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How do I summon the Greek and Norse Gods and Goddesses?

“my name is morris and I would like to know how to summon the gods cause there are questions I would like to ask and also you know get to know them I’m not doing this as a joke or insulting any one who is wiccan or polytheist cause I myself am a polytheist but are there any ingridents or words to call them I would like to know cause I would like to do this I would like to talk to both the Greek Gods and Goddess and Nores Gods and Goddess”


As a hard polytheist, I believe that each god and goddess is literally an individual deity. In soft polytheism, each god and goddess is an aspect of a greater, unknowable force. I’m going to assume from your question that you’re more of a hard polytheist than soft.

First, let me say that, as mortals, we don’t summon the gods; we request their presence. Each culture has its own understood methods. For example, libations and offerings were standard in all communications to the Greek gods. In calling Demeter, you would offer wheat or flowers at the altar before asking for her presence; after your request, you would follow with more offerings. It is always remembered and understood that we have no control over their actions.

Secondly, exactly how do you expect to see and speak with the gods? Unlike the fantastic stories in myths (or Xena and Hercules), the gods don’t literally walk up to us in this reality. In ritual, they may make their presence known or appear in a vision; they also contact us in dreams and meditations. Largely, the gods are far more subtle than popular culture might suggest. Repeatedly seeing the same symbol everywhere after asking for a god to speak to you can be a sign that they are indeed answering!

In approaching the gods, consider meditation first. I’ve found that it’s easiest to be open to their contact when my mind is cleared and focused on the task. Keep in mind, not all communication is in words. My first contact with a goddess via meditation was with Isis; she appeared during a meditation in flashes of images, but mostly she felt awe-inspiring as she guided me to another place in my inner world.

If ritual is more your style, research the cultures of those gods you wish to contact. We don’t randomly dial the phone numbers of strangers (except for prank calls); the same idea applies to calling out to deities. Why would a goddess answer your call if you know nothing about her? As resources, I would suggest sites like (Greek mythology) and (Norse paganism). Find out what kinds of offerings and approaches pagans have used in the past to contact the gods you wish to speak with; the people who have walked this path before you left useful experiences behind for you to learn from.

Larissa Lee

I have the gift of healing, but recently I have been really sick and was wondering if there’s anything I might of caught while healing someone else?

“Hello my name is Black Ash and I I have the gift of healing. I haven’t been able to heal real injuries like that of the body, like cancer, sores, or the flu but instead I heal people’s minds, calm them. I have brought many out of depression, bi-polar disorder, and have one case of D.I.D. (Desocial identity disorder) Under my belt? In the past I get a very warm and pleasing sensation around my body, I call it the goddess gift of thanking me for my help! But recently I have been sick, very sick! I can’t even focus on a small circle! I’m not sure what to do. I have seen drs but they can’t find anything wrong. So I was wondering if there’s any thing I might of caught while healing someone else? And if so is there some thing I can do to heal myself?”

Black Ash,

Healing and empathy are two different-but-related skills. From the sound of your description, you seem like an empath. Empaths can be senders or receivers. You usually hear about people who can feel what others feel, often leaving them overwhelmed in large groups and public places. However, empathy works both ways; some empaths influence others with their own emotions.

I’m a sender. I regularly get told I’m a “calming influence”, largely due to my natural state of calm rubbing off on other people. However, when I’m livid over something political or upset over someone’s passing, everyone I come into contact feels the same as me. This applies even when they have no interest in my political issues, aren’t told what’s going on, or haven’t met the person who’s passed away. As a manager at a bookstore, I watched the moods of my cashiers sour rapidly when I showed up to work with a fake smile to hide my anger; I had to consciously reign myself in to remove the “dark cloud” I’d brought in with me.

All of that aside, empathy can lead to healing skill. The ability to alter or influence the moods of others can be used as you described, to calm nerves or lift moods out of depression. With practice and focus, any sender can learn to guide others out of emotionally troubling situations.

As for the posibility that you’re taking in some illness, there is some precedent. In shamanic healing, the healer sometimes takes the negative energies of an illness (emotional or physical) into themselves. However, part of their process is to have a safe removal method, such as sending the energies into flames to purify or grounding for 24 hours after the healing in a focused ritual of self-purification. Either way, they have a pre-planned method of purification to avoid any residual damage or illness from their healings.

