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I’m an empath. I can’t be in crowds or have direct eye contact if someone is around me is angry, anxious, or sad, because I start to feel the same way. I tried to meditation, but I have a problem trying to shut my brain and emotions off. What can I do?

“I am wondering what all I can be told about being an empath. I have some friends well one cuz I never talked about it before that thinks I might be one… I can’t stand crowds or direct eye contact if someone around me is pissed anxious sad etc I start to feel the same way… I constantly feel anxious in groups and with eye contact or physical contact feel this energy of emotions I feel like I am moody for no reason… My friend said also me having my birthday when I do … April 15 1985 and being a twin makes sense… I have always been this way any type of emotionally charged person or situation sets me off…

I always just want to be outside I’m a runner and love runnin on trails in the rain.. I feel very trapped inside and constantly want to be outside. I can be in a crowded silent room and feel like the room is loud as heck it just feels so loud!! I than start getting these overwhelming headaches that start just above the bridge of my nose in the center lower part of my forehead and goes to my eyes. I don’t know how else to explain everything I’m feeling I can’t seem to make good friends but people always wanna tell me what’s wrong in their lives or how they hurt etc… . I always feel like there’s this piece of me missing and lot of this Pagan stuff makes more sense to me than the catholic I was raised as.. Im trying to teach myself to meditate…. I have a problem shutting my brain and emotions off so have nt yet figured it out… Plz any info on paganism or this potential empath thing. I feel like I just want keep soaking in this pagan stuff that I started learning about weeks ago but don’t know who to talk to about it of that makes sense.


Dear Rebecca,

Being an empath is a rare and special coveted gift. Though, when it comes to a person, it comes in one of two ways. First, you’re either born with it, and this is much easier to handle, control and deal with. Second, it can come to you anytime during your lifetime; when you most need it, when you’re ready for it, when and if you’ve become enlightened or close to it, or when a family member whom once possessed the power and has passed away and it just moved down to the next suited family member.

Empaths often just want to be alone, away from people, and in the security of their own house or room. You on the other hand, want to be outside. Which also happens a lot, because being in a free, secluded space outside is sometimes much better. Empathy is not exactly a pagan thing. Though, it’s a gift or power that some pagans try to possess and learn to master.

Empathy is extremely hard to control. Born-with-it empaths have dealt with it and learned to control it their entire lives – some can be successful, others might end up in the loony-bin. Nothing is worse than walking into a room and feeling everyone emotional garbage being dumped on you. But it can be controlled. With time, exercise and patience, you can control what and who you feel. And learning how to control it happens with lots and lots of meditation. I know you said it’s hard for you to meditate and clear your mind, and that’s the case for a lot of people. Especially if it’s something you don’t do often or exercise often. However, my post of guided meditations and hypnosis could help you. Listen to some of the guided meditation audios and binaural beats to help you calm your mind and relax.

With meditation you just need to learn to completely clear your mind. This won’t happen the very first or even few times. You’ll need to practice. Once you’ve managed to clear your mind, or at least to a point where it’s not jumping around so much, you need to learn to isolate the empathy. Because you feel so many emotions at once, you’ll need to isolate them to and try to focus on just one emotion. Control it. Command it. Make it focus on just one. Once you can isolate them, you can deal with it, fix it, and let it go. And start with the next upcoming emotion or thoughts. Practice this for several days or weeks until you’ve gotten a good hold on it. Your next step is to isolate it in a small group or crowd. Again, this will take much time and practice. But until you face it, deal with it, and learn to control it, it’s never going to get better.

Herbal remedies and teas can also help. A tea with rosemary, sage, cinnamon, bay leaf, chamomile, thyme and a rose petal is a good remedy for mind relaxation and clearance. Incense can also help during meditation to ease you into going into a meditative state of consciousness.

Everyone is going to talk to you, be around you, touch you, and look you in the eye. Everyone wants to share their thoughts, opinions and problems. It’s a natural thing. So you just want to live a normal life and be able to do these things again. I can’t say meditation will help and fix the problem completely, but I can assure you it’ll help you greatly.


Blessed Be


3 responses to “I’m an empath. I can’t be in crowds or have direct eye contact if someone is around me is angry, anxious, or sad, because I start to feel the same way. I tried to meditation, but I have a problem trying to shut my brain and emotions off. What can I do?

  1. Zen ⋅

    I feel for you,Rebecca and I am a born with it empath. I have always been able to feel people’s emotions and it is not an easy power to control but somehow I have manage to deal with it. I am just learning how to control it with a little gemstone help. I would like to add to what Sage said, by saying that using certain gemstones like jasper,amethyst and adventurine can give you psychic protection. Like Sage mention being an empath, I just want to be alone,away from people in a room or space. I don’t do large crowds because I am in a crowd and I am happy as soon as someone passed me by or even just bump into me, my mood instantly changes. i have also noticed that my empath gift works long distance so I am still picking up people’s emotions and so I starting to wear this amethyst necklace and it has worked for me so maybe it can for you.

    Remember when you are feeling people’s emotion, to try to center yourself by think if it really is your emotion or someone else? The way I can tell when I am feeling someone’s emotion is when I feel happy and then suddenly I feel sad or upset. The stronger the emotion the more you feel it. I hope this helps.
    Blessed be!

  2. Zen ⋅

    I am very into astrology so I just found out that you are like me where there is a fire sign (you are an Aries) and you have a Pisces moon which is say to gives a person psychic ablities such as empathy. I am a Leo with a Pisces moon so I think my empathy comes from that or the fact that my non verbal skills are very advanced lol.

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