I want to do a healing spell tonight for the full moon, but I don’t have any supplies. How can I cast a circle?

“I’ve just gotten into Wicca/witchcraft. I wish to try a simple healing spell tonight because the moon is full. However, I don’t have an altar or any supplies. I was going to sit in a quiet space outside and attempt this. My question is, do I need to cast a circle for such a simple spell? Primarily because I don’t have the tools necessary to cast a circle. Thanks!”


The primary reason for circles are to protect you from outside negative energies and to keep your energy in (until you release it). It’s not always necessary to create a circle, but it’s always a good and safe idea to do so. Sometimes people think casting circles require doing the whole chin-dig ordeal of calling on the quarters, elements, deities, spirits, etc. But that’s not true. A circle can be extremely simple. As simple as creating the circle out of stones, string, wire, leafs, branches, literally anything at your disposal. And saying something like, “Thrice around the circle bound, sink all evil into the ground,” or “I cast this circle round to protect me from all evil and harm.” Or literally anything you want to say to state its purpose.

You don’t even have to say words. You can simply create the circle out of anything and visualize the circle covering you in a globe or something. You can visualize the circle around you as pure white or blue energy, walls, balloons, butterflies, animals, or anything else that you feel protected by.

As far as tools, they’re practically unnecessary. Tools primary reasons are to help you direct and concentrate your energy. Some tools like crystals and herbs might have some magickal significance or a power boost, but the power and energy comes from YOU and not the tools. The only tool you need is yourself.

For a more detailed read about tools and not having this, read this past post.


Blessed Be


I will be a Wiccan for a Year and a Day and I want to hold a circle with some friends who aren’t Wiccan. I’m just not sure how to do that without freaking them out.

“So in a few weeks I will have been a Wiccan for a year and a day, and I’m really excited about it. I want to hold a circle with a couple friends, but the problem is I don’t have any Wiccan friends! I’d love to gather some people, I’m just not sure how to do so without them thinking Wicca is a bad religion or making them feel as if they’d be defying their own religion. Any suggestions? Blessed be. )O( ~Autumn”


Your options on celebrating your year and a day are limited by your preferences. My first suggestion would be for you to examine what that timeframe means to you. Do you feel like you need to ritually mark its passing, or do you simply feel like celebrating your path so far? What you’re trying to celebrate determines how to go about including others.

The easiest option is to mark the occasional individually in ritual, then celebrate with a group of friends. This allows you to enjoy the energies and happiness of celebration without asking anyone to participate in something they may be uncomfortable with.

Another option is to ask your friends what they think. If they know you’re Wiccan, then they also know Wicca isn’t evil or scary. That means they may be willing to participate in a rite of passage ritual to celebrate your growth with you, at least as witnesses. It would require little of them, leaving the idea of going against their religion as a non-issue; if they don’t feel being friends with a Wiccan is an issue, then they’re unlikely to see minor participation in a celebration as a religious threat. However, if you’re still in the closet about your beliefs, you can’t assume the same leeway.

Early on my path, I celebrated with a trip to the waterpark with friends; they were completely unaware that the day was special for me. Now, over a decade later, I rarely think about how long I’ve been Wiccan; I celebrate personal holidays and success as they come, rather than an anniversary of the same date I dedicated to my path. All in all, you have to examine your personal situation.

Larissa Lee

I’m a beginner Pagan and interested in working a few spells; are there certain requirements when casting spells like a circle or pentagram?

“I am a beginner pagan and i would like to know as I am interested in working a few spells that span a different range of categories if there are any certain requirements when casting a draconic type of spell? Also when casting any spells in particular, as i said im a beginner to casting, are there any requirements such as a circle or pentagram?”

Generally speaking, a spell is a small piece of magic done with or without casting a circle, calling deities, or using any traditional tools. A spell can be a chant said to the moon or a candle burning to eat up negativity in a room. A ritual is a more formal type of magic; often, rituals include a structure of casting circle, calling energies, doing your magic, and then releasing what was called. In a ritual, you may include a spell between simply celebrating the season or acknowledging the full moon.

By a “draconic” spell, I’m assuming you mean a spell using dragon energies. In that case, I would strongly suggest further research on your end before any attempts. A wise adage would be “don’t call up what you can’t put down”, or don’t work with things you don’t fully understand. As a beginner pagan, it would be wise to learn as much as you can about the mechanics of energywork, spellcasting, and focus before attempting any magic.

