This will be my first Samhain wherein I truly try to commune/communicate with loved ones who’ve passed. Any tips for a firstie?

“This will be my first Samhain wherein I truly try to commune/communicate with loved ones who’ve passed. Any tips for a firstie?”


I don’t usually advocate trying to commune with spirits during Samhain for beginners (first timers). The days before and after Samhain are powerful, which I’m sure you’ve heard before that the viel between our world and the spirit world are at its thinnest. My first spirit communing ritual was during Samhain and it lead to a nose bleed. The energy it takes to maintain and control the ritual is intense. It’s not very wise to attempt.

HOWEVER, since I am here to educate, I will share the safest way to commune with spirits. First, you will need to create a circle within a circle (basically a circle and a larger circle). Within the circle you will place candles at each “corner” for each direction, crystals, salt, and items of the loved one(s) you are trying to commune with; pictures, personal items, etc. If you have a black mirror (scrying mirror), place it in the direction you are facing. If you don’t have a black mirror, you can use a dark bowl filled with water. The mirror, or bowl, will act as the “door way.” You probably won’t necessarily see the spirit or anything at all sometimes – however, you may see fog or distorted images. Between these circles is where the spirit will “sit.” So it can’t harm or escape.

Conduct the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Or any other protection ritual. Do this before and after the ritual. Now you may call upon the spirit. Whether ritualistically or through a means of divination. A simple “shout out” to the spirit and the use of the pendulum is a great way to commune with spirits. Fire gazing, or more specifically, using the flicker of the candle (as long as there is no air disturbing the flame) is another easy and effective way to commune. With pendulums and fire gazing, you get your “yes” and “no” answers – however, you’ll have to ask some basic, obvious yes or no questions first in order to figure out what directions mean what answer.

Sometimes, but very rarely, do things “go wrong.” Just because you call upon a specific spirit, doesn’t always mean it’ll be them. Sometimes stronger spirits push their way infront of the spirit your calling to escape through the crack of the worlds caused by your ritual. They do that to escape and roam free in our world, which causes disturbance in both worlds and sometimes ends up badly – whether with hauntings, possession, or just leaving negative energy wherever they go. Of course, not all spirits are bad! But that’s way it’s good to have a double circle to keep them in, that way they can’t go anywhere until you part them at the end of the ritual.

Just always have a loving, positive energy whenever you attempt to commune with spirits. Always KNOW and FEEL that you have the power and control. Sometimes situations get scary where you can literally feel their presence, you get the chills, candles get blown out… Or… It could just end being a ritual where you’re talking to yourself. Point is, always stay focused!


Blessed Be


I really want to celebrate samhain this year, but I’m not sure how. Could you give some advice please?

“On the inside, spiritually, I’ve felt that I was wiccan since I was a little girl, but I never really knew what wiccan was until a few years ago. I’d spare you the details because you’d probably be bored to tears. Haha. Anyways, I really want to celebrate samhain this year, but I’m not sure how. Could you give some advice please? :)”


Samhain is my favorite Pagan holiday! Samhain and Yule are the two Sabbats that I go all-out for! The decorations, tools, food and offerings, crafts, and my rituals are usually quite extensive. One of my all-time favorite Sabbats books is Sabbats by Edain McCoy. It includes history, customs, food recipes, crafts, and rituals for both solitary and groups for every sabbat. It’s an absolutely MUST HAVE book for every Witch’s library.

Anyway. There are so many ways to openly or discreetly celebrate Samhain. Samhain (Halloween) is already a Pagan holiday and everyone knows it; pagans and non-pagans. Dressing up in costumes, offerings of food (in this case, candy), carving pumpkins, and lighting bonfires (balefires in paganism) are all Pagan traditions.

The wearing of masks, making a witch’s besom, having a feast, divination, astral projection, past-life recall, and spirit contact are also other ways and things to do on Samhain.

I usually begin my Samhain ritual a little after dinner because I share my dessert, the offering, of pumpkin pie for my spirit contact ritual. My Samhain ritual is probably the most elaborate ritual of all rituals I conduct. The circle and altar is fully decorated with candles, masks for the God and Goddess, pictures of loved ones whom have passed, mini-pumpkins, offerings, and everything else needed for a full-fledged ritual. After my main Samhain ritual, I conduct my “raise the dead” ritual. Obviously not literally raising the dead, but I call upon the spirit of a loved one, usually my grandmother, with the help and an offering to Osiris. I then commune with the spirit for as long as I can keep the energy and connection up – I’m usually drained no more than ten minutes in, but it’s still nice to be able to feel my grandmother’s presence.

My circle and altar is usually set up right after sunset the day before Samhain and stays up until the day after. It is also a night where I do a major protection ritual. Usually after my main rituals because you never know what else snuck in through the cracks between the world’s during my rituals.

