I would like to charge a necklace during the blue moon this month to protect me and enhance psychic abilities. But I’m a bit confused to do that – can you offer any advice?

“Hi! My friend made me this awesome pentagram necklace with a small amethyst stone set in the middle and i would like to charge the stone during the blue moon this month in hopes of having the stones energy give protection and enhance psychic abilities. But I’m a bit confused how to do that? Can you offer any advice on the topic? Thanks!”

Charging objects can be as simple as a short chant, or as elaborate as a full-blown ritual. Either way basically works the same and has the same effect. You don’t usually need any fancy, rhyming words, or long chants. To charge something is simple. The way I charge items is that I place the item in a circle of salt, herbs, or flowers (depending on what I have on hand). Or sometimes I place it or dip it in blessed moon water. Depending on what I want the item to be charged and blessed for, I either call upon the God and/or Goddess to assist me in charing/blessing my object.

You can gather your energy in a sphere between your hands. See the brilliant white and blue light forming, moving, and flickering light static. Visualize the God’s and/or Goddess’ offering of their energy helping form this sphere into a bigger, brighter energy. You can say a few words like, “Gracious Lady (and Mighty Lord), help charge and bless this (object) here tonight. Cleanse it of all darkness, and bless it with positivity and light. May it protect me (heal me, give me luck, etc.) from all evil, harm and negativity (from all sickness and pain, riches and fortune, etc.).

Then direct this energy sphere into the object. Visualize the object sucking in this energy and lighting up with its bright light and energy. While doing this, have the intention you want the object to have – protect you, heal you, give you luck, etc.

There are many ways to charge and bless objects. It’s just a matter of raising energy and directing it into the object. You don’t always have to call upon the Goddess and God, or any other deities. Sometimes we do it just for the extra boost, but regardless, even with just your energy it will be powerful. Even just letting it sit under the blue (full) moon (while also directing your intentions towards it) will charge the object.


Blessed Be


I’m considering buying my first ever tarot deck, but, I’m not sure where to begin, and I’m nervous! Do you have any advice?

“I’m considering buying my first ever tarot deck, but, I’m not sure where to begin, and I’m nervous! Do you have any advice?”

Getting your first deck of Tarot can be both nerve racking and really exciting! For many people Tarot cards are an essential addition to their Craft and practice, for others, it’s just another tool of divination.

But regardless of how one wants or uses the cards, you more or less want the cards to “speak to you.” To get the best reading from the cards, you want to be able to have some sort of connection with them. Buying them online or from a store while it’s in a box can make this first connection difficult, but it can happen. Typically, you “grow” with your cards. You don’t use use them straight out of the box. You want to bless and consecrate them first, then get to know your cards – study them (this will also help you with learning and understanding the meanings of the cards and how you perceive them).

Learning the Tarot is not easy. It takes years to master and be able to interpret them. You don’t just want to learn what each card means from a book, but you also want to learn what YOU think each card means and represents. It’s a long process and it takes lots of patience. But ultimately, your hard work will pay off.

One of the best and easy to deal with is the Original Rider Waite tarot deck. It’s personally my favorite (after my current gypsy deck). You can probably find it at any witch shop, some bookstores (like Barnes and Noble), or simply get it online at Amazon. The box includes a small book that includes the history, elaboration on each card, and of course all their meanings.

Blessed Be

I’ve been having dreams and seeing things that’s been standing out to me like neon signs begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?

“Hi, I know these things seem insubstantial at first, but it was like they had a neon sign saying “LOOK AT ME”. I just can’t make sense of them. First I dreamed all my upper right teeth fell out, then I keep seeing rainbows everywhere, then two sparrows flew right at me, turned around and came back. I know I sound silly but they really stood out to me, begging for attention. Could it be a deity reaching out? What could it all mean?”

It could be deity. Though I don’t know of any that have connections with a toothless mouth, rainbows and sparrows. I don’t have one answer for this, because this could mean many things. Yes, it could be a possible deity or spirit, it could be some sort of energy, or backed-up energy – either from you, someone you live with, or just the excess energy that’s laying around from when you do ritual (you need to remember to ground yourself and your energy after every magickal practice and ground yourself every so often). It could be parts of a greater sign. Leading you to the big picture – asking you to try and put everything together. Reflect from things going on and happening in your life to help you.

