I was given a Halloween Witch a year ago, I want to give it up, but I can’t seem to let go of it or throw it away. Is there a way to “detach” her energy from me so I can let her part?

“I was given a Halloween Witch over a year ago. I kept her. But now I need the space in my home. It may be time for me to respectfully give her up. She is falling apart too. But every time I think of throwing her away, I can’t. It feels very cold and unfeeling, and I guess I have grown enough of an attachment to her, that keeps me from “throwing” her away. I really have no room in my apt, but the strangeness of the attachment is what has me confused, and won’t allow me to “throw her away” unless I can feel “right” about the way I return her to the energy of the world so to speak. wondering if any one has a suggestion? Thank you”

Items sometimes collect enough energy to develop a personality of their own. You have several options for your Halloween Witch, depending on what feels right to you.

First, you can consider regifting. If her energies are still present and definitive to you, perhaps a new home with another pagan would be a good option. Fix her up, write out her story, and pass her onto another home with another willing Pagan. If you don’t know any local pagans, you could look online for a willing taker. A listing in most forums would find you someone more than happy to help pass on a piece of magical history, however young or old that may be.

Secondly, you can consider a parting ritual. If she is beyond repair, you may want to hold a ritual in which you formally and officially say your goodbyes. You could include a release of all energies contained within her physical form, allowing her to return to the world, as you said. Depending on her construction, you may even find the desire or “push” to create something out of her parts.

A third option would be to ask her. I say this as a third option based on having no knowledge of your personal path or practices. As an animist, I believe that everything has a spirit of some form or another. That said, I would take a journey to the spirit world and see if the spirit within the Halloween Witch was ready to leave. If not, I would ask what she would like done. Does she want to be repair? Passed on? Taken apart or burned? Again, this method may not work for everyone. If you’re not an animist or don’t believe in the spirits of inanimate objects, then trying to contact one would be similar to an atheist praying to God; you may get an answer, but your disbelief will most likely block any potential response.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer


My teacher passed away and left me her belongings related to the Craft. I am confused on whether or not I can use them or if I should create a dedicated altar for her items?

“My teacher, a Wiccan high priestess, passed over in 2010. She specifically willed to me all of her belongings related to the Craft, including her wand, staff, healing stones, alter materials, and books.

I’ve been given conflicting information about what I can or cannot do with them and whether or not I can use them myself. I do have a sense of being closer to her when I do handle the items, but I do not want to do anything that would be disrespectful to The Goddess or to my teacher and her memory.

I also have a small amount of her ashes that were given to me. I would like to get a nice container for them and have them nearby. Would it be appropriate to put them on my own alter or should I create a separate alter dedicated to her?

I am not finding a lot of information out there on these particular circumstances, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! -Laura”

Blessings, Laura,

It’s usually recommended to not use another witch’s crafts. Especially ritual tools and spell items. Every person has a distinctive energy mark, or stamp. And they stamp everything they touch and use. Sometimes you can cleanse items to completely rid and wash off these stamps, but this is usually more difficult for items belonging to High Priest/esses and items that are old. So I would recommend that you do not use them – the intentions you use them for might be taken over by the intentions of the item and take over your intent and purpose of the ritual or spell.

The same goes with her ashes being placed on your altar. I would recommend, if you just want a reminder of her honor, to create a small altar or shrine in her memory. Preferably in a different room or area of your own altar. Perhaps outside around or near a tree or garden. The only time you should use her items is during a communing ritual with her. Nothing is stronger and best used than personal items (and even better, ashes) of the person you’re trying to commune with. The only thing you should use of hers are her books. Though they still have her energy stamp on them, you’re not using them for ritualistic purposes, so their energies won’t get in the way or clash with yours.

Blessed Be,

Is it possible to be pagan and not believe in deities, but rather energy? Also is there a specific name for this sort of belief so that I could read into it?

“is it possible to be pagan and not believe in deities, but rather energy? also is there a specific name for this sort of belief so that I could read into it? thanks!”

So you’re a pagan atheist? That’s kind of a contradiction in terms, but the meaning of Pagan is definitely broad and different for every person. The term “deity” can be however you want to believe it to be; an ancient Greek God or Goddess, a dwelling spirit, an animal, a human, or even energy. Though modern Paganism is usually very polytheist, Paganism’s root belief is the unity of the body and spirit with the energies and powers of nature and Earth.

As a Pagan, I do pray to the Goddess Moon and God Sun as deities that sustain life and existence. However, the Universe and Cosmos are what I consider to be the “highest power,” or “ultimate God.” Paganism is a very personal practice, so you can take what you want to believe in with the root beliefs of Paganism.

I don’t know of any specific names for the belief in just energy, but as I mentioned, Paganism is a broad practice – a personal philosophy. With the basic roots of  Paganism, you can add whatever other beliefs and practices you believe in.


Blessed Be,