I was given a Halloween Witch a year ago, I want to give it up, but I can’t seem to let go of it or throw it away. Is there a way to “detach” her energy from me so I can let her part?

“I was given a Halloween Witch over a year ago. I kept her. But now I need the space in my home. It may be time for me to respectfully give her up. She is falling apart too. But every time I think of throwing her away, I can’t. It feels very cold and unfeeling, and I guess I have grown enough of an attachment to her, that keeps me from “throwing” her away. I really have no room in my apt, but the strangeness of the attachment is what has me confused, and won’t allow me to “throw her away” unless I can feel “right” about the way I return her to the energy of the world so to speak. wondering if any one has a suggestion? Thank you”

Items sometimes collect enough energy to develop a personality of their own. You have several options for your Halloween Witch, depending on what feels right to you.

First, you can consider regifting. If her energies are still present and definitive to you, perhaps a new home with another pagan would be a good option. Fix her up, write out her story, and pass her onto another home with another willing Pagan. If you don’t know any local pagans, you could look online for a willing taker. A listing in most forums would find you someone more than happy to help pass on a piece of magical history, however young or old that may be.

Secondly, you can consider a parting ritual. If she is beyond repair, you may want to hold a ritual in which you formally and officially say your goodbyes. You could include a release of all energies contained within her physical form, allowing her to return to the world, as you said. Depending on her construction, you may even find the desire or “push” to create something out of her parts.

A third option would be to ask her. I say this as a third option based on having no knowledge of your personal path or practices. As an animist, I believe that everything has a spirit of some form or another. That said, I would take a journey to the spirit world and see if the spirit within the Halloween Witch was ready to leave. If not, I would ask what she would like done. Does she want to be repair? Passed on? Taken apart or burned? Again, this method may not work for everyone. If you’re not an animist or don’t believe in the spirits of inanimate objects, then trying to contact one would be similar to an atheist praying to God; you may get an answer, but your disbelief will most likely block any potential response.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer


My husband and I would like to do a Wiccaning for our daughter. She will be turning one in March. I can’t find any information on Wiccanings. Should we write our own? Where do we start?

“My husband and I would like to do a Wiccaning for our daughter. She will be turning one in March. I can’t find any information on Wiccanings. Should we write our own? Where do we start?”


What a beautiful thing! Wiccanings, like Wicca, is still a fairly new concept. As far as I know, most Wiccanings are preformed within a coven. However, that doesn’t mean solitary practitioners can’t perform them! From what I can remember, I haven’t come across much about Wiccanings in my readings over the years very much – just a few references here and there.

With that said, I’d recommend you write your own ritual. Just like a Baptism or even wedding vows, you make and recite oaths, promises, and prayers to protect, heal, and comfort. I can’t imagine the ritual format would be any different from any normal ritual; casting the circle, calling the energies/deities, elements/directions, etc.

Be as creative as you want. Make something for your daughter to give or put on her during the ritual – this can be anything, a bracelet or a necklace, or even a sachet. Create a special spell or poem to recite to her every night. Maybe even make her a dolly.

Be simple. Unless you want to be elaborate about it. Either way, the outcome is still the same. Words from the heart are words she’ll remember!


Blessed Be

Is there any danger in casting more than one spell for pain? Would using multiple spells make them ineffective or cause more pain?

“I’m a McFarland Dianic Wiccan and I don’t use spells often but I’m in a lot of pain nowadays and I really am looking for help from anywhere. I suffer from a subcutaneous nerve entrapment which causes hypersensitivity in my left knee and most of my left high. my question is, if I do use magick to help my pain is there any danger in casting more than one spell on it? by danger I mean will using multiple spells make them ineffective? or worse, cause me even more pain?”


Casting multiple spells for the same cause can sometimes result as if you just casted one spell. It’s like painting a wall the same color over and over – regardless of how many times you paint it, the color isn’t going to change or get darker. So instead of doing multiple spells, you can just focus and concentrate your whole energy into one big spell.

Other than spells, herbs, yoga, tai chi, Reiki, and other ancient forms of healing can also help. I’ve found Tai Chi to be completely liberating and enlightening. And Reiki is a great practice for relaxation and healing.


Blessed Be

Will you be celebrating Lammas this year?

I’ve been looking around for some cleansing rituals and I’m finding all the confusing ones. Could you point me in the right direction? I need to cleanse all this negative energy that’s been sapping me.

“I’ve been looking around for some cleansing rituals and I’m finding all the confusing ones. Could you point me in the right direction? I need to cleanse all this negative energy that’s been sapping me.”

Cleansing can be as simple as lighting a bundle of sage and banishing all negativity or an entire elaborate ritual. I’d go with the simple sage stick – it’s simple, easy, and very effective. With the sage, simply light it and go around your house or area and say a simple chant like “I cleanse and consecrate this area to banish all negativity, evil and harm.”

I don’t usually give out spells, because to each their own, and because of how personal a spell needs to be, but…

For a more ritualistic setting, in a bowl of blessed water, add salt, sage, and mandrake (or linden). Dip your fingers in the water and “splash” the water in areas where you feel there is a negative presence and say:

I cast you out from this place,
this is your poison, this is your fate.

I cast you out from this place,
into the ground, into no place.

I cast you out from high and low,
this is my will and I command you to go!

You can also use the ingredients for a powder, but without the water and replace it with ground frankincense or sandalwood, and sprinkle it outside doors and windows.

For more of a self-purification or cleanse, start a meditation. Clear your mind and concentrate on ridding of all the negative energies from yourself. Light a white candle and say:

Mother Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit,
I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies

Light a black candle and say:

Mother Earth, FIre, Air, Water, and Spirit
I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative energies.
So mote it be!

Feel yourself being cleansed of all negativity. See it leave your body. Invision white, positive light and energy filling your body.

And instead of any spell or ritual, a simpler way is to meditate – conjure up and hold your energy into this sphere or ball and let it go when you’re ready into this “blast” taking all negativity away with it.

Blessed Be