There are so many ways and things you can do to celebrate Samhain. If you plan on doing a ritual, it definitely doesn’t have to be elaborate or long, but simple and short. Mine are elaborate because spirits are my “specialty” and I know how to control and banish them without risking nosebleeds, because those suck. Your ritual doesn’t even have to be a full-ritual with the typical, basic circle casting procedures. If you want, you can just light a couple of candles and say a few words.

To “trick or treat” the dead and all the spirits wandering around on Samhain, cut some apples vertically – it reveals a star in the center, and leave them out next to lit candles or a lit jack-o’-lantern, and then burry the apples the next day. You can leave out whatever offerings you wish or none at all. Visiting loved ones at cemeteries and lighting a candle and leaving an offering at their grave is another way to celebrate.

The possibilites, ways, and things to do are much! Find and do something you feel comfortable with and are opt to do. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Samhain. Nothing is better than something else. It’s all up to you! Happy Samhain!


Blessed Be

Do you know any spells to help kids sleep and feel safe? I’ve tried a simple consecration ritual but it didn’t feel strong enough…HELP!

“Do you know any spells to help kids sleep and feel safe? I’ve tried a simple consecration ritual but it didn’t feel strong enough…HELP!”


There are a few ways that I like to do to help me sleep and feel safe. Drinking chamomile tea during my nightly getting-ready-for-bed ritual is usually always a must. Though kids might not like the sometimes potent taste of chamomile, adding mint or peppermint to it with some honey or sugar makes the taste a little more tolerable.

To help keep my mind calm and stop racing ideas a thousand miles a minute, I chant the Goddess Chant: “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hekate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna.” It’ll both help induce sleep and call upon the goddesses to watch over you.

Tying crystals on some string and hanging them on each corner of the bed will create a protected space. Charge these crystals to banish all evil and negativity. Or you can just place them on the floor behind each corner leg.

Finally, sachets. Sachets are a wonderful tool that can be worn or placed under the pillow. Creating a sachet with beneficial herbs for sleep and insomnia can really help ease and calm the self and mind. Creating a sachets with herbs like chamomile, lavender, hops, valerian, kava kava, st. john’s wort, and linden can truly and natural help anyone sleep soundly.

A sachet for protection might include herbs like sage, bay leaf, angelica, basil, cinnamon, dragonsblood, lavender, rosemary, garlic, st. john’s wort, comfrey, and a handful of other herbs that you might even have in your kitchen cabinet.


Blessed Be

I lost my quartz crystal. Would a glass crystal be just as effective as a quartz crystal?

“I lost my quartz crystal recently, and I have no other quartz crystals. I do, however, have some old glass crystals (like the kind that go on chandeliers). Would those be just as effective as quartz if I used them to replace my lost quartz?”


Unfortunately, those glass chandelier crystals are just that: glass. Unlike quartz crystals, they don’t harnas any natural power or energy. Quartz crystals release and have a natural energy source to them. Those chandelier crystals are even sometimes plastic and not even real glass. However, it’s not all bad news. Though glass doesn’t have any natural energy in them, you can empower and charge them for a purpose to “act” as a natural crystal.

Even though empowering and charging glass crystals won’t ever have the same real effect of quart crystals and will be much weaker, it can still be used as a temporary substitute. Especially for short-term protection or healing.

Quart crystals are fairly cheap anyway. eBay has a huge selection of crystals for a steal! 90% of my crystals have come from eBay… Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone! Also, some natural stones are also substitues for crystals. You’ll just have to do some research to cross-match what you’re looking for.


Blessed Be

I live in a place where we can’t have candles or incense. What can I use instead of candles and incense for spells?

“I live in a place where we can’t have candles or incense.  What can I use instead of candles and incense for spells?


Blessings Rukie,

Here’s an excerpt from one of my posts about beginning the craft and living with parents:

“It’s not the tools that are making your magick happen or work. It’s you. Your energy. Your own self. Not external, mundane objects. Yes, some of these objects CAN help, but they are NOT the sole “magickal object” that will make your spells work or your ritual complete. It’s all about your own energy. The way you raise it, store it, use it and send it out.”

Living with parents, or maybe in a dorm in your case (?), trying to do magickal workings can be difficult, but not impossible. There are many substitues for candles, incense, statues, etc. All these items used in spells and rituals are for the most part representations of the elements, so you simply need to substitute them for another representation. Substitutions don’t even have to be items, they can even be colors! Fire: red, earth: green, water: blue, air: white. Replace candles/fire for lava rocks for Fire. Using sea shells, sea salt, or actual water for the element Water. Feathers or plant leafs for Air. And crystals, stones, or dirt for Earth.

