There has been an entity that has been watching and trying to communicate with me. I don’t entirely think that it means any harm to me, but I do think that it wants something from me. Help?

“I’ve been having a lot of confusion about something recently… or rather for the past few months, there has been an entity that has been watching and trying to communicate with me. I’ve yet to figure out what it is or entirely what it wants and have even sought the assistance of a few close friends.

I’m assuming that the entity is male from the feelings I get from it, and I don’t entirely think that it means any harm to me, but I do think that it wants something from me. It usually only shows up between shorty after sunset and when the sun rises. It also has a tendency to leave me alone if my cat is with me, she also seems to be very edgy when I’m sensing it and wont leave me alone will keep meowing at me if I go outside without her.


Dear KC,

Sounds like you an attention wanting spirit. Spirits who lurk around trying to get you to notice them in the same manner every time are usually lost spirits or spirits that haven’t/can’t move on. And appearing at the same time usually indicates the time of death of the spirit, or of the moments when a tragedy or a situation that the spirit is trying to hold on to and repeating.

The best thing you can try to do is attempt to communicate with it. You can use whatever means of communication you feel with best work or is most comfortable with you – a pendulum, tarot cards, conducting a seance, deep meditation or in dreams, are some of the more “direct” ways of contact. And since you don’t feel as if it means any harm, then you probably will have a better and easier chance of actually making contact.

As for your cat, like young children, animals can often see or at least sense ghosts and spirits, so her being edgy is probably just her trying to scare the spirit away. Spirits and ghosts won’t always try to make contact or come around if your familiar or any pet is near.

If you don’t wish to make any contact with it, you can just attempt to banish it and release it. But it’s probably just trying to find answers or its way in order to move on. If you feel as if you’ve helped it after you’ve contacted it and it still won’t move on, then you might just have to banish it. In the process (if you do end up trying to help it), you can cast a “guidance” spell to help the spirit find its way and move on – to find the light and be at peace.


Blessed Be


For the Last couple of days i’ve had the huge black bird following me around every time i’m outside, and when i’m in the house it takes the form of a cat. I dont know what to think about it, I dont feel its evil. Opinions?

“For the Last couple of days i’ve had the huge black bird following me around every time i’m outside, and when i’m in the house its takes the form of a cat, i guess not the scare me? i dont know what to think about it, i dont feel its evil. and i’ve tired to find information on it but cant find anything, and i’d like a second opinion.”

Well, black birds are often omens. Depending on the culture involved, this can be good or bad. From my own culture, the Norse, ravens are the messengers and watchers of Odin. They bring him the news of the nine worlds. Cats too, can be both a positive and a negative.

First off I would say trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel evil, it probably isn’t. That doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous, but presuming it hasn’t attacked you, I think you’re okay. My first suggestion is to leave out offerings for it. Sometimes doing this can turn a neutral spirit into a friend, and a hostile one into a neutral. Do this for a while, like you would with a stray animal, if you wish it to remain. After that, try sitting quietly and see if it will “speak” to you.

When we have spirits following us it’s generally for simple reasons. They want to feed, they want to communicate, they are curious, or they’ve been sent. Determining which of these is key, as is acting accordingly. I would get some things for a banishing ritual just in case, but don’t use them just yet. Try communicating first. Rune stones, Tarot decks, and pendulums are good ways for easy communication with spirits. Just ask it what it wants and see how your medium responds. Only if the spirit gets hostile should you then try to banish it away.

Guest writer,
Lucius Svartwulf

What comes after the books, spells, and rituals? How do I advance, learn more, and go further than just another Wicca?

“I’ve read all the books, the articles online, and whatever else that comes my way. I’m not saying I know everything, but every book (even the “advanced” books) are practically repetitive and not really giving me more or new information. I guess what I’m trying to ask is, what now? I know there’s more to Wicca than the spells and rituals; I still do my daily basic meditations, communing with deity, etc. In other words, is there more to learn beyond the books and information?

