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It’s spring cleaning time, so it’s time to make some more shelf space!!

Click here to see all the available books for sale!


Thanks and blessings!


4 responses to “BOOKS FOR SALE!!!

  1. Becky Goff ⋅

    I have questions, I just found a Wiccan book, Wicca: a guide for the solitary practitioner, of my ex-boyfriend’s in an box that was moved to my new place. The outside top corner is burned away but looks to have been cut or trimmed and burned, leaving the text unharmed. There’s also something confusing, when I moved my bed from the house we shared, I found a weaved circle of my hair with small metal charms on a thin string also weaved into it under my side of the bed between the mattress and box springs. so…why did he take my hair, make the entwined circle and place it under the bed? and, since I had never seen this particular book and do not know how it came to be in my new place, what should I do with it. We did not end on good terms and I do sincerely sense negative energy from this book. I had to stop all communication with him because the negative comments he made but also don’t want to throw the book in the trash. I don’t want to disrespect his connection to it and mostly the book itself. I would appreciate any information and guidance regarding the book (burned edge and how to remove it from my home) as well as the reason for the charm circle of my hair.

  2. siriusday ⋅

    I would really love to have that Book of Shadows. definitely going to give this to my brother and maybe we’ll get it for me for Christmas but it looks wonderful. if you ever need anything please give us a visit and will be happy to help you wiccan store

  3. Daniella

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  4. millie ⋅

    I need to understand why does 3 come up for me,what does this mean.

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