I’m a beginner Pagan and interested in working a few spells; are there certain requirements when casting spells like a circle or pentagram?

“I am a beginner pagan and i would like to know as I am interested in working a few spells that span a different range of categories if there are any certain requirements when casting a draconic type of spell? Also when casting any spells in particular, as i said im a beginner to casting, are there any requirements such as a circle or pentagram?”

Generally speaking, a spell is a small piece of magic done with or without casting a circle, calling deities, or using any traditional tools. A spell can be a chant said to the moon or a candle burning to eat up negativity in a room. A ritual is a more formal type of magic; often, rituals include a structure of casting circle, calling energies, doing your magic, and then releasing what was called. In a ritual, you may include a spell between simply celebrating the season or acknowledging the full moon.

By a “draconic” spell, I’m assuming you mean a spell using dragon energies. In that case, I would strongly suggest further research on your end before any attempts. A wise adage would be “don’t call up what you can’t put down”, or don’t work with things you don’t fully understand. As a beginner pagan, it would be wise to learn as much as you can about the mechanics of energywork, spellcasting, and focus before attempting any magic.

Spells take on many forms, often based on their intent. A spell to send a message might involve toss a paper into the air, as Air is associated with communication. A spell to calm turbulent moods might include saying a chant while in the shower, as Water is associated with emotions and balance. Spells are simply the actions you use to direct your energies toward a goal.

I would suggest taking a look at the Wicca 101 list here. Several of the titles include a chapter or section on spell writing and technique. I especially recommend suggestion [7] Earth Power and Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Scott Cunningham. Both books are focused on natural spells, as opposed to full-blown rituals as found in some pagan books. I would also suggest practicing spells such as self-balance and inner peace on yourself; while it may seem less than exciting, the chances of harm or misdirected energies are much smaller while you learn to raise and direct energy toward a focused goal.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer


I’ve been having recurring dreams that three women are trying to kill me with a dagger. They say it’s for “her,” that “she protects us.” Could you help me clarify my dreams?

“Hello I’ve been have some very strange recurring dreams. I’ll explain what happens in them,

I walk into a store where a very pretty woman greets me. As I walk around the store I can feel she’s watching me but I turn to see she’s looking out the door. There is ALWAYS a barrel of cheese in the corner that I go to (I don’t know why I go to it because I really hate cheese) and I turn around and see the lady that greeted me and two others. She smiles at me and explains how she likes me and then says, “we need to kill you now.”

And the first time I had the dream I thought it was just a simple nightmare.

After she said that one of the three women grabs a huge black dagger from another room. On the hilt I can’t tell, but there was a pentagram either rightside up or upside down. Then the two who haven’t said anything grab my arms. Then the woman who grabs my left arm says something about “the tree” and how she can sense something on me. I try to get away by hair pulling stomping on feet but they don’t move at all. The pretty woman with the dagger says, “just stop trying it’s for ‘her,’ ‘she’ protects us.” Then she raises the dagger and I wake up.

I don’t really understand my dreams because it involves a human sacrifice, I’ve never hear of a human sacrifice in any pagan rituals, and it kind of scares me. Can you help me clarify my strange dreams?”


Let’s begin by saying that dreams are a repetition of one’s day, things that are occurring in one’s life, and are representative of thoughts, desires, fears, etc…When one dreams the same dream over and over and over again, one needs to ask themselves “what is this dream trying to tell me?” “What message am I to take from this” “Is there a warning in this dream or does this dream have a deeper meaning?”  You can choose to ask one of these questions or answer all of them.  What is going on in your life right now?  Do you see any resemblance to things that are occurring, have a occurred, or are ongoing in your life?  Does this dream scare you?  If it does, then you need to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”  Often times, people dream of death/sacrifice and automatically think the worst, however, that being said, let’s get into they symbols of your dream, the meaning or possible meanings in your dream and you can draw your conclusion from there.

The Store: Is this a store you are familiar with?  Do you frequent this store? Does this specific location hold something for you?  What type of store is it, for example, is it a department store, a jewelery store, a grocery store?  If it is a department store, it could be referencing financial affairs, profit or loss, making deals etc.  If it s a hardware store, if could mean that you are in need of some self-improvement, building new beginnings etc.  Health food stores often depict the need for focus on your own health, state of well-being.  A store can mean so much, you may be lacking in a supply of mental, emotional, or physical needs.

The cheese: You stated that you hate cheese….why?  What is it about cheese that you don’t like?  Take that into consideration and go from there….what does cheese represent to you and why.  Most will say that cheese may not mean the “food” in a dream, but rather your need to smile, your psyche’s need for inner happiness and smiling…(I just got the feeling that you do not like to smile…or show much emotion outwardly), that being aside, it could also mean that you are having and influx of wholesome ideas and that you are ignoring them…bottling them up…let them be free….explore your ideas.