Thank you. Daisy”

Dear Daisy,

Should I be welcoming you to the Craft or something? No offense, of course. But if you’ve read all the books and everything you could get your hands on like you said you have, then you should know by now what “really” comes after the books: Self-growth and self-development.

Books doesn’t give you power. They give you knowledge, which is the root of power. Books are just the tools and guidelines to what comes after that. You can literally read every book in the Wicca/Witchcraft category and that wouldn’t mean a single thing without practice! You can read every single book that you can get your hands on about spell casting, meditation, astral projection, etc. So you know how to do it all and how it works, but do you really KNOW how to do it and how it works? Being a book-worm doesn’t make you an active practitioner.

Books are just a fraction of what the Craft is about, or any religion for that matter. It’s what you do with the things you learn. So you learned how to meditate. Okay. Go further with it. Exercise deep meditation, astral projection, visualization, learn to meditate within your meditation. What about divination? It’s practically in every book, so work on it. Divination, next to spirit contact, is one of the “tougher” tasks. Choose a divination method – tarot card, runes, gazing, etc. – and master it. Just because you have and know the definitions of what the cards or runes say, or what you see in gazing, doesn’t mean anything more than checking your mail – you get your mail (spreading the cards or runes), you know what it is/who it’s from (the definition), but you don’t really know what it means or the answers to your questions until you open the mail (go beyond the surface meanings).

You want to develop your psychic powers? Work on opening up your “third eye.” The first step in psychic power comes with meditation and being able to really master visualization and holding that visuale in your mind for more than one second. For example, a good way to exercise your visualization skills is with a candle. Light a candle and stare at it for a few minutes. Look at it and look past it. See the way the flames move. See the different colors. The way it sounds. Try to look at all the details of the candle. And when you think you’re ready, close your eyes and visualize everything you just saw – see the color of the candle and flames, the way the flame flickers and moves. From one candle you can move on to several candles, and from that to details on your altar, and then your room, etc. Every time having the image bigger and more complex. Seeing what’s “not there” when your eyes are closed will also help you enhance your ability to see auras, spirits, and bad energy.

Spirit communication is another way, and probably one of the most difficult and dangerous, to “go to the next level.” For more than half of the time I have been practicing, spirits and spirit contact has been my biggest focus. I have had some great successes and many failures. It’s something that takes much time, extreme patience, practice, and finding the best way that works for you and for the ritual. If you look at the rituals in a lot of Occult books, the Key of Solomon or the Geotia for example, you’ll see that the “magic circle” is a very elaborate and dramatic design for just invoking a spirit. I have done the elaborate rituals with full-blown designs and symbols, and I’ve done basic circles with little to no designs and symbols and just used crystals, herbs and runes. And you know what, the “basic” circle works better for me. So it’s just a matter of what you feel is necessary and what you’re more comfortable with. Of course, you don’t always have to conduct an entire circle or ritual for spirit communication, it’s only recommended just so you’ll stay safe from the spirit and not have to worry about it attacking you or “messing with your head.” You can simple be at your altar and try to commune with a friendly spirit that may be visiting your home or somewhere near by.

You can commune with friendly spirits with an almost seance setting and way, by lighting candles and placing bread on the table. Dim any lights and eliminate all distractions. Concentrate on only attracting good, friendly, loving energy. And when you’re ready, you can say something along the lines of, “friendly spirit, I (we) bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with me (us) and move among me (us).” You can repeat the chant until you feel, see, or hear something respond. At this point you can communicate and ask questions. Start with basic yes or no questions. When you are done, you can bid the spirit farewell and thank it for coming to you. Blow out the candles to conclude the ritual and dispose of the bread by burying it.

Advancing comes and happens in many ways, shapes, and forms. Work on herbology, potions and concoctions. Learn and develop yourself to be one with nature by meditating and doing ritual work and whatnot outside. Advancing doesn’t always have to stay within Wicca, you can also explore, learn and understand new faiths and religions. Buddhism and Egyptology are always the “famous” ones. As well as Shamanism. Think outside the box. Developing yourself doesn’t always have to be about magic and spells, but concepts, ideas, and self-improvement/empowerment.

Blessed Be,