and requests for hundreds of years! Who wouldn’t want some rich, famous celebrity falling in love with them, or having some prince(ss) offer your hand in marriage?! If love spells worked the way we wanted them to work, everyone would be, in some way, shape or form, famous! A real love spell doesn’t “make” someone love you or want you. A true love spell sends out loving powers and energies to help guide your future lover to you, or you to them. For a love spell to work, you simply only need to ask the universe (or your deity, etc.) to help find and bring your soulmate into your life. For all you know, you could already know them and you’re just distracted by the fact that you want this person to just automatically fall madly in love with you and jump into your arms telling you they want to spend the rest of their life with you! It’s not going to happen.

Keep spells simple and basic. Candles, incense, maybe herbs, whatever you see fit to “fit” in with what your spell is for. A good way to do a “request” spell (money, luck, love, etc.) is to write it on a small piece of paper and burn it as you recite the spell and then burry the ashes in natural ground (the woods, forest) or spread the ashes in a river, lake, etc. Let the power and energy from your spell and from the ashes go about naturally and the energies of the Earth will help wield your spell.

Another way to “attract” something is by making sachets, or sometimes called “mojo bags.” These are pouches filled with herbs and sometimes objects to represent your intent and help attract what it is you’re wanting. Protection sachets are usually made and hung over doorways and windows. Sleep, dream and vision sachets are placed under your pillow. There are many ways and uses for sachets and often are a “nicer,” simpler way of doing a spell without actually doing the spell.


Blessed Be,


I’m new to the Craft, I still live with my parents and I’m still “in the broom closet.” A lot of the spells and rituals I want to do need magickal tools, but I can’t get any without making it obvious or explain them.

“Hello. I’m new to Witchcraft and Wicca. I’ve only been practicing for almost five months. I still live with my parents and I haven’t told them yet, and I probably won’t for a while or ever. I like learning and doing new spells, but a lot of the spells I read say they need magickal tools. I don’t have any and can’t get any. I really want to do spells – can I do them without tools and everything the spells says it needs?

– Misty”

Dear Misty,

Welcome to the Craft! Let me tell you about when I first started practicing. I first learned and “got into” Witchcraft when I was about 14 years old. I learned about it and started practicing in a country where is was forbidden and punishable by death (that should narrow down what country!). I bought my first book about Witchcraft and Wicca when I came to the U.S. to visit family in the summer. “Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner, by Cunnigham.” An excellent book to own and to read!

Among other books I read, many spells and rituals required many things I didn’t have, or couldn’t have for obvious reasons. So I refrained from doing spells the “traditional” way and tried it my own way; without the tools, without the incense and special herbs. This way of practicing still continues to my practice today. Though I don’t live where I used to and I’m no longer in fear of execution because of religious differences – I have all the access my heart desires to everything Witchcraft. The only “traditional” tools my practice today includes are the candles, crystals and herbs. On my altar, on the other hand, I do have a couple of statues, incense, candles, crystals and herbs.

Anyway… Point is. Tools aren’t a necessity in your practice. They are simply tools to help you “guide” your magick and energy – this is mostly for the wand/athame. Incense doesn’t really “power up” your magick. It simply helps you relax and put you in a state of clear consciousness and comfort. Herbs and crystals are ancient tools that have been used for thousands of years in many different religions. Herbs are believed to have specific properties that could help enhance the type of magick, spells, ritual you are doing. Crystals believe to contain and hold energy to enhance your magick. Crystals are used for both personal reasons and magick.

It’s not the tools that are making your magick happen or work. It’s you. Your energy. Your own self. Not external, mundane objects. Yes, some of these objects CAN help, but they are NOT the sole “magickal object” that will make your spells work or your ritual complete. It’s all about your own energy. The way you raise it, store it, use it and send it out. For example, I raise energy from within myself and from the Earth and create this sphere, or ball, of energy between my hands (as if you were holding a basketball). Visualize and see this energy that you are conjuring. See the sphere form, move and grow. Visualize it as a glowing light, an electric ball, or simply anything you feel strong about/attracted to. This is your energy. Tense your muscles. Push and feel this energy release from your body, down your arms, and out of your hands to create this sphere. Once you feel you have like there’s enough energy for your spell, begin your spell, or whatever you want to do with this energy. Concentrate on it and concentrate it and see it within this sphere. See it happening and working. Once this is done, release your sphere over your and send it out to the Universe to works its magick.

As for as wanting tools. You can have tools. Lots of tools are very mundane. Use a dagger or an old knife as an athame. Feathers, crystals, small candles, arrow heads, etc. can be simple things around the house, but to you, used for magickal purposes. Make a pentagram or any other symbol from twigs or tree branches to place on your altar or use during spellwork, etc. Smal figurines, doll, statues can be used to represent your deities – it’s not about if it’s really them or not, it’s about you KNOWING it’s them and there to represent them. You can also use tree branches with leafs still on them and flowers for spells.

Remember. Magick is within you. YOU have the energy, NOT the tools. I hope I have helped you understand and learn, and wish you luck and blessings in your practice.


Blessed Be,