Spells take on many forms, often based on their intent. A spell to send a message might involve toss a paper into the air, as Air is associated with communication. A spell to calm turbulent moods might include saying a chant while in the shower, as Water is associated with emotions and balance. Spells are simply the actions you use to direct your energies toward a goal.

I would suggest taking a look at the Wicca 101 list here. Several of the titles include a chapter or section on spell writing and technique. I especially recommend suggestion [7] Earth Power and Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Scott Cunningham. Both books are focused on natural spells, as opposed to full-blown rituals as found in some pagan books. I would also suggest practicing spells such as self-balance and inner peace on yourself; while it may seem less than exciting, the chances of harm or misdirected energies are much smaller while you learn to raise and direct energy toward a focused goal.


Larissa Lee
Guest Writer

This will be my first Samhain wherein I truly try to commune/communicate with loved ones who’ve passed. Any tips for a firstie?

“This will be my first Samhain wherein I truly try to commune/communicate with loved ones who’ve passed. Any tips for a firstie?”


I don’t usually advocate trying to commune with spirits during Samhain for beginners (first timers). The days before and after Samhain are powerful, which I’m sure you’ve heard before that the viel between our world and the spirit world are at its thinnest. My first spirit communing ritual was during Samhain and it lead to a nose bleed. The energy it takes to maintain and control the ritual is intense. It’s not very wise to attempt.

HOWEVER, since I am here to educate, I will share the safest way to commune with spirits. First, you will need to create a circle within a circle (basically a circle and a larger circle). Within the circle you will place candles at each “corner” for each direction, crystals, salt, and items of the loved one(s) you are trying to commune with; pictures, personal items, etc. If you have a black mirror (scrying mirror), place it in the direction you are facing. If you don’t have a black mirror, you can use a dark bowl filled with water. The mirror, or bowl, will act as the “door way.” You probably won’t necessarily see the spirit or anything at all sometimes – however, you may see fog or distorted images. Between these circles is where the spirit will “sit.” So it can’t harm or escape.

Conduct the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Or any other protection ritual. Do this before and after the ritual. Now you may call upon the spirit. Whether ritualistically or through a means of divination. A simple “shout out” to the spirit and the use of the pendulum is a great way to commune with spirits. Fire gazing, or more specifically, using the flicker of the candle (as long as there is no air disturbing the flame) is another easy and effective way to commune. With pendulums and fire gazing, you get your “yes” and “no” answers – however, you’ll have to ask some basic, obvious yes or no questions first in order to figure out what directions mean what answer.

Sometimes, but very rarely, do things “go wrong.” Just because you call upon a specific spirit, doesn’t always mean it’ll be them. Sometimes stronger spirits push their way infront of the spirit your calling to escape through the crack of the worlds caused by your ritual. They do that to escape and roam free in our world, which causes disturbance in both worlds and sometimes ends up badly – whether with hauntings, possession, or just leaving negative energy wherever they go. Of course, not all spirits are bad! But that’s way it’s good to have a double circle to keep them in, that way they can’t go anywhere until you part them at the end of the ritual.

Just always have a loving, positive energy whenever you attempt to commune with spirits. Always KNOW and FEEL that you have the power and control. Sometimes situations get scary where you can literally feel their presence, you get the chills, candles get blown out… Or… It could just end being a ritual where you’re talking to yourself. Point is, always stay focused!


Blessed Be

How do i cast a circle before doing a spell? Please teach me how to cast a circle and how to close it after a spell is performed.

“How do i cast a circle before doing a spell? Please teach me how to cast a circle and how to close it after a spell is performed.

Thanks for your co-operations.


Dear Alfred,

Casting and closing a circle is simple. You can make it elaborate and wordy, or easy and simple. I like the simple way because it’s just as effective as spending thirty minutes casting. My simple way of casting a circle is to trace around your circle and chanting some sort of protective chant or spell. I like to use “Thrice around the circle bound, sink all evil into the ground.” But you can use whatever chant or spell you want. Below is how I Put up a Circle. I then call the quarters/elements and my deities. If I’m doing a full-blown ritual, I will cast the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The basic Wiccan circle casting is as follows:

Cast the Circle
Cast your circle. The space within your circle is sacred and considered to be “between the worlds.” Not only does your circle keep unwanted energy out, but it also serves to keep your energy in.

