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I’m interested in Paganism, but I have a bad past with being a not-so-good person. Can I still continue to learn and practice Paganism?

“I’m only starting out, and I was exploring Paganism in general, and a Wiccan friend of mine told me that it’s the wrong thing for me to do because I am  a deceitful, unforgiving person who hurt’s other’s too much. I have forgiven myself, and other’s have forgiven me for the things I have done in my past. Is he being harsh? Should I, if I really am interested continue to keep learning and reading?”


Simple answer: Yes. Any religion only plays a PART of your life. It’s a small percentage of what makes who you are. Yes, you may fully committed, dedicated, and a strong practitioner, but it’s still something that’s a part of you and not makes you.

Your personality and life decisions doesn’t affect your religion or your beliefs. If you believe in Karma, then something might come back to kick you in the butt, otherwise, as long as forgiveness and peace of mind is there, then by all means continue to learn and grow. Just keep in mind, Paganism in its nature is a peaceful, all-loving practice. It follows the laws of nature and the Universe, and if you’re not nice to it, it won’t be nice to you.

You won’t be seeing Pagans being running around being deceitful and hurting others, that’s not what Paganism is about. But if that WHO you are, then perhaps your friend might be a little right. I’m not saying you CAN’T become Pagan, no one and nothing is stopping you, but like I said above, you will need to be at peace with others, yourself, and with the Universe and have a clean, good-intentioned conscience to be able to do many Pagan practices.

The choice is yours.

Blessed be,



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