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When I was younger I was in a relationship with someone who was beginning to practice and open himself up spiritually. We preformed blood sex magick together to form a bond. I want to open myself up spiritually again but I get flooded by him every time I do. Suggestions?

“I’ve always been rather empathic towards people, but I’ve also grown up learning how to block it out. My mother got me into meditation early and things like that to help me learn to control it… However when I was younger I was in a relationship with someone who was beginning to practice and open himself up spiritually. We preformed blood sex magick together to form a bond. I want to open myself up spiritually again but I get flooded by him every time I do. Suggestions?”

Blood sex magick, ‘eh? Don’t you think that’s rather binding? If you read some ancient history books about cults, the occult, and some religious organizations, the only way to break a blood bond between two people is to kill one of them. But… Since murder is illegal in the 21st century, we’ll have to find alternative ways.

Traditionally with any magick that has to do with blood, blood has to spill from all parties that performed the magick. Blood is the ultimate bond in magick and there’s really no way around it or to unbind it. In some occult books, the raising of demons and spirits to command them to break that bond may be an option, but there’s always payback and consequences you have to think about – none you’d want to afford to attempt.

So, you’re just going to have to do it the hard way with meditation, herbs and crystals. Regularly cleansing and balancing your Chakras can help you be able to open up yourself again without the worry of him. Danburite crystals are great crystals for relieving emotional pain and increasing acceptance for one’s self and others. This crystal can connect your heart and mind.

Meditate or sleep in a circle of crystals and gems. Visualize yourself in this sphere. Visualize the sphere absorbing this blockage from you and releasing you to openness. Create a charm or something that you can charm and bless. An item, crystal or stone that you can bless to absorb any negativity and keep the flow of openness and positivity within you. When trying to perform anything, don’t think about why you can’t be open to this. Don’t even think of your past blood sex magick, that’s just causing more blockage and holding you back – pretend it never happened. Open yourself to the Universe completely. Free yourself. Forget the past and just see yourself being opened and free by radient light and positivity.

This is going to be like a bad experience with something, the more you hold on to it, the more it’s going to hold you back. It’s one of those “you need to get over it” things so you can move on and have new, better experiences to forget about the past.


Blessed Be

Can I be a Christian Wiccan? I want to make my family happy and still believe in God. Can I be Wiccan while still maintaining the core Christian values?

“I come from a heavy catholic family but have always felt some sort of attachment to the wiccan religion. My grandmother told me that she supported me as long as I was happy and still believed in God but my mom well… thats another story. How can I comfortably enter the wiccan faith while still maintaining the core christian values?”


There are many people out there that call themselves “Wiccan Christians.” Those who worship Jesus and the Saints as deities, but also still do magick and everything else associated with Wicca. Unfortunately, there can’t be such a thing. Wicca and Christianity can’t be more different. It’s like trying to say that you’re pregnant dog is going to have kittens because the dog and cat “got together.”

Truth is, you have a decision to make. Christianity has made it clear that Witchcraft is a no-no. The beliefs, practices, and values of life are completely different. There’s almost nothing that is similar for them to even TRY to make them work together. The concept of the Christian God alone is enough to see the difference. Wicca clearly believes and worships the Gracious Lady and Mighty Lord; the God and Goddess. And Christianity clearly states that it’s a sin to believe in and worship more than one God.

Many will probably disagree and state that it is possible to be a “Wiccan Christian.” But you just can’t mix two very, very completely religions together. You don’t meet people calling themselves “Christian Muslims,” or “Jewish Buddhists.” People might try to implement two religions to satisfy their family, friends, and culture. But doing so, they can be Christian to their Christian family, and Wiccan to their Wiccan friends. Doing so keeps them “safe” from shunning, bashing, and neglect.

However, when it comes to symbolism, many witches and Occultist use the Cross and Star of David symbols in rituals and magick. Many “big” rituals, usually in spirit contacting rituals and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram/Hexagram (LBRP/H), Jewish and Kabbalah symbolism, rites, incantations, and the use of God’s many names, and angels, are implemented into the ritual. So it is possible to use something like to try and “mix” religions, but occultist don’t worship these “other religion’s” deities, just use them in their practice and ritual. So you may summon Jesus or the Virgin Mary, or any other Saint, into your practice, but you don’t have to be Christian to do so.

It’s not that you don’t have to believe in Jesus, Saints, or the Angles. These beings at one point or another, have existed. So you don’t exactly have to deny and forget about them completely. You may call upon them in ritual or for guidance. It’s always difficult, especially if you’re young, to just leave your religion that you’ve grown up with. Because it’s really not that easy. You would have to disagree and almost hate your old religion to just be able to quit it. So… If you think it’s a choice that needs to be made NOW, don’t. It’s not. Wicca is about self-development and self-learning, so it could take you years before you really figure things out and find your way. For now, you can be Christian. Believe in God, the Devil, go to Church, etc etc. But also, you can do some not-so-Wiccan things, like meditation, attune with nature, read more.

