My spells, though I’m doing it correctly and putting my intent into them, aren’t working. I’m a good person with no bad karma, but none of my spells work. How can I get my spells to work?

“I’ve been reading about and learning Wicca for years now and I understand the concepts and stuff.

I know it is mostly about intent and putting thought into it.

When I do spells, I put serious thought and intent into them and I look for the smallest and most subtle signs of my spells working. But honestly they aren’t working. I know I’m doing everything correctly. I know that not all spells will work and it’s really up to the universe. But none of the spells are working. And I’m not a bad person, I have not done a thing wrong to anyone, so im sure its not bad karma. How can I make my spells work with my intent and have them actually… well.. work?


Blessings Kira,

If all spells worked the way we wanted them to, then everyone would be a witch! Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. You are right, it’s up to the universe to will our spells to do their intent, but the universe knows better and more than you do. Perhaps it’s not the right time for your spell, maybe it’s not necessary, maybe you’re asking for something that’s already there but you can’t see – there are many factors that go into the decision-making process of spells.

Sometimes people, who are not knowledgable of how spells actually work, will cast ridiculous spells to be invisible, change their eye color, levitate, or become famous. Money spells aren’t going to make you rich, love spells isn’t going to make Channing Tatum love you, and beauty spells aren’t going to make you skinny and beautiful. That’s just not reality, or spirituality. Unfortunately, it’s all these misconceptions that look appetizing to younger generation that “get into” Witchcraft.

Examples: a money spell won’t necessarily BRING you money at your door step, even if you say it in the spell. It will, however, bring you opportunities to SAVE money so you’ll have more. The same with love spells, it’s going to make someone fall in love with you. Instead, it’ll signal the universe to attract love to you.

Spells work in mysterious ways and almost never work the way we think they will. So while you’re looking out for your spell to work in a very specific way, it’s probably already happening, but you’re too focused on a different way it’s supposed to work. Makes sense?

Casting spells is easy. Yes, it’s about intent and letting the universe wield its outcome, but it’s also about energy. You need the energy to actually send it off to the universe. Without raising energy, honing its power and brilliance, you can’t “program” that energy with your spell’s intent to be sent off to do its job. Rhyming a bunch of words, burning candles and incense, and raising your arms up in the air – that’s just decoration. There’s no cake for those decorations unless you bake (raise) energy. Once it’s done cooking, you add those pretty decorations, and blow out the candles so your wish comes true.


Blessed Be,


My teacher passed away and left me her belongings related to the Craft. I am confused on whether or not I can use them or if I should create a dedicated altar for her items?

“My teacher, a Wiccan high priestess, passed over in 2010. She specifically willed to me all of her belongings related to the Craft, including her wand, staff, healing stones, alter materials, and books.

I’ve been given conflicting information about what I can or cannot do with them and whether or not I can use them myself. I do have a sense of being closer to her when I do handle the items, but I do not want to do anything that would be disrespectful to The Goddess or to my teacher and her memory.

I also have a small amount of her ashes that were given to me. I would like to get a nice container for them and have them nearby. Would it be appropriate to put them on my own alter or should I create a separate alter dedicated to her?

I am not finding a lot of information out there on these particular circumstances, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! -Laura”

Blessings, Laura,

It’s usually recommended to not use another witch’s crafts. Especially ritual tools and spell items. Every person has a distinctive energy mark, or stamp. And they stamp everything they touch and use. Sometimes you can cleanse items to completely rid and wash off these stamps, but this is usually more difficult for items belonging to High Priest/esses and items that are old. So I would recommend that you do not use them – the intentions you use them for might be taken over by the intentions of the item and take over your intent and purpose of the ritual or spell.

The same goes with her ashes being placed on your altar. I would recommend, if you just want a reminder of her honor, to create a small altar or shrine in her memory. Preferably in a different room or area of your own altar. Perhaps outside around or near a tree or garden. The only time you should use her items is during a communing ritual with her. Nothing is stronger and best used than personal items (and even better, ashes) of the person you’re trying to commune with. The only thing you should use of hers are her books. Though they still have her energy stamp on them, you’re not using them for ritualistic purposes, so their energies won’t get in the way or clash with yours.

Blessed Be,

My boyfriend has a dark entity following him, causing death to those close to him. It is following and watching him, making my boyfriend scared. Is there something I can do to rid of this energy?

“My boyfriend David has always been followed by something dark, his family teases him that “death follows.” When he was  11 to about 16 he had at least 9 or 10 of his very closest friends either commit suisude or die in accidents throughout those years. His family, being very religious, prayed for it to stop and leave, and it did and his darkness subsided, but last week his family left without telling him on a trip, leaving him alone at home, and the first night he felt watched over, the second he saw a figure in the doorway, just looking downward and shaking, and the third after my close friend Katie did a spell to make the entity leave, it passed him in the hallway, a tall black figure went into his room. David is not scared of anything, ever, and this is scaring him so badly. Is there a spell I can do to transfer this energy or entity to me? Make it follow me instead? I have a feeling that a spell wont make it just leave, but I could at least transfer its attention I think. please help me?


Blessings Amber,

Unfortunately this situation isn’t a scene from the Paranormal Activity movie (I believe it was PA 2 that the father did something to transfer the demon from his wife to his wife’s sister). In some cultures it is believed that there is a human person that is the acting “Grim Reaper.” Not everyone is destined to have a normal, long life. It’s not always just a coincidence that certain people come into our lives – sometimes people show up in our lives to teach us, help us, guide us, and prepare us. Sometimes we attract certain people into our lives to do those thing for them. With every decision you make – the decision to stay an extra minute in the shower, the decision to talk to your friend for two more minutes, or leaving a cake in the oven for 30 more seconds… All these decisions in some way, shape, or form act as “preparations.”

These preparations are the seconds taken or given that might lead you or someone else to life or death. Perhaps your boyfriend is the chosen human “grim reaper” for the spirit. Perhaps it is his destiny to attract people into his life to prepare them for their departure from this world. To quote from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Death is your gift.”

However, if you or he doesn’t believe this is true, and I’m not saying it is or isn’t, you can exercise the entity and place a barrier around the home to ward off evil and negative forces. Exercise the entity in whatever fashion you have the ability to do, whether it be using a simple banishing blessing or spell, or a full-blown banishing ritual. Using blessed salt water, trace pentagrams or other protective symbols around the house (on or above doors, windows, and between thresholds). Using a large enough amount combinations of salt, ash, and protective herbs like sage, bay leaf, and asafetida (or just asafetida, a very strong banishing and protection herb). And/or you can use other herbs like birch, cinnamon, dragonsblood, garlic, marjoram, mullein, rosemary, and st. John’s wort.

Combine your salt, ash, and herbs and create a circle around the home (outside). And if possible, create lines in front of doors and windows, as well. This is protect the home from any evil or negative energies from crossing into the house. Along with that, you can also create a sachet from the same ingredients to carry around for extra protection. Using chalk, you can also draw protection symbols on the same places you did with the blessed water.

Sometimes, entities are linked or have some sort of connection with people that they follow/haunt. Usually exercising and banishing them works. In rare cases where the entity cannot be banished or is too strong, bloodshed at a sacred site and banishing the entity there is another way of trapping them to that location. However, a blood ritual is not recommended because it doesn’t always guarantee that the ritual’s effects will be in your favor – it could also go terribly wrong and even get worse.


Blessed Be,