It could literally be a myriad of things. Do some divination to help you follow these signs, perhaps use the Tarot. A few sessions of deep meditation might also bring you answers, or at least a better picture of what could be a sign. If it’s something that’s bothering you too much, perhaps you need to do some cleansing – both of your home (if most of this is where it’s happening) and of yourself.

Only you will be able to figure out what everything means, how to connect them, and what it’s trying to tell you.


Blessed Be

I have lost my tarot cards to someone and I know I am unable to get them back. I want to buy a new deck, but it kills me to do so – but I can’t seem to connect with any type of deck. Is it wrong to want the same deck?

“I recently had a huge falling out with a friend and in the process of this falling out, my precious tarot cards came to be in his possession and I am unable to get them back. It is killing me on the inside not having them near me. However, I know that their return is not possible and I don’t even know if they are even in his possession anymore. So I was gonna buy a new deck (it really kills me to do this) but I can’t connect with any deck other than that type. Is it wrong to want the same deck?”

It’s not wrong at all. Tarot cards are extremely personal and for you to get a good read and power from them, you have to be able to connect with them. Just like with clothes, jewelry, books, and ritual tools, they call out to you – they get your attention and your interest, and that’s what makes you want them. It’s the same thing with tarot decks – you have to be drawn to them if you want to secure that connection.

I’ve had three tarot decks since the beginning of my practice over a decade ago. My very first set were cards I created (well, they were the Waite designs, but not colored. I had to print them out and paint them myself). My second deck was an actual, real-life, full-sized deck. I’ve had that deck for almost six years. I never felt like it was my “soul deck,” but it spoke to me regardless. Then, without even wanting to have or find another deck, I was at an antique shop once when I was in Europe when I was in graduate school, and without even really “looking” at anything, I was drawn to this one table with a wooden box that was so old I felt like it would turn to dust if I touched it. I opened the box and inside were little tinctures, small gems and crystals, some fabrics, bottles and another small box. This box had some carvings of symbols on them and it was wrapped in red twine. I managed to open the box and inside were a deck of tarot cards.

The man at the desk asked me how I got the box to open, because apparently he’d never been able to do so. According to him, the box belonged to a gypsy elder woman in the early 1920’s. The cards were clearly old, somewhat fragile and discolored. But I bought them anyway and the boxes I found them in. I didn’t need them. I had cards. However, when something calls out to you like that, they’re clearly your destiny cards.

My point here, and sorry I had to include a whole story, is we may have cards that we connect with and feel comfortable using. I had a hard time adjusting with these gypsy cards, because I felt like it didn’t belong to me. But after consecrating them and calling upon the gypsy to ask her for permission to use them, I felt much better about them and I felt as if it let its doors completely open for me. Buying a completely new deck of cards might seem kind of impersonal, but you can always do what I did and venture off to antique stores or yard sales and you might come upon a deck that’s practically screaming your name. Or you can make your own cards. Either find a template for an existing type of cards, or create your own designs. Nothing that be more personal than that.

To me Tarot cards are probably the most personal form of divination there is. It’s one of the only divination tools you can use where you have to feel that connection and security in order to get the most accurate reading. Okay, so you lost your old cards. We lose personal things all the time, but what do we do when that happens? We get new personal items. Sure at first it may feel weird, itchy, tight and a little too much – but it’s our job to get it to feel good, smooth, content and working for us.

Blessed Be

What exactly is “Dark witchcraft” and how should I use it? I want to be well-round with my dark and light energies. I don’t want to, like, hex people or whatever, I just feel like I should be balanced with both sides of myself.

“What exactly is “Dark witchcraft” and how should I use it? I want to be well-round with my dark and light energies. I don’t want to, like, hex people or whatever, I just feel like I should be balanced with both sides of myself.”

This is almost a controversial subject, because almost everyone will have a different opinion or idea of what “dark magick” is. In Wicca, magick is neither good or bad, white or black, it’s just magick. It’s the way you use it and your intentions towards that magick is what makes it good or bad. Dark energy can be considered negativity, and you don’t want negativity. We try to banish it, not play with it.