If you feel you may be taking in some negativity from your interactions with those you’re helping, you may want to look into methods of purging, cleansing, and grounding. Consider these options:

* Take a cleansing bath. Add salt and various cleansing herbs (lavender is a favorite of mine) to soak out the negativity. You can combine this with soothing music, or even add candles charged for cleansing or positivity.
* Do a cleansing ritual. If you’re into doing larger rituals with circles, elements, and all the bells and whistles, then consider a self-cleansing ritual. Ask each element to cleanse your being: Air for the mind, Fire for the spirit, Water for the emotions, and Earth for the body.
* Ground and center. Find a grounding method that works for you. One super easy option is to “hug a tree”. When you’re feeling energetically off or dampened, take some time to touch or hug a tree. They have very steady, grounded energies thanks to their roots; they can also take the unwanted energies and send them into the earth to be cleaned and reused. If it feels silly to hug a tree, you can sit at its base and meditate instead; visualize your connection, seeing its roots going deep into the earth.

Lastly, consider the mundane. You may just have a cold; doctors don’t always find the answer. Take a multivitamin, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy meals. The idea “as above, so below” means that you can’t ignore the practical options while seeking magickal solutions.

Blessings, and get well soon,
Larissa Lee

I will be a Wiccan for a Year and a Day and I want to hold a circle with some friends who aren’t Wiccan. I’m just not sure how to do that without freaking them out.

“So in a few weeks I will have been a Wiccan for a year and a day, and I’m really excited about it. I want to hold a circle with a couple friends, but the problem is I don’t have any Wiccan friends! I’d love to gather some people, I’m just not sure how to do so without them thinking Wicca is a bad religion or making them feel as if they’d be defying their own religion. Any suggestions? Blessed be. )O( ~Autumn”


Your options on celebrating your year and a day are limited by your preferences. My first suggestion would be for you to examine what that timeframe means to you. Do you feel like you need to ritually mark its passing, or do you simply feel like celebrating your path so far? What you’re trying to celebrate determines how to go about including others.

The easiest option is to mark the occasional individually in ritual, then celebrate with a group of friends. This allows you to enjoy the energies and happiness of celebration without asking anyone to participate in something they may be uncomfortable with.

Another option is to ask your friends what they think. If they know you’re Wiccan, then they also know Wicca isn’t evil or scary. That means they may be willing to participate in a rite of passage ritual to celebrate your growth with you, at least as witnesses. It would require little of them, leaving the idea of going against their religion as a non-issue; if they don’t feel being friends with a Wiccan is an issue, then they’re unlikely to see minor participation in a celebration as a religious threat. However, if you’re still in the closet about your beliefs, you can’t assume the same leeway.

Early on my path, I celebrated with a trip to the waterpark with friends; they were completely unaware that the day was special for me. Now, over a decade later, I rarely think about how long I’ve been Wiccan; I celebrate personal holidays and success as they come, rather than an anniversary of the same date I dedicated to my path. All in all, you have to examine your personal situation.

Larissa Lee

I was given a Halloween Witch a year ago, I want to give it up, but I can’t seem to let go of it or throw it away. Is there a way to “detach” her energy from me so I can let her part?

“I was given a Halloween Witch over a year ago. I kept her. But now I need the space in my home. It may be time for me to respectfully give her up. She is falling apart too. But every time I think of throwing her away, I can’t. It feels very cold and unfeeling, and I guess I have grown enough of an attachment to her, that keeps me from “throwing” her away. I really have no room in my apt, but the strangeness of the attachment is what has me confused, and won’t allow me to “throw her away” unless I can feel “right” about the way I return her to the energy of the world so to speak. wondering if any one has a suggestion? Thank you”

Items sometimes collect enough energy to develop a personality of their own. You have several options for your Halloween Witch, depending on what feels right to you.

First, you can consider regifting. If her energies are still present and definitive to you, perhaps a new home with another pagan would be a good option. Fix her up, write out her story, and pass her onto another home with another willing Pagan. If you don’t know any local pagans, you could look online for a willing taker. A listing in most forums would find you someone more than happy to help pass on a piece of magical history, however young or old that may be.

