I’ve been seeing the Green Man everywhere, especially in Churches. I wear his necklace and have been getting compliments on it. How and where is the Green Man popularized besides in Pagan tradition?

“Lately I’ve had quite a few people giving me compliments on my Green Man necklace, and I’ve found it somewhat shocking. He’s always been the deity that I’ve associated with the most, and I feel a deep connection there, but I had no idea that so many people knew about him. I know that he can be found carved into churches all over, but I figured he was only celebrated in various Pagan spiritualities. Do you know of other ways the Green Man has been popularized?”

The “Green Man” image has been around for thousands of years and has been a part of many, many religions and spiritualities. The Green Man has many names, many images, and many meanings. In most cases, he is the deity of nature, vegetation, life and rebirth. He can be found in many religions including Celtic traditions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and obviously Paganism.

His names are many: The Green Man, Horned God, Cernunnos, Elijah, Khidr, Pan, Holly King, among other names. The Green Man has many shapes and forms in many different areas. Yes, he is depicted in Churches, cathedrals, and abbeys, and usually associated and called “Jack in the Green.”

It’s because the concept of the Green Man is in many different cultures, it’s popularity has been high pretty much ever since the renaissance. Not so much as a religious figure or representing a deity, but mostly as a decorative piece of imagery and architecture.

Every religion, culture, tradition, belief will probably have a different story and beliefs for the depiction and history of the Green Man. He’s popular because he’s practically everywhere. More or less in some cultures, and used as a deity or decoration in others. Some may see him as a Saint, others as a Pagan God. Some might recognize him from Church, others from a carving on a tombstone.

His many faces, names, and beliefs can be a good thing. Especially for those who worship him as a God. It might defer the whole witch thing to something you’re wearing because it’s decorative. Though you may not see him that much around today; mostly in Pagan and Druid practices – the Green Man is definitely ancient for many practices.

Blessed Be


Energy work vs. Magick

“I am a massage therapist. When learning massage in school we learned energy work as well. How to use and feel energy, and that intent played a large role in giving massage.I was taught that when giving a massage the therapist should focus on the massage and the client as much as possible with the intent of healing, and helping the client to feel better. That some times even when everything you know isn’t making the problem better, a stubborn muscle for instance, your intent and touch can improve how the client feels. So my question is this. What then is the difference between what massage therapists do as energy work, and what some pagans call magick? I admit to not knowing much on the subject but I have been curiously looking into it recently as I have begun to really feel clients energies during massages.

Thank You!”

Dear massage therapist,

I was actually a certified massage therapist when I was doing my undergrad to make extra money, so I know all about client energies, healing, etc. What I did was place crystals around my client to absorb any negative energy coming from them during the massage and would always place small crystals on top of stones whenever I did a hot stone massage.

Anyway. Healing is done in myriad of ways, obviously. Massaging being one of them. Pagans use a series of crystals and energy work to “heal.” It’s not so much magick, than it is just simply transferring energy; getting rid of the bad and flowing in the good and new. Healing spells are also considered “energy work,” for the most part because you’re sending healing energy to the recipient to be healed.

Healing magick, as in using herbs, potions, etc. is different. That’s using physical properties and techniques to heal. Herb sachets, home remedies and medicines, amulets, etc. are considered “magick.”

When working with someone’s energy, it’s important to somewhat know what kind of energy you’re dealing with. Some people’s energies are stronger than others. Some are darker. Some are radient, while other’s are dimmer. You need to feel, connect, and “see” the energy you’re working with in order to heal it and replace it with positive, healthy energy.

Some people’s energies are stubborn. It doesn’t want to change, leave, or be replaced. In that case, it’s the person that’s going to need to change. Some people’s lifestyle is just filled with so much worry, stress, frustration, etc. that their energies has become part of those qualities. Our energies change and is different, because our day-to-day lives are usually different, changing, and many different things happen to change our mood. But sometimes, one’s routine, feelings and moods might be so consistent that the energy had adapted to it and won’t be able to “heal” with simple energy work.

Carrying a stone or crystal will always help keep one’s energy stable and positive. Whither the stone or crystal is to absorb negative energy, or keep your current energy positive and content – it’s always helpful to have or have around your house and/or workplace.

Blessed Be,

I’m not Pagan – I’m an open-minded Christian. I wear an upright Pentacle; is it okay for me to wear is even though I’m not Pagan?

“I’m not pagan, Im an open minded Christian; but I have this odd fascination with Wicca & Paganism. I dont nessesarily want to convert; I just find it so interesting. I came across an upright silver pentacle with blue diamonds in it. I can’t remember where I got it but I love wearing it; it’s beautiful. Is it okay for me to wear it even though I am not pagan? Many Blessings, Asher”

Dear Asher (is that your real name? That’s an awesome name!),

I wish more people were as open-minded as you are. The simple answer to y our question: Yes. It’s perfectly okay to wear a pentacle.

Ancient historians have actually found scriptures that before Jesus was crucified, his followers represented him with a pentagram. It wasn’t until some years after his crucifixion that Christians started using the Cross.

Anyway. It’s perfectly okay to wear a pentacle. Just because you wear it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re representing it. I see people wearing Stars of David, the Egyptian Cross, Eye of Horus, the Om, etc., but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re that religion. Being religious doesn’t always mean being religious about your one only religion – Religion is about personal beliefs, so it’s okay to incorporate symbols, certain beliefs, etc. into your own spirituality.