If you want to be well-rounded, there’s nothing better to do than read and experience all forms of magick, practices, visualization, deep meditations, divination, etc. That’s a well-rounded practitioner, not wanting to use “dark witchcraft.”

However, there is a “dark side” of magick. Again, it’s not the magick itself, it’s what’s happening. For example, contacting and conjuring spirits or demons. It’s not necessarily “bad” or dark, it’s just not your average good luck spell – it goes beyond your normal little spell that requires more power, knowledge, concentration, control and patience.

As I mentioned, you don’t need to dip your toes into dark waters to be well-rounded. Especially if you’re new to the craft, you have no place to meddle with things you may not be able to control. Knowledge is power. That’s what you need to be well-rounded.

Read, practice divination, learn your herbs and recipes, practice and master visualization in and out of meditation, make magickal crafts, add to your BoS – these are things you should be doing within the first 1-3 years of beginning the Craft.

Blessed Be

When I was younger I was in a relationship with someone who was beginning to practice and open himself up spiritually. We preformed blood sex magick together to form a bond. I want to open myself up spiritually again but I get flooded by him every time I do. Suggestions?

“I’ve always been rather empathic towards people, but I’ve also grown up learning how to block it out. My mother got me into meditation early and things like that to help me learn to control it… However when I was younger I was in a relationship with someone who was beginning to practice and open himself up spiritually. We preformed blood sex magick together to form a bond. I want to open myself up spiritually again but I get flooded by him every time I do. Suggestions?”

Blood sex magick, ‘eh? Don’t you think that’s rather binding? If you read some ancient history books about cults, the occult, and some religious organizations, the only way to break a blood bond between two people is to kill one of them. But… Since murder is illegal in the 21st century, we’ll have to find alternative ways.

Traditionally with any magick that has to do with blood, blood has to spill from all parties that performed the magick. Blood is the ultimate bond in magick and there’s really no way around it or to unbind it. In some occult books, the raising of demons and spirits to command them to break that bond may be an option, but there’s always payback and consequences you have to think about – none you’d want to afford to attempt.

So, you’re just going to have to do it the hard way with meditation, herbs and crystals. Regularly cleansing and balancing your Chakras can help you be able to open up yourself again without the worry of him. Danburite crystals are great crystals for relieving emotional pain and increasing acceptance for one’s self and others. This crystal can connect your heart and mind.

Meditate or sleep in a circle of crystals and gems. Visualize yourself in this sphere. Visualize the sphere absorbing this blockage from you and releasing you to openness. Create a charm or something that you can charm and bless. An item, crystal or stone that you can bless to absorb any negativity and keep the flow of openness and positivity within you. When trying to perform anything, don’t think about why you can’t be open to this. Don’t even think of your past blood sex magick, that’s just causing more blockage and holding you back – pretend it never happened. Open yourself to the Universe completely. Free yourself. Forget the past and just see yourself being opened and free by radient light and positivity.

This is going to be like a bad experience with something, the more you hold on to it, the more it’s going to hold you back. It’s one of those “you need to get over it” things so you can move on and have new, better experiences to forget about the past.


Blessed Be

Since about the age of six, I’ve been considered an empath in some form or another by people around me, and I believe I could be. I’m just wondering though, because I don’t usually have trouble with crowds or large groups of people if they might be wrong?

“Since about the age of six, I’ve been considered an empath in some form or another by people around me, and I believe I could be. I’m just wondering though, because I don’t usually have trouble with crowds or large groups of people if they might be wrong? Usually, the smaller the group the more difficult it is for me because each emotion around affects me but in a large group I tend to either bounce the feelings back if they’re all similar enough or ignore them entirely if they vary a lot -Molly”

Dear Molly,

Despite the past posts where the empaths had trouble going outside or around people or groups, that’s not always the case. Some empaths are stronger than others, know how to control it better, or just know how to block it out. It’s not always because of practice, but it could be the type of person someone is. Think of the threefold law for this scenario: what you give out, comes to you threefold, right? Well, whatever kind of emotion(s) you give out, you’ll also be able to receive threefold. So for empaths who don’t know how to control their empathy is sometimes because they can’t control their own emotions. But for someone who might not care what people are feeling, they might not receive the emotions surrounding them. Make sense? Basically, the more you worry, think about it, or become emotional, the “harder” and stronger the emotions from people or crowds will get to you. The less you show or give emotion, or care about it, the less people’s emotions will affect you.

