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How do I summon the Greek and Norse Gods and Goddesses?

“my name is morris and I would like to know how to summon the gods cause there are questions I would like to ask and also you know get to know them I’m not doing this as a joke or insulting any one who is wiccan or polytheist cause I myself am a polytheist but are there any ingridents or words to call them I would like to know cause I would like to do this I would like to talk to both the Greek Gods and Goddess and Nores Gods and Goddess”


As a hard polytheist, I believe that each god and goddess is literally an individual deity. In soft polytheism, each god and goddess is an aspect of a greater, unknowable force. I’m going to assume from your question that you’re more of a hard polytheist than soft.

First, let me say that, as mortals, we don’t summon the gods; we request their presence. Each culture has its own understood methods. For example, libations and offerings were standard in all communications to the Greek gods. In calling Demeter, you would offer wheat or flowers at the altar before asking for her presence; after your request, you would follow with more offerings. It is always remembered and understood that we have no control over their actions.

Secondly, exactly how do you expect to see and speak with the gods? Unlike the fantastic stories in myths (or Xena and Hercules), the gods don’t literally walk up to us in this reality. In ritual, they may make their presence known or appear in a vision; they also contact us in dreams and meditations. Largely, the gods are far more subtle than popular culture might suggest. Repeatedly seeing the same symbol everywhere after asking for a god to speak to you can be a sign that they are indeed answering!

In approaching the gods, consider meditation first. I’ve found that it’s easiest to be open to their contact when my mind is cleared and focused on the task. Keep in mind, not all communication is in words. My first contact with a goddess via meditation was with Isis; she appeared during a meditation in flashes of images, but mostly she felt awe-inspiring as she guided me to another place in my inner world.

If ritual is more your style, research the cultures of those gods you wish to contact. We don’t randomly dial the phone numbers of strangers (except for prank calls); the same idea applies to calling out to deities. Why would a goddess answer your call if you know nothing about her? As resources, I would suggest sites like (Greek mythology) and (Norse paganism). Find out what kinds of offerings and approaches pagans have used in the past to contact the gods you wish to speak with; the people who have walked this path before you left useful experiences behind for you to learn from.

Larissa Lee


8 responses to “How do I summon the Greek and Norse Gods and Goddesses?

  1. Nina Jankowski ⋅

    I need to know which gods or goddesses of April 25th. Because the spirit pressed the doorbell all day, all night and til 6 a.m. on April 25th. My companion says that it is about Mother’s Day! Then the doorbell rang had stopped. So helped. Thank you ! ………………………………………Blessed Be.

  2. Diamond ⋅

    I would like to know how to contact Poseidon he is the God I would want to talk to please tell me how to Contact him!!

  3. James ⋅

    Why is it, people who claim they believe in multiple Gods like the Greek Gods. Still call the Greek Gods “mythology”? It seems like a bad term to to call something you believe in mythology.

  4. Nick ⋅

    toss a drachma into water. preferably a wishing well

  5. Becca ⋅

    Oh wow contacting a greek god well as you do this make sure you don’t piss em off they will kill ya but here’s how……

    1- Medataite open your mind to the god you wish to contact
    2- Belive in them if you don’t belive how are the gods gonna take your request for real
    3- Learn about them I would suggest Zuses or Hades
    4- Send them gifts flowers
    By the way you will see them in dreams…visions…Ect

    Good luck and don’t get yourself killed

  6. Jason Kangeter ⋅

    It is true for the most part that a physical being doesn’t show up, however, this can occur. Once you summon them, they show up when and how they wish. Odin has shown up no less than three times to me physically. You will recognize them by familiar traits and markings but they may appear far more modern than you expect. Or, in most cases,the show up in obscure ways that require interpretation, such as a dream or vision. Usually they never seem to answer. But when they do answer strongly, you will know.

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  8. nicholas ⋅

    i want to contact apollo and i don’t know how and i need help

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