I have the gift of healing, but recently I have been really sick and was wondering if there’s anything I might of caught while healing someone else?

“Hello my name is Black Ash and I I have the gift of healing. I haven’t been able to heal real injuries like that of the body, like cancer, sores, or the flu but instead I heal people’s minds, calm them. I have brought many out of depression, bi-polar disorder, and have one case of D.I.D. (Desocial identity disorder) Under my belt? In the past I get a very warm and pleasing sensation around my body, I call it the goddess gift of thanking me for my help! But recently I have been sick, very sick! I can’t even focus on a small circle! I’m not sure what to do. I have seen drs but they can’t find anything wrong. So I was wondering if there’s any thing I might of caught while healing someone else? And if so is there some thing I can do to heal myself?”

Black Ash,

Healing and empathy are two different-but-related skills. From the sound of your description, you seem like an empath. Empaths can be senders or receivers. You usually hear about people who can feel what others feel, often leaving them overwhelmed in large groups and public places. However, empathy works both ways; some empaths influence others with their own emotions.

I’m a sender. I regularly get told I’m a “calming influence”, largely due to my natural state of calm rubbing off on other people. However, when I’m livid over something political or upset over someone’s passing, everyone I come into contact feels the same as me. This applies even when they have no interest in my political issues, aren’t told what’s going on, or haven’t met the person who’s passed away. As a manager at a bookstore, I watched the moods of my cashiers sour rapidly when I showed up to work with a fake smile to hide my anger; I had to consciously reign myself in to remove the “dark cloud” I’d brought in with me.

All of that aside, empathy can lead to healing skill. The ability to alter or influence the moods of others can be used as you described, to calm nerves or lift moods out of depression. With practice and focus, any sender can learn to guide others out of emotionally troubling situations.

As for the posibility that you’re taking in some illness, there is some precedent. In shamanic healing, the healer sometimes takes the negative energies of an illness (emotional or physical) into themselves. However, part of their process is to have a safe removal method, such as sending the energies into flames to purify or grounding for 24 hours after the healing in a focused ritual of self-purification. Either way, they have a pre-planned method of purification to avoid any residual damage or illness from their healings.

If you feel you may be taking in some negativity from your interactions with those you’re helping, you may want to look into methods of purging, cleansing, and grounding. Consider these options:

* Take a cleansing bath. Add salt and various cleansing herbs (lavender is a favorite of mine) to soak out the negativity. You can combine this with soothing music, or even add candles charged for cleansing or positivity.
* Do a cleansing ritual. If you’re into doing larger rituals with circles, elements, and all the bells and whistles, then consider a self-cleansing ritual. Ask each element to cleanse your being: Air for the mind, Fire for the spirit, Water for the emotions, and Earth for the body.
* Ground and center. Find a grounding method that works for you. One super easy option is to “hug a tree”. When you’re feeling energetically off or dampened, take some time to touch or hug a tree. They have very steady, grounded energies thanks to their roots; they can also take the unwanted energies and send them into the earth to be cleaned and reused. If it feels silly to hug a tree, you can sit at its base and meditate instead; visualize your connection, seeing its roots going deep into the earth.

Lastly, consider the mundane. You may just have a cold; doctors don’t always find the answer. Take a multivitamin, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy meals. The idea “as above, so below” means that you can’t ignore the practical options while seeking magickal solutions.

Blessings, and get well soon,
Larissa Lee


I am very empathetic towards other people, it is so extreme that my emotions will match theirs without me even realizing it. Is there anything that can help me not have my emotions match other people’s?

“I need some help. I am very empathetic towards other people, it is so extreme that my emotions will match theirs without me even realizing it. I am trying to distance myself a little bit, but I can’t help but feel really bad for people. It gets so bad I’ve even fallen into a small depression again. Do you know any advice, meditations, spells, or rites that can help me be able to not have my emotions match other people’s?”

I understand this issue more than you know.  I myself, am very intuitive and at times, I have found myself taking on the emotions of others.  First things first, you do not need to feel bad about having this ability, however you should understand having this ability is taking on a responsibility to yourself.  In my personal experience, I have had the same problems and it took me time to master the ability to protect myself.  You are currently experiencing the depression because of the energy you take on from others.  When someone has this type of intuition, it is easy to know what they are feeling, how they are feeling, and often the most dangerous is to actually experience their feelings.  My suggestion to you is to perform a protection ritual or spell, and or build a protection bottle.  Here are the steps to follow:

1. Cleanse yourself of negative energies given off by other people:

-Visualize a tiny hole in the small of your back, move the negative energies, and emotions of other people down toward the hole letting it drain out into the Earth.  Do this until you feel the emotions of others leave your body.

-When you are ready, visually close that small dark hole, and embrace yourself, visualize yourself filling up with white light.

2. Cleanse yourself, your aura, and your chakras as well as your home (because we know that energy lingers)

-Do this by taking a cleansing bath filled with your favorite aromatherapy, I find that Lavender is a good relaxation oil, and a few drops in the bathwater is good for the soul

-When you are finished with your bath, sage yourself.  Light a sage stick, encircle yourself in the smoke starting at the tip of your head and all the way to the tip of your toes.

