I’m in the broom closet and I’m interested in potions, but can’t find anything on creating them! What can I do?

“I’ve slowly been practicing over the span of 5 years this coming August. I took time to study Gods and several higher beings, herbs, stones, spells, several different paths and ancient civilizations and their believes, and so much lore and myth it’s scarce to find anything in school I come across I haven’t read about yet. But here is my problem: no matter where I look I can find absolutely nothing on how to create potions. I know there are several things that fall into that category and I use the word potion as an umbrella for those. But I simply cannot find a place to help me get started or know where to start. The trickier thing is I’m the only practitioner in my household and still in the broom closet! What can I do?


Studying and practicing while still in the broom closet can be difficult. The good news is that you know more about potions than you realize!

Potions vary in method, but they’re essentially teas and oil blends made with magical intent. Ingredients are chosen for their magical properties, mixed with a carrier such as water or oil, and then charged for their magical purpose. It’s really that simple!

From personal experience, I can say that a potion made from your spice cabinet at home is just as powerful as a potion made with fancy and exotic ingredients that cost you an arm and a leg. Simplicity is also best. When making a recipe, think of it as you would a tea; too many flavors can muddle the pot.

Researching aromatherapy or herbal tea remedies will help you find more detailed information on various methods and recipes, while appearing more normal than a collection of Pagan books on herbal magic.

Larissa Lee
Guest Writer