Move at your own pace. Do what you feel is comfortable. Don’t worry about satisfying the people around you – I know it’s hard not to, but if they truly love you like they’re supposed to, they’ll understand. Trust me, it might take a while, but eventually, they’ll get over it and support and accept you. I came out to my mother when I was 19 or 20, and it took a while for her to come around and just be OKAY with it. After a while, you can start putting some “magickal” stuff out and leaving them there. To a point where your entire altar is visible. Eventually, they’ll start asking questions and be curious about what you’re doing and what exactly you believe in. They just want to be assured that you’re not worshiping the devil and putting curses and hexes on people!

Take it slow. Think long and hard. And just take your time. Everything happens for a reason. The Universe let’s things work out for the good or the bad because it’s the Universe’s way to leading you out the maze and into bliss!

Books on advancing and expanding your magickal knowledge!

This may be an odd looking list, but these are some of the books in my own experience and in my Witchy library that I thought helped me understand a few “advanced” concepts, practices, and new ideas. The list starts out with some basic, everyone-should-read kind of books and ends with a couple of books of the occult.

There are so many books on the market that this list doesn’t even make a dent to some other books that would be considered “advanced.” To me, advanced is more than what you can read from books – it’s a personal growth kind of thing; your own knowledge, practice, and dedication. For example, meditation. Meditation is practically an essential part of any spell work, ritual, or just everyday practice. It seems easy to learn and do, right? For the most part, yes. But what you CAN do IN meditation is the hard part. Trying to visualize and see a whole new life and world is an extremely hard task, and goes beyond just closing your eyes and clearing your mind. We go on these “meditation quests” in order to find our spirit guide or even try to discover our past lives. So advancing is more than what you read, it’s what you do.

My type of “advanced” magick has to do with spirit work, occultism, and evocation. But I won’t list those kinds of books because those aren’t exactly the practical, everyday Wiccan topics and practices that everyone shares. Instead, the first few books are some great books that belong in everyone’s Witchy library, and then it ends with a couple of a more Occult, “high magick” kind of thing.

 1. Divination for Beginners: Reading the Past, Present & Future.

I’m aware this is supposed to be an “advanced” book list, and “beginner” is part of the title. But I believe divination is a tricky and sometimes difficult task, and just because you read some Wicca 101 books doesn’t make you the next big psychic or gypsy in town. To do any type of divination a true understanding of the art needs to be learned first. If you’re trying to read Tarot cards and all you’re doing is reading the definitions out of a book, then you’re not really doing divination – you’re just reading! The meanings of Tarot cards can be broad; each card does have a general definition, but it has to mean something to you as well. Anyway, this book covers a handfull of different types of divination and it’s one of the best resource books you can use.

2. The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan.

It took me a couple of years before I actually decided if I really wanted this book. Before I buy any book, I always look at the table of contents and see what different topics the book will cover – if it covers too many topics that I’m already aware and knowledgable in, then why waste my money? And this was one of those books. However, one day I got the courage and just bought it. Tis isn’t a step-by-step guide “for the advancing Pagan,” but just a more detailed and almost new way of looking at things you may already be aware of.

3. Protection and Reversal Magick (Beyond 101).

This is an excellent book and a must-have/read! Miller covers almost everything you need to know about protection for yourself, home, exorcisms, healing, counter-magick, and more. Miller writes about how you can recognize attack and offers guides to daily practices to protect yourself. Topics also include talismans, charms, and amulets. Spirit guardians and ways to connect with them.

 4. Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications.

Don’t expect to be talking with the dead after reading this book. Though, just like his “Complete Book of Witchcraft” book, this book follows that lesson-type format where each chapter is a “lesson.” The book isn’t telling you HOW to communicate with spirits, but ways you CAN communicate with spirits. It’s a good reference book about the histories of mediumship, spiritualism, channeling, divination, and ways people use to communicate with spirits (talking boards, automatic writing, trance work, etc.). It’s a good book to own if you want to learn the different ways there are to communicate with spirits and a very brief “how-to” guide on doing so.

5. The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites & Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order.

Now here comes the big boys! We’ve all heard, or at least read some sort of reference to the Golden Dawn. This book is definitely NOT a beginner’s book and would most definitely fall into the “advanced” category of magick. If you’ve never read anything of the Golden Dawn, then you’d be completely lost with this book, because it lacks fundamental instructions and ideas and it would assume you knew some knowledge first. If anything, reading Modern Magick by Don Kraig first would be a great start into the world of the Golden Dawn. Otherwise, this is a must-have for any serious magician.

 6. Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Probably one of the hardest reads I’ve ever had to read! (mostly because it’s a HUGE book!). However, this is definitely another book that falls into the “advanced” category. To very many, this is one of the best books on Western Occultism. This book covers so many and broad topics of Occultism. Any Occultist knows the importance of Agrippa’s work, and this is no exception. This isn’t an easy how-to or instructional book. Information is slightly scattered throughout the three books, which is some ways is a good way to learn and absorb information. Anyone whose interested and serious about Occultism, this is a must-have!