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I like to describe myself as a person who believes in the universal energy that flows through all living things. I have never really found a set religion or path to take – Maybe a form of Paganism might suit me?

“Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe help me. I like to describe myself as a person who believes in the universal energy that flows through all living things. I have never really found a set religion or path to take, but I was recently told that maybe a certain form of Paganism might suit me. Do you have any suggestions?”


Paganism has many different faces, traditions, beliefs, etc. Paganism is the “big picture” to the other little paths like Wicca and its many traditions. Paganism itself is not a “religion.” In history, people called others Pagans, or Heathens, because they were not (or believed not to be) Christian. Because there are not many records of what ancient religions were like before Christianity and Judaism, besides cave paintings, statues, temples, ancient texts like the Sanskrit Vedic texts and different forms of hieroglyphs (most ancient teachings and story-telling was verbal) – whatever records were found mentioned ancient people worshiping the moon, sun, stars, animals, and nature. And once Judaism and Christianity came around and it did not believe in these worshipings, Heathen/Pagan were the titles given to these people.

Aside from that short history lesson, what you should do is basically do some soul-searching. All the knowledge you need and searching for are in books. I would suggest visiting your local library and checking out some books on Paganism/Wicca or even something on world religions or western religions. Many of those books will have something to mention besides just about the book’s title and will refer you to other research and topics – and that will definitely help you expand your horizons and knowledge and hopefully lead you in the right direction to find what path is calling your name.

If you want to start with Pagan/Wicca/Witchcraft books, I would suggest with one or two of the books I mentioned in Wicca 101: Books for beginners. All these books and more can be found here.

Aside from books, some soul-searching could be in order. Through meditation and finding your “happy place,” you can (with time and practice) find your spirit guide or some sort of energy or force that can potentially lead you to a path. A guided (click here) or deep meditation could help you – for a deep meditation technique, I’ve written this one (starts at paragraph 7).

Good luck with your search!

Blessed Be

Where do I start learning Paganism? What’s the Pagan Bible and necessities of the Craft?

“Well really, I’m interested in Paganism. Have you got any websites that I can visit to read more about it? What are the things that are considered necessary for a Pagan, too? (Like the bible to Christians?)”


Websites are just a small part of where you can get your information. Personally, I hate ebooks, and reading online. I prefer good, old fashioned books! So I suggest visiting your local library or bookstore and get your hands on some books. Please refer to my post about Wicca 101 books. Otherwise, use Google. It takes a simple search to find the millions of websites on the web that has information on Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, and literally ANY subject matter you’re interested in.

But, in my early years of learning the Craft, one of my favorite websites to refer to was About: Paganism & Wicca. It’s still a website I visit today to see what’s new and what new information they have.

As far as a “Pagan bible.” No. Just… No. Paganism is a personal, spiritual religion. Unlike every other man-made, bible writing religion, Paganism’s beliefs and ways aren’t set in stone, or on paper in this case. Nothing is really “necessary” to practice. Yes, there are tools and some supplies that are sometimes needed for spells and rituals, but really the “magic” and energy is within you, and that’s really all you need. You should refer to this post and read it. It covers new ways of getting into the Craft and the use of tools and what you really need to practice.

Practicing can be as simple as lighting one candle and conduct your spells/rituals. Or as elaborate as having a full-blown circle, fully decorated with candles, incense, symbols, tools, herbs, etc. Sure, some of these things can help enhance your magick, but nonetheless, the power is within you and all you need to do is find it and conjure it up to do what you want to do.

Blessed Be