My girlfriend and I bonded ourselves by blood. We have been separated for five years before she found me again. I have not been able to rid myself of her presence and have hoped that one day she’d be back in my life.

“At a young age of 14. A girlfriend and I decided that we would bond ourselves by blood. At the time we were both innocents. We both cut our arms open until we bled enough to place our cuts together. I believe that it was later that day or the next day, she cut her arm open again and let me drink blood straight from her body. We have not seen each other in 5 years before she found me two weeks ago with a phone call. I have not been able to rid myself of her presence, then when she called me I was so relieved that she is back in my life. We did no chanting blood ritual or any of that. We asked each other before we combined our blood if we were sure we wanted to combine ourselves. We both felt that we were destined for each other, as well as over the years I had hoped that we would be back together. I still feel that we are destined for each other. We did not study, though we felt¬†spiritually¬†connected before the blood bond.


Blood magic is a simple, yet extremely powerful field of practice. Blood carries nourishment to our cells, literally moving our lifeforce through our bodies. That said, let me clarify a few issues.

Blood bonding has been a popular practice for centuries. Most often we see it between adolescent friends who, having already formed tight bonds, choose to cemete those with the exchange of blood via a small cut. While your intent was far more romantically inclined, it does match the same concept and practice; think of it on par with a pinky-promise to stay together forever, rather than a signed-and-sealed oath.

That said, you may want to take a moment to reflect. With or without a blood bond, there are often people in our lives who we connect to on a deeper level. Connection doesn’t necessarily mean destiny, however. There are people who enter our lives to fill a need, teach a lesson, or guide us from one point to another; when we fail to learn or move on the first time, they’re sometimes brought back to facilitate the lesson again until we catch on.

Take time to meditate on your relationship. Examine its purpose and health, as well as its emotional, mental, and spiritual effects on you. This connection may provide a deep lesson you need in this life; open yourself to receive it.


Larissa Le
Guest Writer