The women:  There are three women, do you have any idea the ages of the women?  The number three, when referring to women in this sense could mean the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, who, by the way, are very loving and forgiving.  Three is a number that represents the trinity in many religions be it Wicca, Christianity, Catholicism etc…, it is a number of strength, completion, and creativity.  Think back into the dream and see if you notice any other form of pattern in numbers, how things appear.  I would also like to know if these women are women you are familiar with or women that you know well.  Do you feel a connection with these women and explore that aspect…who does each, or what does each woman represent to you?  How did the women make you feel? Nervous, happy, safe, comfortable, uneasy…?

“We need to kill you now”: This being said in a dream…do you have any form of dark, lingering issue that is plaguing you, that you need to let go of, that you are letting consume you?  How did you feel when these words were said?  Explore those emotions and then ask yourself why.

The dagger:  Was this a knife with two sharp sides that comes to a point?  What is a curved knife with a white handle? or was this a single sided knife, like you’d find in a kitchen?  In Wicca and some other Pagan religions, there is an “Athame”, this is a double sided knife that is solely used for the purpose of cutting “air” for symbolic use and is NEVER used for actual cutting.  Any knife is a masculine symbol and often, in society today, has a negative connotation of it being “deadly”, however it could also mean that it is cutting through falsities, half-truths, on its way to discover the meat and potatoes of a situation.  A curved knife, in some religions is called a boline, it is used ritually for cutting foods and fruits.  Go back into the dream and explore your feelings when seeing this tool.

The pentagram: This is yet another tool used on an altar.  This symbol represents all of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.  It has always been regarded as mystical, magical and very human.  It could represent the number 5.  5 senses, the five wounds of Christ, the 5 elements, the 5 virtues of a knight.  There are many good associations with this sacred symbol.  Cut an apple in half from side to side and it is a pentagram of seeds…Be it right side up or upside down, one needs to understand that in Wicca, and upside down pentagram signifies a second degree Wiccan, this is based on that person’s amount of study done in the Craft.  It has long been believed to be a symbol of protection against evil, and conflict.  If it was truly upside down, there is the possibility that it is telling you to face the darkness within and deal with the issues at hand or they will rear their ugly head again.

“The Tree”:  Just this being said could mean so much….I would like for you to go back into your dream and find out more on this part (I will tell you how at the end of this interpretation).  Just the tree, could mean the tree of life.  The tree of life is a symbol of “As above, so below”, it could mean you need to be grounded or get grounded and centered, which could mean why the women were holding you in place.  They could be telling you to ground yourself become the tree, dig your roots into the Earth and feel grounded.

Fighting: the fact that you were fighting the women and they were unaffected, means that you are fighting the change…whatever it is in your life that is changing, you do not want to let go of old ways, old thoughts, and/or old behaviors…the women would not let you go as you had to become grounded in order to accept the change, to fully understand the change that is going on within your mind, body, and soul.

With the last part of it being “for her”, who do you feel it is for?  Do you feel that the Maiden, Mother, Crone in you are trying to help you free yourself from some invisible bonds?  Do you believe that you are fighting with yourself, arguing with yourself, though you know it is a losing battle?

*The key to remember is that not everything in a dream is so literal, just because you see a sacrifice does not mean someone is actually being killed…it is obvious that there could be other issues occurring in your life that could be affecting your dreams.

Now, the final thing to do….CONTROL your dreams.  You have to realize that they are your dreams and you have ultimate control.  You can ask questions, find meanings and even change your dreams with a little practice.  The next time you go to sleep, deliberately think of this dream, meditate upon it, when you enter the dream, you will be able to control what happens, you will be more aware of your surroundings, the sounds, the emotions, the feel, you may get names, remember features of faces, you will see things you didn’t realize you could remember.  Immediately upon waking, journal it.  I am a huge fan of journaling and it can lead to many revelations.


Good luck to you and Bright Blessings
Selu Haruspex

Can I wear someone else’s pentacle? If I do, will I get cursed?

“Can I wear someone else’s pentacle? if I do, will I get cursed?


Dear Hannah,

No, you won’t get cursed, exactly. However, you could attract some bad mojo to yourself that might be associated with the pentacle. Any personal item of yours or someone else’s always hold their energy – that energy could be positive or negative, so it could affect you in different ways.

The best thing to do, if you insist on wearing it, is to cleanse it and charge it with your own energy. Do a simple cleanse of the pentacle by cleansing it through flame, incense smoke, water, and salt (or sand). You may chant a simple chant to help you focus cleansing any negative energies from the pentacle. After you’ve cleansed it, charge it with your energy so that you can release any last drops of anyone else’s energy and fill it with yours.

After you’ve managed to cleanse and charge it, you may wear it. You can also bless it under the moon and/or sun before you wear it, but that’s not necessary.