Call the Quarters
The Quarters, or the Watchtowers, are the guardians of your circle. They are usually directional and/or elemental in nature.

Inovke Deity
Call on the Lord and Lady and/pr your specific deity. You should always be respectful and ask deities to join you, not demand them.

Raise Energy
If you are performing ritual with a specific goal in mind (like doing a spell), then you’ll need to raise energy before you cast that spell. If the ritual is to celebrate the Sabbats or give thanks to the Gods, then you may not feel the need to raise energy. Methods for raising energy could be dancing or chanting, among other ways.

Purpose of Ritual
This is the central part of the ritual process. If you are working a spell, now is when you cast it, using the energy you’ve raised. Worship, celebration, or giving thanks could also be apart of your ritual, and also done now.

Ground your Energy
You raised energy earlier, and now you must ground it. Release the remaining energy down through your body and into the Earth – even if you are indoors.

Thank Deity
If you’ve asked deity to join you in your circle, you must thank them when the ritual is complete.

Release the Quarters
Similar to thanking the deities, you’ve called the quarters to assist you, now you must thank and release them.

Release the Circle
This will return your ritual area back to “normal space.” Simply close the circle the exact opposite way you opened it (going backwards in forming the circle).

*Eating is traditional after ritual. It can be fruits, cookies, cake, etc. And drinking; water, juice, or wine.

Putting up a Circle
To pull up the magick circle, you need to concentrate and use your powers of creative visualization. As you walk around the edges of your circle, imagine white light flowing through you, through your athame (finger(s) or hand) and out. See it pouring out in the form of white fibers that spin out until the whole circle is cocooned. You can also see it as a bubble that grows from the gloor, curving overhead until it meets on top. You can also visualize plates of armor surrounding you, or see the circle made up of scales of a dragon. Or imagine the circle as a magick web that grows so it’s all around you.

It doesn’t matter what you pick to imagine, just be sure it works for you.

Taking Down the Circle
With your athame (finger(s) or hand), start in the East and walk widdershines (anti-clockwise) around the edge of the circle. Imagine the energy of the circle getting “sucked into” your athame. See the energy moving through the athame and traveling up your arm, through your body, down your legs, out of the bottom of your feet, and into the Earth.

After sending the energy back into the ground, you can say something like “The circle is down,” or “The circle is open, but unbroken.” Or anything else you wish to say instead.


Blessed Be

I know Wicca is not for me, could you provide any knowledge on a more natural magic path, or even elemental? Animals, trees and nature that I can worship and dedicate to?

“I’ve lost my way on the path, or really more taking another path as I’m evolving with my knowledge. I know Wicca is not for me, There’s lots of it that I can’t follow, don’t believe in, so it would be false of me to say Yes I’m wiccan for the sake of a label. What i’m asking is could you provide any knowledge on a more natural magic path, or even elemental? Animals, trees and nature that I can worship and dedicate to but I just can’t enough information on that kind of path.”

Witchcraft as a practice can be very elemental, as well as Paganism. As a Pagan, I use the energies of the elements and everything nature when I do ritual. I form a circle of stones or use branches. I include stones, crystals, leafs, flowers, feathers, animal bones, a representation of every element, and of course herbs.

If you want to really be connected with nature and Earth, plant a tree and watch it grow. As it grows, so does your energy and connection to it. You can plant flowers and herbs around the tree as well. If you can’t plant a tree, then even a small plant will do. The point is that you have something that connects you with nature and the Earth – something that is of the earth. There are several exercises, mini-rituals (picking up stones, branches, plants, flowers, etc.), and ways you can strengthen your connection with nature. If you can’t plant a tree, then let the wind and nature spirits lead you to one to connect with. Find a tree that’ll be “your tree.” The tree you go to, to meditate, do ritual, craft, and commune with spirits with.

There isn’t a path, to my knowledge, that worships animals and nature specifically, besides Shamanism, but that’s not something you just go into to. It’s a cultural and heritage path where you have to be chosen, or I suppose, it chooses you.

However, Paganism is very much nature and animal oriented (not necessarily or directly the worship of animals, but a great respect for them). At least with Paganism, you can incorporate its nature beliefs with whatever other spiritual beliefs you have without having to zone in one a specific religion, or at least for now, until, if, you find something that you are strongly more drawn to.

Blessed Be