Secondly, you can consider a parting ritual. If she is beyond repair, you may want to hold a ritual in which you formally and officially say your goodbyes. You could include a release of all energies contained within her physical form, allowing her to return to the world, as you said. Depending on her construction, you may even find the desire or “push” to create something out of her parts.

A third option would be to ask her. I say this as a third option based on having no knowledge of your personal path or practices. As an animist, I believe that everything has a spirit of some form or another. That said, I would take a journey to the spirit world and see if the spirit within the Halloween Witch was ready to leave. If not, I would ask what she would like done. Does she want to be repair? Passed on? Taken apart or burned? Again, this method may not work for everyone. If you’re not an animist or don’t believe in the spirits of inanimate objects, then trying to contact one would be similar to an atheist praying to God; you may get an answer, but your disbelief will most likely block any potential response.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer

I’m a beginner Pagan and interested in working a few spells; are there certain requirements when casting spells like a circle or pentagram?

“I am a beginner pagan and i would like to know as I am interested in working a few spells that span a different range of categories if there are any certain requirements when casting a draconic type of spell? Also when casting any spells in particular, as i said im a beginner to casting, are there any requirements such as a circle or pentagram?”

Generally speaking, a spell is a small piece of magic done with or without casting a circle, calling deities, or using any traditional tools. A spell can be a chant said to the moon or a candle burning to eat up negativity in a room. A ritual is a more formal type of magic; often, rituals include a structure of casting circle, calling energies, doing your magic, and then releasing what was called. In a ritual, you may include a spell between simply celebrating the season or acknowledging the full moon.

By a “draconic” spell, I’m assuming you mean a spell using dragon energies. In that case, I would strongly suggest further research on your end before any attempts. A wise adage would be “don’t call up what you can’t put down”, or don’t work with things you don’t fully understand. As a beginner pagan, it would be wise to learn as much as you can about the mechanics of energywork, spellcasting, and focus before attempting any magic.

Spells take on many forms, often based on their intent. A spell to send a message might involve toss a paper into the air, as Air is associated with communication. A spell to calm turbulent moods might include saying a chant while in the shower, as Water is associated with emotions and balance. Spells are simply the actions you use to direct your energies toward a goal.

I would suggest taking a look at the Wicca 101 list here. Several of the titles include a chapter or section on spell writing and technique. I especially recommend suggestion [7] Earth Power and Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Scott Cunningham. Both books are focused on natural spells, as opposed to full-blown rituals as found in some pagan books. I would also suggest practicing spells such as self-balance and inner peace on yourself; while it may seem less than exciting, the chances of harm or misdirected energies are much smaller while you learn to raise and direct energy toward a focused goal.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer

My girlfriend and I bonded ourselves by blood. We have been separated for five years before she found me again. I have not been able to rid myself of her presence and have hoped that one day she’d be back in my life.

“At a young age of 14. A girlfriend and I decided that we would bond ourselves by blood. At the time we were both innocents. We both cut our arms open until we bled enough to place our cuts together. I believe that it was later that day or the next day, she cut her arm open again and let me drink blood straight from her body. We have not seen each other in 5 years before she found me two weeks ago with a phone call. I have not been able to rid myself of her presence, then when she called me I was so relieved that she is back in my life. We did no chanting blood ritual or any of that. We asked each other before we combined our blood if we were sure we wanted to combine ourselves. We both felt that we were destined for each other, as well as over the years I had hoped that we would be back together. I still feel that we are destined for each other. We did not study, though we felt spiritually connected before the blood bond.


Blood magic is a simple, yet extremely powerful field of practice. Blood carries nourishment to our cells, literally moving our lifeforce through our bodies. That said, let me clarify a few issues.

Blood bonding has been a popular practice for centuries. Most often we see it between adolescent friends who, having already formed tight bonds, choose to cemete those with the exchange of blood via a small cut. While your intent was far more romantically inclined, it does match the same concept and practice; think of it on par with a pinky-promise to stay together forever, rather than a signed-and-sealed oath.