Blessed Be

I’m going back to school next week, and I plan on wearing my pentacle necklace, but I’m afraid that it will just give bullies more of me to make fun of or insult. Do you think it’s a mistake to wear my pentacle to openly?

“I’m going back to school next week, and I plan on wearing my pentacle necklace, but I’m afraid that it will just give bullies more of me to make fun of or insult. I’ve been a victim of their teasing all my life, and I want to be open about my religion and perhaps bust a few myths about Wicca that some may believe in. Do you think it’s a mistake to wear my pentacle to openly?”

Simple answer: Yes. If you’re already a victim of bullying, then why would you want to put yourself in an even bigger spotlight? Wicca has a practice of “being silent,” and sure you might want to debunk a few myths about the Craft, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of being teased and bullied. The only time during your educational career when it’s okay and somewhat safe to openly wear a pentacle is in college.

As for right now. Keep it to yourself. Wear it under your shirt. If it happens to fall out or if someone sees it and asks questions, then by all means explain. But don’t bring more unnecessary attention to yourself unless you want to face the consequences.

Don’t feel like you have to show off your religion to be open about it. There are other ways, especially for the Craft. Wearing crystals, herb or flower sachets – Crafts of the Craft; and if someone asks about it, tell them what it is, but at least that way you won’t have the tittle “evil witch” and be bullied at the same time. Don’t intentionally get into harms way. Being bullied is a scaring experience, so don’t feed their ignorance.


Blessed Be

I’m not Pagan – I’m an open-minded Christian. I wear an upright Pentacle; is it okay for me to wear is even though I’m not Pagan?

“I’m not pagan, Im an open minded Christian; but I have this odd fascination with Wicca & Paganism. I dont nessesarily want to convert; I just find it so interesting. I came across an upright silver pentacle with blue diamonds in it. I can’t remember where I got it but I love wearing it; it’s beautiful. Is it okay for me to wear it even though I am not pagan? Many Blessings, Asher”

Dear Asher (is that your real name? That’s an awesome name!),

I wish more people were as open-minded as you are. The simple answer to y our question: Yes. It’s perfectly okay to wear a pentacle.

Ancient historians have actually found scriptures that before Jesus was crucified, his followers represented him with a pentagram. It wasn’t until some years after his crucifixion that Christians started using the Cross.

Anyway. It’s perfectly okay to wear a pentacle. Just because you wear it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re representing it. I see people wearing Stars of David, the Egyptian Cross, Eye of Horus, the Om, etc., but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re that religion. Being religious doesn’t always mean being religious about your one only religion – Religion is about personal beliefs, so it’s okay to incorporate symbols, certain beliefs, etc. into your own spirituality.

Many Pagans and Wiccans wear the Cross. Perhaps to hide their own religion, or because they grew up Christian and still feel a connection with it. Being connected or have an interest in something from a different religion doesn’t hurt your own whatsoever. I think if anything, you’re supporting a cause; a cause of tolerance and open-mindedness. And that’s pretty amazing. For someone who isn’t Pagan to support, understand, and explain Paganism in a positive light, it’s one step closer for everyone to eventually feel and see the same way.

Blessed Be,

Is it better to follow someone else’s ritual or create/ modify your own?

“Is it better to follow someone else’s ritual or create/ modify your own? That and do you have a tutorial on those rainbow pentagrams made out of ribbon (Photo posted on Tumblr) ? I’d really like to make some ~ Thank you- Rit-chan”

Dear Rit-Chan,

It’s “better” to create your own rituals, but modifying someone else’s also works. The power of the ritual isn’t with the words you speak, but with the energy, concentration, and visualizing you give out. You can do ritual without even saying a single word and it would still be just as effective as a long, wordy, elaborate ritual. The words we say in spells and rituals are just a guide to help us focus on the intent and purpose of the ritual, not to make them stronger. What makes spells and rituals “stronger” in a sense, is if you use any tools (crystals, herbs, etc.).

When I first started practicing, I used the rituals and spells I could find. Then I “upgraded” by changing some of the words and steps. And finally fully creating my own. You can use others’ rituals and spells as a template, as far as word use, structure, rhyming, etc. That’s usually the case with a lot of people.

As far at those rainbow pentagrams: I did make some. And it was fairly easy. If you have a crafts store near, or even a Target or Walmart, you might be able to find something that is small and circle made out of metal or hard plastic. You can even use a key ring. Use thin ribbon. To start, shape out the pentagram on the ring (you can either do this first or last, depending on how you want it to look). You can use glue to hold the points down. Then from top all the way around, weave the ribbon around the ring until you get back to the top. Cut it off and glue it down. And there you go! At least this is how I made mine, I’m sure the original tutorial is somewhat similar.

Blessed Be,