Many Pagans and Wiccans wear the Cross. Perhaps to hide their own religion, or because they grew up Christian and still feel a connection with it. Being connected or have an interest in something from a different religion doesn’t hurt your own whatsoever. I think if anything, you’re supporting a cause; a cause of tolerance and open-mindedness. And that’s pretty amazing. For someone who isn’t Pagan to support, understand, and explain Paganism in a positive light, it’s one step closer for everyone to eventually feel and see the same way.

Blessed Be,

Is it better to follow someone else’s ritual or create/ modify your own?

“Is it better to follow someone else’s ritual or create/ modify your own? That and do you have a tutorial on those rainbow pentagrams made out of ribbon (Photo posted on Tumblr) ? I’d really like to make some ~ Thank you- Rit-chan”

Dear Rit-Chan,

It’s “better” to create your own rituals, but modifying someone else’s also works. The power of the ritual isn’t with the words you speak, but with the energy, concentration, and visualizing you give out. You can do ritual without even saying a single word and it would still be just as effective as a long, wordy, elaborate ritual. The words we say in spells and rituals are just a guide to help us focus on the intent and purpose of the ritual, not to make them stronger. What makes spells and rituals “stronger” in a sense, is if you use any tools (crystals, herbs, etc.).

When I first started practicing, I used the rituals and spells I could find. Then I “upgraded” by changing some of the words and steps. And finally fully creating my own. You can use others’ rituals and spells as a template, as far as word use, structure, rhyming, etc. That’s usually the case with a lot of people.

As far at those rainbow pentagrams: I did make some. And it was fairly easy. If you have a crafts store near, or even a Target or Walmart, you might be able to find something that is small and circle made out of metal or hard plastic. You can even use a key ring. Use thin ribbon. To start, shape out the pentagram on the ring (you can either do this first or last, depending on how you want it to look). You can use glue to hold the points down. Then from top all the way around, weave the ribbon around the ring until you get back to the top. Cut it off and glue it down. And there you go! At least this is how I made mine, I’m sure the original tutorial is somewhat similar.

Blessed Be,

I have been feeling this energy around me lately – my phone screen lights up on its own, so does my laptop and ipod, and even my gas fireplace! Any explanations for these happenings?

“Hi Sage 🙂 I’ve noticed for many months now that when I am in a good mood and feel a lot of positive energy, things around me turn on. My phone’s screen will light up though I haven’t touched it, my laptop will wake up though the lid is down, my Ipod in its dock will switch on, and recently, my gas fireplace lit up. I’m not frightened or worried about these happenings, I’m just curious to see if there is any explanation for it. I’d greatly appreciate help. Thank you and Blessed Be )O(


Dear Threefolddaughter,

This sounds like a classic case of “good spirit stalker.” Lingering spirits that have these attachments to people often do annoying things – to some lit up phone screens, ipods, and laptops would be considered annoying. I’ve studied and practiced spirit contact, spirit/ghost history, etc. Spirits are my “specialty” I guess you could say, and have been for almost a decade now.

When spirits do these little tricks, it’s usually a “heyyy, something’s here!” kind of thing. They just want to be acknowledged. Sometimes it’s even a lost or confused soul. A spirit that doesn’t know it’s dead, or a spirit that’s simply lost. Spirits only “contact” people with high energy, hyper-sensitive, or think they have the gift of “sight.”

For now, the next time it does something, acknowledge its presence. Ask it if it means no harm. What it wants. If it wants help, etc. If you feel comfortable and believe you have the skill, try a contacting ritual to fully “speak” with it. There are simple ways like using a pendulum, ouija board, fire/flame gazing, etc. The simple means of divination. I go into a mediumship trance. Though the most direct way of spirit contacting, it’s also the most difficult and sometimes dangerous. So I won’t exactly suggest you try that.

However. It doesn’t seem like it means any harm. Though it can just completely turn on you one day, so never show fear. Even the next time the fireplace goes up, something falls, breaks, etc., stand strong. If you don’t already, carry a protective amulet. If it ever does something big where it could be relatively scary – just cast a circle and protect yourself, and cast it away. As harmless as these little things its doing, this could also be a poltergeist. And it’s not as easy to just call Ghost Busters and suck it away! Poltergeist are stubborn and often takes many rituals and cleansings to rid them.

Of course, it could be something else besides a lingering, stalker ghost. If you get happy, good feelings and emotions in sudden bursts and moments, perhaps before, during, or after these little incidents happen, it also might be a spirit. Just not a lingering one. Perhaps a loved one. Your spirit guide. Or even just some random energy roaming around needing something physical to act upon. Whatever it may be, it’s a good idea to ground your energy, as well as the energy around you (in this case, the energy in your home). If it continues, the next step could be contact. Whither who or what it is, you may want to keep it lingering or extract its presence from your energy and your home.

Whatever it may or may not be, it’s safe to be safe and protected! Another way to see “what it is” is through meditation. By inviting and allowing it to join you in the astral, it should reveal itself to you. You may then ask it questions, ask it to leave, stay, or whatever you wish to do. Good luck! Hope that helped a bit.

Blessed Be