-While smudging yourself, say “Smoke of sage encircle me, rid me of all negativity”, repeat this as long as it takes you to smudge yourself

-Start at the back of your home if a single level and upstairs if you have a two story, and move counter-clockwise around the room making sure to hit each corner and window and repeat “I see only pure reflected light, I am ridding this house of all negativity, and negative emotions, O’ Blessed Be.”  Repeat over and over again until you are finished.

-Chant as you smudge each room.  When you get to the front and back doors, keep chanting the above chant with the door open, and make a sweeping motion out of the door, sweeping the negativity and depressive feelings out the door.

-Once done with the smudging, go around the home and salt it.  That is, take sea salt (regular salt works if you don’t have sea salt), and take pinches of it and spread it along the walls and into all corners and window sills.  Remember to keep chanting until you reach the front or back door.

Lastly is the protection sachet:

3 parts Dill seed
2 parts Caraway seed
1 part Flax seed
1 pinch Salt

Place all herbs in a white or red cloth and tie up. Carry with you for protection.

On a side note, while the above may work, if this is a situation that occurs regularly, regardless of the person or situation, you need to center and ground yourself before meeting up with others or before going into large crowds.  Because of your empathy and ability to feel what others feel, you could be affected by psychic vampires, and be completely drained of all good energy.  Ground and center, those are the keys, remember to protect yourself by saying “these are not my emotions or feelings, I am not responsible for their feelings, I am responsible for only mine”  If you feel yourself being taken in by someone or you are aware that it is occurring, please remember to take a step back, take a break and re-ground and re-center and re-protect.  Soon you will know exactly how to handle these situations.  Best of luck.

Blessed Be
Selu Haruspex, Guest Writer

Since about the age of six, I’ve been considered an empath in some form or another by people around me, and I believe I could be. I’m just wondering though, because I don’t usually have trouble with crowds or large groups of people if they might be wrong?

“Since about the age of six, I’ve been considered an empath in some form or another by people around me, and I believe I could be. I’m just wondering though, because I don’t usually have trouble with crowds or large groups of people if they might be wrong? Usually, the smaller the group the more difficult it is for me because each emotion around affects me but in a large group I tend to either bounce the feelings back if they’re all similar enough or ignore them entirely if they vary a lot -Molly”

Dear Molly,

Despite the past posts where the empaths had trouble going outside or around people or groups, that’s not always the case. Some empaths are stronger than others, know how to control it better, or just know how to block it out. It’s not always because of practice, but it could be the type of person someone is. Think of the threefold law for this scenario: what you give out, comes to you threefold, right? Well, whatever kind of emotion(s) you give out, you’ll also be able to receive threefold. So for empaths who don’t know how to control their empathy is sometimes because they can’t control their own emotions. But for someone who might not care what people are feeling, they might not receive the emotions surrounding them. Make sense? Basically, the more you worry, think about it, or become emotional, the “harder” and stronger the emotions from people or crowds will get to you. The less you show or give emotion, or care about it, the less people’s emotions will affect you.

If you haven’t been practicing to control it, you might have been unconsciously your entire life and you’ve gotten to the point where you know what situations are going to affect you in what ways. Or you may fit in the scenario above, or you just may not be an empath at all and just have an ability to feel things like someone with the ability of Clairsentience – the ability to sense subtle feelings, emotions or energy.


Blessed Be

I have been wondering if it is possible to have more than one psychic talent or ability?

“I have been wondering if it is possible to have more than one psychic talent or ability? I am asking this because I think I have several abilities instead of one. I know that one ability is suppose to be the strongest and for me it is my empathy which I had since I was born and my mother has told me that my great great grandmother has this ability among others. I know I can’t stand being in large crowds and I hate going outside because as soon as I do, I am overwhelm by everyone’s else emotions. I only go out if I absolutely have to.  I am most happy being in my room where the emotions aren’t as bad but I can still feel someone’s emotion if they are living below or above me. Also I know I don’t have to be near someone to sense their emotion as along as I have form a bond with them.  I have recently being learning how to block it out which I thought was going to be hard to do but it isn’t. I can now tell when it is my emotion and when it is someone’s else by noticing that if I was happy and relax as soon as someone else comes near me or is living above or below I am suddenly absorbing their emotion. Anything that you could up with will be well received. Blessed be!


Dear Zen,

Many psychics have more than one psychic ability, but there’s usually one that’s always the strongest. Everyone has some sort of psychic ability, it’s just a matter of opening up your mind to it and exercising it to get it up to par. Empathy is a rare and powerful ability, but it’s also a dangerous one and one of the worse to live with because of all the overwhelming emotions and voices, it may cause suicidal tendencies sometimes.

But yes, you can have more than one power – however, if empathy is one of them, or the most active, it’s usually hard to develop your other powers (like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition (seeing the future)). Because empathy takes so much power to control on its own, sometimes it can be impossible to be able to block the empathy out in order to develop the other abilities or concentrate on them.

