I have been trying meditation and reading everything I can get my hands on, but I have never felt a connection to any of the pantheons. Besides reading and meditation do you have any recommendations on how to figure out where I should look? Or what I should try next?”

“For the past couple of years I have been feeling a pull to pagan religions. I have been trying meditation and reading everything I can get my hands on, but I have never felt a connection to any of the pantheons. Besides reading and meditation do you have any recommendations on how to figure out where I should look? Or what I should try next?”


The pace you move at and what you want to do next is always up to you. Being, or trying to connect to a pantheon is not vital to Paganism. Think of deities as tools (in a non-offensive way). They’re simply channels to help grow and expand the energy you put into a spell or ritual like a crystal or an object would do. What is everything on a Witch’s altar? The candles, herbs, incense, crystals, stones, wand, etc.? They’re tools. Why? To help you enhance, focus, and direct your energy and concentration. Deities serve the same purpose. They don’t give you the power, they simple help you with yours.

It’s easier to find a connection with a pantheon or deity if you call out for them instead of you trying to go out and find them. Through meditation you can do this, simply by releasing energy for a callback. Sometimes something will come up shortly after, sometimes it’ll take a couple of tries. But as I mentioned, it’s not always necessary to feel the need to have to have a connection to a pantheon or deity. Pagan practices are personal and for personal and spiritual growth, with or without the help of tools.

For the longest time I was extremely drawn to the Egyptian pantheon, Anubis specifically. I was obsessed with ancient Egyptian culture, religion, and practices – the Gods and Goddesses fascinated me. Anubis was my God. But then I got older and heavier, more logical knowledge came to me, and Anubis and I drifted apart. I can say I have a connection with at least one God/dess from every pantheon, but the worship of deities is a very Witchcraft/Wicca thing. The Universe is my God now. The Sun and Moon are the gatekeepers that keep the World, our Mother, alive.

It’ll come to you. One day it’ll hit you and you’ll answer your own question when you realize what you’re really seeking.


Blessed Be


How do you find your gods? I think it would be strange for me to get involved with deities of other cultures.

“Hey! How do you find your gods? I think it would be strange for me to get involved with deities of other cultures. I’m unsure about deities worshiped by my far- flung ancestors too because, again, different culture! I just have this need to belong I think.”


Finding a deity is a personal experience. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved with deities of other cultures? Are you from an American culture? Do you know any American deities? That’s right, there are none. If you were raised Christian, Jesus would been considered your deity and he wasn’t of your culture. There’s always SOMETHING in our everyday lives that isn’t from or apart of our culture; whether it be the place you live, school you go to, car you drive, food you eat – everything is from somewhere that isn’t from where you are.

Even if you did find a deity of your culture, if it isn’t American, what makes you think that’ll give you a sense of belonging? If you do find a deity of your culture, you might not be able to connect with them on a spiritual or emotional path. Just because two things are the same, doesn’t mean they’re compatible.

Many people that practice the Craft and worship a personal deity are almost always from different cultures and pantheons. Egyptian and Greek being the most popular. You can research several different pantheons and Gods/Goddesses and see if anyone sparks your interest. If so, start a circle and being ritual to call them to join you. This is your chance to “get to know them” and see what feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. come up, and if they even like you. Often a sense of getting the chills occur when they “arrive” and sometimes when answering questions.

Another way to find your deity is through meditation. While meditating and going to your special place, you can send out an energy call for a deity to come to you. The same way you would call out for your spirit guide, but this time for a God. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get a visual or a name, or any other indication of who they are.


Blessed Be

I’ve been interested in Wicca for many years, but I don’t necessarily believe or practice everything in Wicca, does that still make me Wiccan? And can I use Norse Gods for my deities?

“I have been extremely interested in Wicca for eight years now; I love the spirituality, the love for nature, the use of runes and stones… I don’t believe in ALL of it, but I don’t think that should keep me from wanting to call myself a Wiccan, should it? I’m also wondering about the deities used in Wicca; I don’t feel that strongly drawn towards Celtic deities my friends have told me about. Is it possible to use other figures (like Norse Gods) as deities (I’m strongly drawn to them) in Wicca?”

The thing about Wicca is that a lot of people don’t really have a full understanding of it, even those who’ve been practicing it for years. If you Google “what is wicca” you’re going to come upon websites made by everyday people explaining what Wicca is to THEM, so you’re going to get multiple different answers. Wicca itself is a very new religion. With its own set of guidelines and rules and how-to’s for specific things. Wicca’s official deities are the God (Sun/Sky) and Goddess (Moon/Earth) (Also known as Duotheistic Wicca). But you then also have Monotheistic Wiccans who believe that the God and Goddess are dual aspect of one “creator.” And then you have Polytheistic Wiccans who believe in multiple Gods and Goddesses and pantheons.

Whatever you want to call these different things or beliefs, the basis of Wicca is that there is dual belief in a masculine and feminine deity.

Many Wiccans may also work with different Gods and different pantheons at the same time. If your friend is telling you Wicca only follows Celtic deities, then they need to go educate themselves.

Wicca has a basic “this is what Wicca is and these are the basic rules” thing going on, the rest is up to you and what you want to take in or out – for the most part. Other than the masculine/feminine deity, Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede “If it harms none, do what ye will.” And the practice of Magick in attempt to alter the natural world and alter mental and material conditions.

You have to remember that Wicca is a religion, so it has it’s basic layout set pretty much. Paganism, on the other hand, is more of a personal, self-path making. Many will say Paganism and Wicca is the same thing or have the same beliefs, practices, etc. From an angle, it may seem like it. I have my own definition of what Paganism is, just like everyone else – but it’s not a Wiccan religion.

So to simplify everything and answer your question simply… Yes. You can use the Norse Gods in your practice.

Blessed Be