I want to do a healing spell tonight for the full moon, but I don’t have any supplies. How can I cast a circle?

“I’ve just gotten into Wicca/witchcraft. I wish to try a simple healing spell tonight because the moon is full. However, I don’t have an altar or any supplies. I was going to sit in a quiet space outside and attempt this. My question is, do I need to cast a circle for such a simple spell? Primarily because I don’t have the tools necessary to cast a circle. Thanks!”


The primary reason for circles are to protect you from outside negative energies and to keep your energy in (until you release it). It’s not always necessary to create a circle, but it’s always a good and safe idea to do so. Sometimes people think casting circles require doing the whole chin-dig ordeal of calling on the quarters, elements, deities, spirits, etc. But that’s not true. A circle can be extremely simple. As simple as creating the circle out of stones, string, wire, leafs, branches, literally anything at your disposal. And saying something like, “Thrice around the circle bound, sink all evil into the ground,” or “I cast this circle round to protect me from all evil and harm.” Or literally anything you want to say to state its purpose.

You don’t even have to say words. You can simply create the circle out of anything and visualize the circle covering you in a globe or something. You can visualize the circle around you as pure white or blue energy, walls, balloons, butterflies, animals, or anything else that you feel protected by.

As far as tools, they’re practically unnecessary. Tools primary reasons are to help you direct and concentrate your energy. Some tools like crystals and herbs might have some magickal significance or a power boost, but the power and energy comes from YOU and not the tools. The only tool you need is yourself.

For a more detailed read about tools and not having this, read this past post.


Blessed Be


During the full moon ritual, I was something white moving. I thought it was an owl at first, but I saw a white blur but then there was nothing there – I saw it again the next night. Any ideas what it is?

“I charged [my necklace] the day before the blue moon and the day of. But I noticed something. Whenever I went out and did the little ritual and cast the circle and asked the goddess for her blessings, I saw something white moving. The first night i though it was an owl, since i heard a thud as something hit the ground and saw a white blur, but upon investigation nothing was there. And i saw another last night. Any ideas what it is? I have had experiences with spirits and these don’t seem like ghosts or anything, and i feel they are non threatening. I sense no negativity and I am just wondering why I only see em when I do rituals on the full moon? Maybe I’m seeing things IDK but they keep playing on my mind far too much to just brush em off.”

Rituals on a full moon are the most powerful. You can feel the energy when you just stand under the moon. What you see can be many things, but probably none that are harmful or threatening.

My first guess is that it would be escaped energy from during your ritual. This sometimes happens when our circle isn’t bound or not actually creating a circle of protection. We create our circles for many reasons; to hold our energy and to protect us – but it takes more than just making the circle. Anyway, sometimes our energy escapes from the circle and it can appear as light, fog or clouds, and because nothing is containing it or feeding it, it usually disappears in a short amount of time.

It could be something we’ve read in our fairytales: fairies. Magickal creatures love to gaze at the full moon just as much as we do, but they’re not exactly going to stick around once they’ve been spotted. They like to hide in trees, plants and flowers, and you can sometimes spot their firefly-like selves if you have your third-eye open or have a natural connection and power with nature.

Don’t forfeit the idea of ghosts or spirits, because they’re a big possibility. But just like all the other theories, they’re not going to stick around for you to figure it out. Appearing only during the full moon can mean a few things: their death was on a full moon, or whatever incident or situation they were in or had was on a full moon.

And last, but not least – does the light appear during incantations or invocations? It could be the deity or spirit you are calling/working with letting you know that their presence is there and that they hear you. Sometimes when we’re calling upon our Gods or spirits, we get that sense of ‘something is with us,’ a chill, hear a noise, or see something – signs letting us know that they’re there. It’s different for everyone and sometimes we don’t get any signs at all.

Or of course, it could just be your imagination – your mind making you think something is there because you want to see something happen during a magickal practice. This is sometimes common for those new to the Craft; they want to believe in it so bad, that every little noise, scent, whisper or sight they see is because of magick. Not saying this applies to you, but I’m just adding a final note.

Next time it happens, you can try to “call it over.” If it is something of life or death, you can try to somehow commune with it – if it ends up being nothing or just energy, then at least you’ll know it’s really nothing else.


Blessed Be