If you haven’t been practicing to control it, you might have been unconsciously your entire life and you’ve gotten to the point where you know what situations are going to affect you in what ways. Or you may fit in the scenario above, or you just may not be an empath at all and just have an ability to feel things like someone with the ability of Clairsentience – the ability to sense subtle feelings, emotions or energy.


Blessed Be

I got this overwhelming feeling (and I do believe that it was from the Goddess and God) telling me to find this abandoned kitten out in the woods near my house. Is there a spell or chant that I can use to help find the kitten?

“Merry Meet! I was wondering if you knew a spell, pray, or any other sort of thing to help me find a kitten out in the woods. In the middle of my trig class, I got this overwhelming feeling (and I do believe that it was from the Goddess and God) telling me to find this abandoned kitten out in the woods near my house. I have been wanting another cat recently, and I think this is supposed to help answer my prayers, but is there any sort of spell or pray I can use to find this kitten? Blessed be”

I’d recommend a lost and found spell, or a “sign” spell. I will provide each for you below.

Lost and found spell
Light a green or orange candle and some incense. Have a picture or write down what it is you’re looking for on a small piece of paper. Concentrate on finding what you lost (looking for) and see in your mind that you found it. Pass the picture or paper through the incense as you’re concentrating. Then, light it with the candle and say:

Guiding spirits I ask your charity
lend me your focus and your clarity.
Lead me to what I need to find,
restore that and my peace of mine.

Let the picture/paper burn in a small bowl or something fireproof, and end the spell “So mote it be!”

Chant for help
This can be done in one of two ways. The first way is to take the ashes from the spell above and releasing them with this spell, or using tree leafs. Regardless, go outside (in your case, the woods specifically) take the ashes or leafs in your hands. Concentrate on what you want to find and see the ashes/leafs leading you to it. Say the following spell then throw the ashes/leafs up in the air and follow the direction it leads you.

Divine Mother,
Mother Divine,
Show me the way,
Give me a sign!

Aside from spells, you can always mediate in the woods and ask that the spirits help you find the kitten or to lead it to you. I hope you find that kitten!

Blessed Be

I have been wondering if it is possible to have more than one psychic talent or ability?

“I have been wondering if it is possible to have more than one psychic talent or ability? I am asking this because I think I have several abilities instead of one. I know that one ability is suppose to be the strongest and for me it is my empathy which I had since I was born and my mother has told me that my great great grandmother has this ability among others. I know I can’t stand being in large crowds and I hate going outside because as soon as I do, I am overwhelm by everyone’s else emotions. I only go out if I absolutely have to.  I am most happy being in my room where the emotions aren’t as bad but I can still feel someone’s emotion if they are living below or above me. Also I know I don’t have to be near someone to sense their emotion as along as I have form a bond with them.  I have recently being learning how to block it out which I thought was going to be hard to do but it isn’t. I can now tell when it is my emotion and when it is someone’s else by noticing that if I was happy and relax as soon as someone else comes near me or is living above or below I am suddenly absorbing their emotion. Anything that you could up with will be well received. Blessed be!


Dear Zen,

Many psychics have more than one psychic ability, but there’s usually one that’s always the strongest. Everyone has some sort of psychic ability, it’s just a matter of opening up your mind to it and exercising it to get it up to par. Empathy is a rare and powerful ability, but it’s also a dangerous one and one of the worse to live with because of all the overwhelming emotions and voices, it may cause suicidal tendencies sometimes.

But yes, you can have more than one power – however, if empathy is one of them, or the most active, it’s usually hard to develop your other powers (like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition (seeing the future)). Because empathy takes so much power to control on its own, sometimes it can be impossible to be able to block the empathy out in order to develop the other abilities or concentrate on them.