That said, you may want to take a moment to reflect. With or without a blood bond, there are often people in our lives who we connect to on a deeper level. Connection doesn’t necessarily mean destiny, however. There are people who enter our lives to fill a need, teach a lesson, or guide us from one point to another; when we fail to learn or move on the first time, they’re sometimes brought back to facilitate the lesson again until we catch on.

Take time to meditate on your relationship. Examine its purpose and health, as well as its emotional, mental, and spiritual effects on you. This connection may provide a deep lesson you need in this life; open yourself to receive it.


Larissa Le
Guest Writer

I have a natural vast of energy and cannot use or touch crystals without my energy going crazy. Is this a clash of energies with the crystals or something else?

“I’ve found that I absolutely cannot use crystals or even touch/look at them without my energy and spirit freaking out and going haywire. I’ve always had a naturally vast store of energy, both spiritual and mundane, and I can call upon natural energy easily. In many ways I’ve always felt like a living battery, so I’m wondering if I’m having an energy clash with the crystal? I get this mild pain in my fingers and begin to feel queasy if I even look at a crystal. So, is this common/rare, and what are your thoughts? Thank you.


With crystals and stones being a common piece of pagan practicies, I can understand your curiosity about your energetic reaction. I personally have a similar issue. When I pick up crystals in the store, I get a painful tingle up my arm until I set them back down. On the other hand, I can pick up rocks by the creek without an issue.

This can be seen a few ways. First, many crystals we find in stores are harvested in less-than-positive ways. Perhaps the negative energies caused by ripping them from the earth leave some of us more sensitive to their residue? Second, sometimes an element or type of energy “bites” us as a hint that we’re ignoring something important. Have you worked with the energies of earth in particular, or use a stone in energy work? Lastly, all items pick up energy from whoever they contact. Crystals are notoriously fondled and admired by a large number of strangers; you may be finding yourself sensitive to their residual energies, rather than those of the crystals themselves.

The best way to determine which is the case would be through controlled experimentation. Try working with your birthstone, or ask someone to cleanse a crystal for you before you touch it. As I said, I’ve found that “free range” stones and crystals cause me no discomfort. See if you can find your personal trigger and ways to work with (or around) it.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer

I’m in the broom closet and I’m interested in potions, but can’t find anything on creating them! What can I do?

“I’ve slowly been practicing over the span of 5 years this coming August. I took time to study Gods and several higher beings, herbs, stones, spells, several different paths and ancient civilizations and their believes, and so much lore and myth it’s scarce to find anything in school I come across I haven’t read about yet. But here is my problem: no matter where I look I can find absolutely nothing on how to create potions. I know there are several things that fall into that category and I use the word potion as an umbrella for those. But I simply cannot find a place to help me get started or know where to start. The trickier thing is I’m the only practitioner in my household and still in the broom closet! What can I do?


Studying and practicing while still in the broom closet can be difficult. The good news is that you know more about potions than you realize!

Potions vary in method, but they’re essentially teas and oil blends made with magical intent. Ingredients are chosen for their magical properties, mixed with a carrier such as water or oil, and then charged for their magical purpose. It’s really that simple!

From personal experience, I can say that a potion made from your spice cabinet at home is just as powerful as a potion made with fancy and exotic ingredients that cost you an arm and a leg. Simplicity is also best. When making a recipe, think of it as you would a tea; too many flavors can muddle the pot.

Researching aromatherapy or herbal tea remedies will help you find more detailed information on various methods and recipes, while appearing more normal than a collection of Pagan books on herbal magic.

Larissa Lee
Guest Writer

Become a writer at Ask a Pagan!

Blessings all,

Ask a Pagan is looking for two or three writers to answer questions for the next few months while I take a leave-of-absence to work on research! I wish I had the time I did in the past, but I don’t and I’ve been slacking with replies to questions, and I apologize sincerely!

So instead of shutting Ask a Pagan down, I just need some talented, experienced practitioners to fill my spot until my return! I need two or three great people with a minimum of three years of practice (when I say practice, I mean the period after your initial learning and 101-training). Because I get a lot of questions for a myriad of topics like beginning the craft, spells, dreams, divination, empathy, spirits, and any other topic that has to do with the craft, I need more than one person who “specializes” in one or more of these areas.

So if you’re interested in becoming “Intrim-Ask a Pagan,” please fill out the form below and submit it!

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