Tools and objects are not a necessity when doing spells and rituals. “Tools aren’t a necessity in your practice. They are simply tools to help you “guide” your magick and energy – this is mostly for the wand/athame. Incense doesn’t really “power up” your magick. It simply helps you relax and put you in a state of clear consciousness and comfort.”

Feel free to visit the FAQs page for quick links to “the basics.”


Blessed Be

I’ve been having recurring dreams that three women are trying to kill me with a dagger. They say it’s for “her,” that “she protects us.” Could you help me clarify my dreams?

“Hello I’ve been have some very strange recurring dreams. I’ll explain what happens in them,

I walk into a store where a very pretty woman greets me. As I walk around the store I can feel she’s watching me but I turn to see she’s looking out the door. There is ALWAYS a barrel of cheese in the corner that I go to (I don’t know why I go to it because I really hate cheese) and I turn around and see the lady that greeted me and two others. She smiles at me and explains how she likes me and then says, “we need to kill you now.”

And the first time I had the dream I thought it was just a simple nightmare.

After she said that one of the three women grabs a huge black dagger from another room. On the hilt I can’t tell, but there was a pentagram either rightside up or upside down. Then the two who haven’t said anything grab my arms. Then the woman who grabs my left arm says something about “the tree” and how she can sense something on me. I try to get away by hair pulling stomping on feet but they don’t move at all. The pretty woman with the dagger says, “just stop trying it’s for ‘her,’ ‘she’ protects us.” Then she raises the dagger and I wake up.

I don’t really understand my dreams because it involves a human sacrifice, I’ve never hear of a human sacrifice in any pagan rituals, and it kind of scares me. Can you help me clarify my strange dreams?”


Let’s begin by saying that dreams are a repetition of one’s day, things that are occurring in one’s life, and are representative of thoughts, desires, fears, etc…When one dreams the same dream over and over and over again, one needs to ask themselves “what is this dream trying to tell me?” “What message am I to take from this” “Is there a warning in this dream or does this dream have a deeper meaning?”  You can choose to ask one of these questions or answer all of them.  What is going on in your life right now?  Do you see any resemblance to things that are occurring, have a occurred, or are ongoing in your life?  Does this dream scare you?  If it does, then you need to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”  Often times, people dream of death/sacrifice and automatically think the worst, however, that being said, let’s get into they symbols of your dream, the meaning or possible meanings in your dream and you can draw your conclusion from there.

The Store: Is this a store you are familiar with?  Do you frequent this store? Does this specific location hold something for you?  What type of store is it, for example, is it a department store, a jewelery store, a grocery store?  If it is a department store, it could be referencing financial affairs, profit or loss, making deals etc.  If it s a hardware store, if could mean that you are in need of some self-improvement, building new beginnings etc.  Health food stores often depict the need for focus on your own health, state of well-being.  A store can mean so much, you may be lacking in a supply of mental, emotional, or physical needs.

The cheese: You stated that you hate cheese….why?  What is it about cheese that you don’t like?  Take that into consideration and go from there….what does cheese represent to you and why.  Most will say that cheese may not mean the “food” in a dream, but rather your need to smile, your psyche’s need for inner happiness and smiling…(I just got the feeling that you do not like to smile…or show much emotion outwardly), that being aside, it could also mean that you are having and influx of wholesome ideas and that you are ignoring them…bottling them up…let them be free….explore your ideas.

The women:  There are three women, do you have any idea the ages of the women?  The number three, when referring to women in this sense could mean the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, who, by the way, are very loving and forgiving.  Three is a number that represents the trinity in many religions be it Wicca, Christianity, Catholicism etc…, it is a number of strength, completion, and creativity.  Think back into the dream and see if you notice any other form of pattern in numbers, how things appear.  I would also like to know if these women are women you are familiar with or women that you know well.  Do you feel a connection with these women and explore that aspect…who does each, or what does each woman represent to you?  How did the women make you feel? Nervous, happy, safe, comfortable, uneasy…?

“We need to kill you now”: This being said in a dream…do you have any form of dark, lingering issue that is plaguing you, that you need to let go of, that you are letting consume you?  How did you feel when these words were said?  Explore those emotions and then ask yourself why.

The dagger:  Was this a knife with two sharp sides that comes to a point?  What is a curved knife with a white handle? or was this a single sided knife, like you’d find in a kitchen?  In Wicca and some other Pagan religions, there is an “Athame”, this is a double sided knife that is solely used for the purpose of cutting “air” for symbolic use and is NEVER used for actual cutting.  Any knife is a masculine symbol and often, in society today, has a negative connotation of it being “deadly”, however it could also mean that it is cutting through falsities, half-truths, on its way to discover the meat and potatoes of a situation.  A curved knife, in some religions is called a boline, it is used ritually for cutting foods and fruits.  Go back into the dream and explore your feelings when seeing this tool.

