I have a natural vast of energy and cannot use or touch crystals without my energy going crazy. Is this a clash of energies with the crystals or something else?

“I’ve found that I absolutely cannot use crystals or even touch/look at them without my energy and spirit freaking out and going haywire. I’ve always had a naturally vast store of energy, both spiritual and mundane, and I can call upon natural energy easily. In many ways I’ve always felt like a living battery, so I’m wondering if I’m having an energy clash with the crystal? I get this mild pain in my fingers and begin to feel queasy if I even look at a crystal. So, is this common/rare, and what are your thoughts? Thank you.


With crystals and stones being a common piece of pagan practicies, I can understand your curiosity about your energetic reaction. I personally have a similar issue. When I pick up crystals in the store, I get a painful tingle up my arm until I set them back down. On the other hand, I can pick up rocks by the creek without an issue.

This can be seen a few ways. First, many crystals we find in stores are harvested in less-than-positive ways. Perhaps the negative energies caused by ripping them from the earth leave some of us more sensitive to their residue? Second, sometimes an element or type of energy “bites” us as a hint that we’re ignoring something important. Have you worked with the energies of earth in particular, or use a stone in energy work? Lastly, all items pick up energy from whoever they contact. Crystals are notoriously fondled and admired by a large number of strangers; you may be finding yourself sensitive to their residual energies, rather than those of the crystals themselves.

The best way to determine which is the case would be through controlled experimentation. Try working with your birthstone, or ask someone to cleanse a crystal for you before you touch it. As I said, I’ve found that “free range” stones and crystals cause me no discomfort. See if you can find your personal trigger and ways to work with (or around) it.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer


I’ve been having dreams and seeing things that’s been standing out to me like neon signs begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?

“Hi, I know these things seem insubstantial at first, but it was like they had a neon sign saying “LOOK AT ME”. I just can’t make sense of them. First I dreamed all my upper right teeth fell out, then I keep seeing rainbows everywhere, then two sparrows flew right at me, turned around and came back. I know I sound silly but they really stood out to me, begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?”

It could be deity. Though I don’t know of any that have connections with a toothless mouth, rainbows and sparrows. I don’t have one answer for this, because this could mean many things. Yes, it could be a possible deity or spirit, it could be some sort of energy, or backed-up energy – either from you, someone you live with, or just the excess energy that’s laying around from when you do ritual (you need to remember to ground yourself and your energy after every magickal practice and ground yourself every so often). It could be parts of a greater sign. Leading you to the big picture – asking you to try and put everything together. Reflect from things going on and happening in your life to help you.

It could literally be a myriad of things. Do some divination to help you follow these signs, perhaps use the Tarot. A few sessions of deep meditation might also bring you answers, or at least a better picture of what could be a sign. If it’s something that’s bothering you too much, perhaps you need to do some cleansing – both of your home (if most of this is where it’s happening) and of yourself.

Only you will be able to figure out what everything means, how to connect them, and what it’s trying to tell you.


Blessed Be