About Sage

Sage has been practicing the Craft for over ten years. His research and practice of the “Old Religion” has brought his practice beyond the spells and rituals of today’s neo-pagan and Wiccan books and websites. Spirit contact, spirit rituals, herbalism, divination, meditation, and ancient ways are his specialty.

Throughout the years, Sage has read and researched a plethora of topics both within and outside the Pagan path. Coming from a long line of Shaman heritage, that is just one of many knowledgable topics of Sage. Growing up with the Muslim faith, soul-searching a handfull of religions and faiths, lead Sage to learn much about dozens of religions around the world and their basic faiths and practices.

With two Bachelor degrees and a Masters (and currently working on a Ph.D), Sage has the education, experience and practice to serve as a mentor, advisor and companion to anyone seeking help, knowledge and information on Paganism and its related fields.

Blessed be!


10 responses to “About Sage

  1. Dear Sage,

    I am writing a lecture for my club on how NOT to offend people of various religious bents. Please let me know what is offensive to most pagans and how we can avoid these pitfalls in the course of playing our game. . . We create characters from different time periods and places and try to be as historically accurate as possible.

    Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

    –Sincerely, Maria-Magdalene

    • Merry Meet Maria-Magdalene! I have a quick comment on your request. I am a third generation witch and I can think of one thing that is my pet peeve as a Pagan. Please don’t use the word “warlock”. A female witch is called a witch. A male witch is also called a witch. A warlock is someone who has betrayed her coven’s secrets and trust. It is like a bad word to us. Thank you so much and brightest blessings for your quest!
      -Dances With Colors

  2. Darnell ⋅

    Hello, I am not sure how to ask a question here but forgive me for asking in your a comment box. I was born with a veil over my face(caul-bearer). I have a host of abilities one is empathy and maybe medium. I get strong vibrations all over my body when spirits are present. I know they are there but I want to be able to see them an image anything. Cause I know they want to communicate. And my meditation skills aren’t that great but I try.
    How do I do this?

    • Greetings Darnell!
      One of my sons was also born with the caul over his face. The other son was born with a sixth finger on one of his hands. These are both signs of magical ability, as you know. I am looking forward to seeing Sage’s reply to your post!
      -Dances With Colors

    • nina ⋅

      hey darnell,im born with a caul aswell.i dnt knw if ths would work for you but it works for me since i was pregnant with my 1st born.i see,feel,smell them clearly,was scared at 1st but once they there you should take the time and find out what is it that they want,theres always smethng they want.maybe a picture,vase anythng thts broken tht they wnt to be fix.look were you feel them try and sense who they are then you would knw how to help thm.You wil knw wether they unhappy or not take your time findng out who they are.Thats when you will knw how to help them.jst an idea!

  3. Merry Meet Sage!
    I just stumbled upon your website through one of your ebay auctions. I have so many questions! I hope it’s okay to post one here in the comment box.
    I work at an animal hospital and I am an empath with an affinity with animals. I would like to improve on my communication and healing skills with animals. I have read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and it is one of my most-used reference books. What other books or exercises would you recommend to improve my skills? I am especially interested in animal spirits, in other words, pets who have passed away.
    Thank you so much for considering my question. Brightest blessings!

  4. I ⋅

    How do I ask a question?

  5. nina ⋅

    hey.i jst need answers pls,im born with a caul made my life very diffclt grwing up.but as the years go pass im handng myslf.aftr all the crap that ive been through i can write a few books.wot i dnt get is that my believes is that i dnt believe in god.i jst cnt.i tried for the sake of my family.i need to know how do i make everyone undrstnd.its realy hard for me to be me…

  6. I have a rather specific question, and wondered if there is a way by which to ask a question privately. I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. Your reply would earn my endless gratitude. It is somewhat time-sensitive, but please don’t feel the need to rush on my account. Your earliest convenience would be soon enough. Thank you.

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