The pentagram: This is yet another tool used on an altar.  This symbol represents all of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.  It has always been regarded as mystical, magical and very human.  It could represent the number 5.  5 senses, the five wounds of Christ, the 5 elements, the 5 virtues of a knight.  There are many good associations with this sacred symbol.  Cut an apple in half from side to side and it is a pentagram of seeds…Be it right side up or upside down, one needs to understand that in Wicca, and upside down pentagram signifies a second degree Wiccan, this is based on that person’s amount of study done in the Craft.  It has long been believed to be a symbol of protection against evil, and conflict.  If it was truly upside down, there is the possibility that it is telling you to face the darkness within and deal with the issues at hand or they will rear their ugly head again.

“The Tree”:  Just this being said could mean so much….I would like for you to go back into your dream and find out more on this part (I will tell you how at the end of this interpretation).  Just the tree, could mean the tree of life.  The tree of life is a symbol of “As above, so below”, it could mean you need to be grounded or get grounded and centered, which could mean why the women were holding you in place.  They could be telling you to ground yourself become the tree, dig your roots into the Earth and feel grounded.

Fighting: the fact that you were fighting the women and they were unaffected, means that you are fighting the change…whatever it is in your life that is changing, you do not want to let go of old ways, old thoughts, and/or old behaviors…the women would not let you go as you had to become grounded in order to accept the change, to fully understand the change that is going on within your mind, body, and soul.

With the last part of it being “for her”, who do you feel it is for?  Do you feel that the Maiden, Mother, Crone in you are trying to help you free yourself from some invisible bonds?  Do you believe that you are fighting with yourself, arguing with yourself, though you know it is a losing battle?

*The key to remember is that not everything in a dream is so literal, just because you see a sacrifice does not mean someone is actually being killed…it is obvious that there could be other issues occurring in your life that could be affecting your dreams.

Now, the final thing to do….CONTROL your dreams.  You have to realize that they are your dreams and you have ultimate control.  You can ask questions, find meanings and even change your dreams with a little practice.  The next time you go to sleep, deliberately think of this dream, meditate upon it, when you enter the dream, you will be able to control what happens, you will be more aware of your surroundings, the sounds, the emotions, the feel, you may get names, remember features of faces, you will see things you didn’t realize you could remember.  Immediately upon waking, journal it.  I am a huge fan of journaling and it can lead to many revelations.


Good luck to you and Bright Blessings
Selu Haruspex

We do the rituals to recharge cause that is what the new moon is about right? Is there any help in figuring out why we get drained instead of recharge?

“Me and a friend of mine have been wondering for years why the new moon drains us. Not only that we have nightmares and restless nights. And it’s always during the new moon.
We do the rituals to recharge cause that is what the new moon is about right? Is there any help in figuring out why we get drained instead of recharge?

— ria-moon”


The new moon mostly represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and cleansing. The new moon isn’t usually about recharging (charging up). It’s more about resting and rejuvenating to be able to recharge and draw into yourself energy from this moon phase in order to do magickal workings again.

Mediation is good during this phase to cleanse the mind and body, and to attract harmony and peace. Do things and activities that are relaxing and magick-free (for the most part). It is usually best to rest and rejuvenate yourself during the three days before, during, and after the New Moon. This is a time to relax your magick, not use it.

So instead of doing rituals to “recharge,” meditate instead. Create herbal sachets to keep your energy up. Just remember to relax, rest, and have some “me” time.


Blessed Be

I love divining with my pendulum. I’m still in the beginning of learning Wicca and what to learn more divination. What’s another good start?

“Divining? I use my pendulum all the time its with me where ever I go… I am in love with the idea of divining but im still in the beginning stage of Wicca but I want to expand at every chance i get… What do you think is another good thing to start with?”


Divination is one of the best ways to start when first beginning the Craft. My first divination tool was a pendulum. I then promoted to using Tarot cards. Divination comes in many different forms: runes, smoke, fire, water, and mirror gazing, sand, wind, and even the old-fashioned trick of an egg in water.

When studying Wicca, or any form of the Craft, it’s important to be able to master something before you move on to something different and new. It’s not a good idea to just read on, for example, tarot cards and just assume you know what the meanings are and what they all represent. Tarot is one of the longest and trickiest forms of divination to learn. Because not only do you have to get a general idea of their meanings, but you’re also going to have to come up with your own meanings and interpretations when you’re doing a reading.

So for now, master using the pendulum. If you feel like you have to, then use another form of divination that’s available to you. See if it feels comfortable and natural to you. If it does, then work with it and master it. If it doesn’t, move on to something else.


Blessed Be,