The best way to safely block out empathy for a short period of time is to sedate the mind with herbs and meditation. Common herbs like basil, cinnamon, lemon balm/grass and lavender are helpful herbs. A few not-s0-commons herbs include Poria, kava and valerian. Adding some chamomile flowers to these tonics or teas can also give it an extra boost. However, if you consume any of these, it’s best to do so before bed or when you know you won’t be driving – some of these herbs may induce sleep.

Meditation and crystals can also help with enhancing psychic abilities. Most people have some sort of unknown psychic ability, whether they realize it or not. The most common is Clairaudience – the ability to hear messages. These messages come upon as thoughts in our heads like an actual spoken message. It’s that inner voice that we always hear, but rarely listen to. Clairsentience, the ability to feel things that are going to happen, is another common ability some people have. That gut feeling, that “I just know this is what’s going to happen” feeling. With practice, meditation and “exercise,” these abilities can turn into full-blown psychic powers.


Blessed Be

I’m an empath. I can’t be in crowds or have direct eye contact if someone is around me is angry, anxious, or sad, because I start to feel the same way. I tried to meditation, but I have a problem trying to shut my brain and emotions off. What can I do?

“I am wondering what all I can be told about being an empath. I have some friends well one cuz I never talked about it before that thinks I might be one… I can’t stand crowds or direct eye contact if someone around me is pissed anxious sad etc I start to feel the same way… I constantly feel anxious in groups and with eye contact or physical contact feel this energy of emotions I feel like I am moody for no reason… My friend said also me having my birthday when I do … April 15 1985 and being a twin makes sense… I have always been this way any type of emotionally charged person or situation sets me off…

I always just want to be outside I’m a runner and love runnin on trails in the rain.. I feel very trapped inside and constantly want to be outside. I can be in a crowded silent room and feel like the room is loud as heck it just feels so loud!! I than start getting these overwhelming headaches that start just above the bridge of my nose in the center lower part of my forehead and goes to my eyes. I don’t know how else to explain everything I’m feeling I can’t seem to make good friends but people always wanna tell me what’s wrong in their lives or how they hurt etc… . I always feel like there’s this piece of me missing and lot of this Pagan stuff makes more sense to me than the catholic I was raised as.. Im trying to teach myself to meditate…. I have a problem shutting my brain and emotions off so have nt yet figured it out… Plz any info on paganism or this potential empath thing. I feel like I just want keep soaking in this pagan stuff that I started learning about weeks ago but don’t know who to talk to about it of that makes sense.


Dear Rebecca,

Being an empath is a rare and special coveted gift. Though, when it comes to a person, it comes in one of two ways. First, you’re either born with it, and this is much easier to handle, control and deal with. Second, it can come to you anytime during your lifetime; when you most need it, when you’re ready for it, when and if you’ve become enlightened or close to it, or when a family member whom once possessed the power and has passed away and it just moved down to the next suited family member.

Empaths often just want to be alone, away from people, and in the security of their own house or room. You on the other hand, want to be outside. Which also happens a lot, because being in a free, secluded space outside is sometimes much better. Empathy is not exactly a pagan thing. Though, it’s a gift or power that some pagans try to possess and learn to master.

Empathy is extremely hard to control. Born-with-it empaths have dealt with it and learned to control it their entire lives – some can be successful, others might end up in the loony-bin. Nothing is worse than walking into a room and feeling everyone emotional garbage being dumped on you. But it can be controlled. With time, exercise and patience, you can control what and who you feel. And learning how to control it happens with lots and lots of meditation. I know you said it’s hard for you to meditate and clear your mind, and that’s the case for a lot of people. Especially if it’s something you don’t do often or exercise often. However, my post of guided meditations and hypnosis could help you. Listen to some of the guided meditation audios and binaural beats to help you calm your mind and relax.

With meditation you just need to learn to completely clear your mind. This won’t happen the very first or even few times. You’ll need to practice. Once you’ve managed to clear your mind, or at least to a point where it’s not jumping around so much, you need to learn to isolate the empathy. Because you feel so many emotions at once, you’ll need to isolate them to and try to focus on just one emotion. Control it. Command it. Make it focus on just one. Once you can isolate them, you can deal with it, fix it, and let it go. And start with the next upcoming emotion or thoughts. Practice this for several days or weeks until you’ve gotten a good hold on it. Your next step is to isolate it in a small group or crowd. Again, this will take much time and practice. But until you face it, deal with it, and learn to control it, it’s never going to get better.

Herbal remedies and teas can also help. A tea with rosemary, sage, cinnamon, bay leaf, chamomile, thyme and a rose petal is a good remedy for mind relaxation and clearance. Incense can also help during meditation to ease you into going into a meditative state of consciousness.

Everyone is going to talk to you, be around you, touch you, and look you in the eye. Everyone wants to share their thoughts, opinions and problems. It’s a natural thing. So you just want to live a normal life and be able to do these things again. I can’t say meditation will help and fix the problem completely, but I can assure you it’ll help you greatly.


Blessed Be