I’m starting to feel a pull towards Faerie Wicca but I dont know a lot about it. I feel very connected with wind, storms, lightening, faeries and foxes.. but i’m not sure what exactly is it. I wanted to find out what you thought of my natural connections and where i could get more info on Faerie Wicca.

“I’ve been “lightly” practicing Wicca for about a year now. I’ve recently made alot of changes in my life that allows me to be alot more comfortable and open about my beliefs and practices, and i’m starting to feel a pull towards Faerie Wicca but I dont know alot about it. I feel very connected with wind, storms, lightening, faeries and foxes.. but i’m not sure what exactly is it. I wanted to find out what you thought of my natural connections and where i could get more info on Faerie Wicca.


Dear Nebulanix,

Being attracted towards a very specific form or tradition of Wicca is a very good sign. It not only means that you can relate to it, but it also means that it’s choosing you, too! Which is great, because that doesn’t always necessarily happen. So it’s probably a good idea, for now, to follow it and see where it takes you. It may lead you to where and what you’re looking for, or lead you to something that will take you to something else! The Universe and Nature work in mysterious ways!

My knowledge of Faerie Wicca isn’t grand. I wrote a small entry about it a while back, which you can read here. However, a book that I have in my library is called “A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings,” by Cassandra Eason. I haven’t been able to finish the book completely, but from what I could read it’s a great book to read on some history, origins, legends, evidence, the many types of faery, and even includes exercises for you to try! It’s a great, well-written book and probably a must have if you’re really interested in the Faery.

There are a plethora of websites you can find online and get information from. But as long as you have a basic knowledge of the faery, you can just go outside and connect with them and with nature – that is where you’ll be doing most of your learning and experience from anyway.

Blessed Be,


Can I do a tea leaf reading for someone in a different city? Will I be able to read their fortune and not accidentally read my own?

“Is it possible to read the tea leaves of someone who’s absent? Like reading them for someone who’s in a different city by keeping that person in mind while doing it? Or is it necessary for them to be sitting right there next to you? I’m worried that if I attempt this I’ll just accidentally be reading my own future, not theirs.


Dear MoonLitMagick,

Ah. Tricky question. Tea leaf reading is a very personal form of divination. It’s something that the recipient has to do and then YOU read the fortune. Even if you’re drinking the tea with them in mind, it’s how they drink it, how fast, how they hold the cup, swirl it, etc, that makes up their fortune. With any form of divination for another person, there should always be some sort of involvement from them in order to get the most accurate and truthful fortunes.

So to simplify and answer your question, no. You can’t do a tea leaf reading for someone who isn’t there. If you have a personal object of theirs, or personally have felt and know their energy, some of the only divinations you can do are fire, water, or crystal gazing. Tarot MAY work with you if you have a personal item. Another possible way of getting someone’s fortune without them being there, is through a deep meditation. Once within the deep state of conciseness, you can visualize the person you’re trying to fortune for and see their past, present, future. But a deep meditation is very difficult and it takes time and practice to achieve.

Blessed Be

I have been feeling an energy or spirit in my home that often stops me in my tracks. I feel like I’m in a trance sometimes and it happens often. What can I do about it?

“Hello, so i recently or maybe i should say for the last year or so i’ve been feeling what you would call energy. There are times when it puts me in a sense of calm and others where i freak out and start telling something that i can’t see to go away and occasionally crying. I could be walking around my house and end up literally stopped in my tracks. I go into what you would call a daze or trance or something….this happens like 4 to 5 times a week, but that’s only been happening in the last few months or so. I figured maybe it’s some sort of spirit trying to get my attention or it’s something else completely. Since i’ve heard you do alot of spirit work you could help me figure out what this is and what i can do about it. It’s getting kind weird it didn’t use to happen so often. Any ideas?


Dear Pauline,

This certainly sounds like a spirit, trying to get your attention, yes – but I think it might be a little more than that. Spirits that try to get your attention do the common things: move stuff, turn electronics on and off, makes sounds, etc. Most spirits don’t have the kind of energy to “stop you in your tracks.” From my experience and research, spirits that “stop” you are usually very old spirits that are lost and/or need help. Many spirits are in “limbo” – a realm between the complete living and the complete dead (spirit). Once in limbo, eventually you can move on to the final destination of the spirit world. However, some spirits get “lost” and in a sense can’t find the “light” to exit and move on into the spirit realm.

Lost spirits who have been lost for years can find a crack in the viel and feed off just enough earth energy to try to communicate with us. And when they do, they want to make it noticeable and just the everyday haunted ghost stuff. They can be in your dreams, give you visions, enter your meditation, and even stop you in  your tracks with a sense of almost overwhelming feeling and/or energy. They’re probably just trying to get your attention to help them or acknowledge them. They want that “Oh my god, they know I’m here. They know I exist!” feeling and acknowledgement.

You have a few options. You can attempt to communicate with them; find out who they are, what they want, where they’re from, where they want to go, etc. And you can help them find the way with a spell or rituals. Or you can communicate with them and ask them to leave you because you are unable to help them and to try and find someone who can. Your other option is to simply banish them. This might seem harsh, but sometimes we can truly not or want to help them. In this case, you want to cleanse and banish your home of spirits and intruders. And maybe even put up a psychic shield around your home to keep them out. You can trace a circle of a mixture of salt, ash, and some magickal protective herbs around your home. The use of crystals, stones, or sachets can also be used.

