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Energy work vs. Magick

“I am a massage therapist. When learning massage in school we learned energy work as well. How to use and feel energy, and that intent played a large role in giving massage.I was taught that when giving a massage the therapist should focus on the massage and the client as much as possible with the intent of healing, and helping the client to feel better. That some times even when everything you know isn’t making the problem better, a stubborn muscle for instance, your intent and touch can improve how the client feels. So my question is this. What then is the difference between what massage therapists do as energy work, and what some pagans call magick? I admit to not knowing much on the subject but I have been curiously looking into it recently as I have begun to really feel clients energies during massages.

Thank You!”

Dear massage therapist,

I was actually a certified massage therapist when I was doing my undergrad to make extra money, so I know all about client energies, healing, etc. What I did was place crystals around my client to absorb any negative energy coming from them during the massage and would always place small crystals on top of stones whenever I did a hot stone massage.

Anyway. Healing is done in myriad of ways, obviously. Massaging being one of them. Pagans use a series of crystals and energy work to “heal.” It’s not so much magick, than it is just simply transferring energy; getting rid of the bad and flowing in the good and new. Healing spells are also considered “energy work,” for the most part because you’re sending healing energy to the recipient to be healed.

Healing magick, as in using herbs, potions, etc. is different. That’s using physical properties and techniques to heal. Herb sachets, home remedies and medicines, amulets, etc. are considered “magick.”

When working with someone’s energy, it’s important to somewhat know what kind of energy you’re dealing with. Some people’s energies are stronger than others. Some are darker. Some are radient, while other’s are dimmer. You need to feel, connect, and “see” the energy you’re working with in order to heal it and replace it with positive, healthy energy.

Some people’s energies are stubborn. It doesn’t want to change, leave, or be replaced. In that case, it’s the person that’s going to need to change. Some people’s lifestyle is just filled with so much worry, stress, frustration, etc. that their energies has become part of those qualities. Our energies change and is different, because our day-to-day lives are usually different, changing, and many different things happen to change our mood. But sometimes, one’s routine, feelings and moods might be so consistent that the energy had adapted to it and won’t be able to “heal” with simple energy work.

Carrying a stone or crystal will always help keep one’s energy stable and positive. Whither the stone or crystal is to absorb negative energy, or keep your current energy positive and content – it’s always helpful to have or have around your house and/or workplace.

Blessed Be,


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