The best way to safely block out empathy for a short period of time is to sedate the mind with herbs and meditation. Common herbs like basil, cinnamon, lemon balm/grass and lavender are helpful herbs. A few not-s0-commons herbs include Poria, kava and valerian. Adding some chamomile flowers to these tonics or teas can also give it an extra boost. However, if you consume any of these, it’s best to do so before bed or when you know you won’t be driving – some of these herbs may induce sleep.

Meditation and crystals can also help with enhancing psychic abilities. Most people have some sort of unknown psychic ability, whether they realize it or not. The most common is Clairaudience – the ability to hear messages. These messages come upon as thoughts in our heads like an actual spoken message. It’s that inner voice that we always hear, but rarely listen to. Clairsentience, the ability to feel things that are going to happen, is another common ability some people have. That gut feeling, that “I just know this is what’s going to happen” feeling. With practice, meditation and “exercise,” these abilities can turn into full-blown psychic powers.


Blessed Be

I’ve had a dream that I first dreamt when I was 13 – I remember all the details, the vivid colors, and everything that’s happening. But what does it all mean?

“I was wondering if you could help me out with this dream that keeps recurring. I first had this dream when I was 13 then again on my birthday which was a few days ago and I had turned 23. The dream consists of me being on this grassy hill barefoot where there is only one tree,a magnificent oak tree. I am wearing a long white dress while I dance around the tree in circles. I am singing to the tree and starry night sky. Also, I noticed that in my dream, my lips moving but no sound comes out. It always ends with me still dancing/singing while looking up at the tree and sky. The colors that stand out the most in the dream to me are so vivid like the midnight blue for the sky, the white for the dress and stars and the green for the grass. I have search for the meaning behind the tree and even the colors but I have come up with nothing that has help me to figure out the meaning of this dream.  Anything that you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.

Blessed be! -Zen”

Dear Zen,

Dreams have many meanings. Sometimes they’re significant where they might be a vision of some sorts, a sign, an answer, or a warning. But sometimes they can just be a normal, everyday dream. Reoccurring dreams, however, are not so everyday. Well, reoccurring dreams that happen a few times in a row every night, might just be your subconscious trying to figure out a problem or dilema you’re having, but a dream you know you’ve had years ago might mean something else.

It’s hard to try and define specific things and details in dreams. Because everything in dreams means something different to every dreamer. Especially details. And since we don’t normally dream in color, colored dreams, or at least remembering specific colors, doesn’t necessarily mean something on its own, but it does probably mean something beyond just being another dream. I’ll try to break it down to each detail of your dream.

Perhaps this dream is a sign. A sign telling you ‘you’ve found what you’re looking for,’ ‘good things are on their way,’ ‘be positive,’ among other positive, good-type of signs. Why good? Because of the white and the singing. White is a powerful, strong color. A color of positivity, protection, courage and wisdom. Seeing and knowing the white can at least help you know what the color represents. Was there a significant or major event or change the last time you dreamt this dream? Because dreams help us understand things, give us answers, signs and sometimes warnings, dreaming the same dream again can be the universe’s way of letting you know something is going to happen – specifically the situation that happened the first time after the first dream.

Singing, or in this case, not really singing but knowing your singing can mean a couple of things. The silence of it could represent a secret, loss, sadness, hurt, or that something is wrong. It may mean that someone, or you, may be hurting because of a secret or that someone, or you, is feeling the pain of compressing many secrets and feelings. Silence can also represent sickness.

Oak tress represent authority, someone in charge, a parent, guardian, or someone with power. You dancing around it means you respect this idol and are free and comfortable with them.

The night sky is probably the most obvious one – this event or situation will happen or occur outside at night.

I could be way off, or I could be pretty close and accurate. Like I said, different details mean different things for every dreamer. Everything we dream about, every detail, object, color, place, time – it’s nothing we’ve never seen before. We can’t create things we’ve never seen, heard, felt, tasted or heard in our dreams. So everything we dream about is a representation of something we already know, whether it be a problem, dispute, a fantasy, a goal, or anything else. It’s our job to figure out what really means what for us and why these specific things.


Blessed Be