If you wish to banish them, the next time they stop you in your tracks, try to grab on to that feeling – close your eyes and see it. Now, gather up energy from beneath you from the earth and from yourself, collect it. Keep a grip on that feeling you got – when you feel you have enough energy, push out and “blast” the energy to banish that feeling and spirit (imagine an explosion and the energy from your explosion “taking care of” the spirit). Some people might feel bad for wanting to banish a spirit in need, but just because they need help, doesn’t mean they have good intentions. Some spirits play nice just to get out of their dimension, and once they’re out, so will their chaos.

To keep spirits out, cleanse your house often. A sage cleanse is always a good choice. A positive house, is a spirit-free house. Keep sachets at doors and windows, or a line of the salt, ash and herb mixture at your threshold(s). An important reminder is to not show fear and know that you are stronger than they are. And when/if it happens, don’t seem so shocked or intrigued – try to not let it phase you if possible. The more you show that you are being affected by it, the more they’re going to continue doing it. Don’t be afraid to just say NO! Sometimes you just have to treat them like children.

Blessed Be

Ask a Pagan, what do you practice? Are you solitary or part of a coven? Do you specialize in a type of magick like candle magick or something? Just being a little curious.

“Ask a Pagan, what do you practice? Are you solitary or part of a coven? Do you specialize in a type of magick like candle magick or something? Just being a little curious 🙂


Dear MoonHawk,

Well thank you for the question about me! That’s a first. However, the answers to your questions can actually be found on my “About” page, but for the sake of it, I can go into a little more detail.

What I practice is a little of a lot. I call myself Pagan because it’s easy to define the concept of Paganism and because that’s what my core beliefs and practices are. I research and study ancient religions to find what people called and practiced “Paganism” thousands of years ago, in the days of the Sumerians and Babylonians, in ancient Greece and Rome. For the most part, the way we practice the worship of deities today is the same (minus the lack of knowledge when it comes to specific rituals and texts) as when the Romans and Greeks worshiped their Gods.

So, I pray to the Goddess Moon and God Sun – they are the life support. The Universe is the “ultimate” energy – the life. I pray to the Goddess and God to direct their energies and the energies of the Universe for my prayers. During ritual I call to them and spirits of the elements. And when I pray, I pray to the Universe. I practice Buddhist and Hindu meditations. I study and practice Voodoo spirit magick (voodoo, the religion, not sticking needles in dolls). And I use the knowledge of herbs from the Chinese, European, Latin countries, and Middle East.  I do not belong in a coven, I have been a solitary practitioner for the duration that I have been practicing, which has been for over a decade now.

I “specialize” in spirit magick (spirit contact, communing, etc.), energy work (mostly protection), and herbalism.

Lately I have found out that someone is attacking me and the coven I am in. I need help to put a ward up around myself, but I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to do. Can you help?

“Hi, I’m Kimberly. Lately I have found out that someone is attacking me and the coven I am in. I need help to put a ward up around myself, but I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to do.

Can you help?”

Dear Kimberly,

For someone to be able to psychically attack an entire coven must be one hell of a witch! Covens have a powerful psychic bond, that even when “unprotected” they are in a somewhat “safe zone.” Are you certain it is someone from the outside? As much as coveners want to trust and rely on each other, not everyone has the same intentions. If the entire group is being attached, even if one of them is faking it, it’s more likely that it’s someone within the group. It’s more likely that it would be someone who has access, or can manage to obtain, personal objects, or even “steal” energy from coveners – which is also a powerful personal object.

However, if you are certain that it’s not coming from someone from within. The first thing you want to do, as a coven, is to banish this negative energy. This attack is most likely psychic, so it’ll need to be warden off psychically. Gather your circle. Meditate, concentrate, and focus on each other’s energy. “Find” this negative energy that’s attacking everyone and rid it with the power of the circle – “I/We banish all evil, negativity, and harm. May only positivity and light surround me/us.” That is a spell I use before and after rituals.

The next step is to put up a “wall” of protection in the place where your coven meets. If you meet at multiple places, do it before you begin anything. For this chant, begin by placing yourselves in a circle and call upon the Gods “Osiris, Adnois, Vishnu, Pan, Dionysus, Shiva, Dumuzi.” Repeat until you see and feel the presence of the Gods. Next, raise your arms so that everyone’s hands meet and say: “Ancient Gods hear my/our call – circling arms raise a wall.” Visualize and feel a wall of protection being created around the area. (That second part might sound familiar, like from Buffy, but it’s really a paraphrase of a Greek prayer.)

Finally – create, place, wear, and draw protection amulets, sachets, etc. – or whatever you and/or the coven feel necessary and are able to do. Sachets placed around your home and coven space is a great way for extra protection. You can even wear them.

Psychic attach is as magickal as it gets. You need to be prepared, able to stand your ground, and ready for a comeback! You should always have yourself protected. Whether it’s with a simple spell, meditating and visualizing, or drenching yourself with amulets and symbols – You need to ALWAYS be protected. Every night before bed I meditate and visualize an “energy shield” surrounding me – repelling any negativity, evil, and harm, and surrounding me with this brilliant protective light.

Mixing (black) sea salt with some of your favorite (protection) herbs and ash, and scattering them is also a great folk-magick trick to keep bad influences out of your space.

Best of protection to you and your coven!

Blessed Be