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What type of divination is the most accurate? Which kind should I study and focus on the most?

“I want to start learning and practicing divination. What type of divination will give me the more accurate answers? Is there a type that is more powerful and better than the others? I want something that will give me more than Yes and No answers.”


There is no “most powerful” type of divination. The most powerful is whatever type of divination YOU feel most comfortable with, understand, and can “see” the answers you seek effectively. There are literally a plethora of different ways to do divination. You can even make up a technique if it gets you answers. Many Wiccans and Witches choose Tarot Cards as their main means of divination. It’s also the most popular.

Tarot cards, runes, water/mirror/flame gazing, pendulums, crystal balls, ouija boards, and tea leaf reading are just some of the handfull of ways for divination. Not one way is better than the other. It’s all up to what works for you. So in your quest to finding the “most powerful,” you’re going to have to try out a few different ways and see what you’re most “good at.”

It’s not all about the meanings and definitions in the books. For instance, the definitions for tarot cards, runes, and tea leafs in books are not always universal, but usually what the author believes those meanings are. You can use those definitions from the books as reference, but the true meanings come from YOU. You’re the one who decides what the tarot cards mean. You’ll need to spend time focusing and reflecting on what each card/rune/image means to you, what the images mean, and in what situation or part of life they belong to.

If you’ve never done divination before, or don’t have much experience with it – start slow and easy. Start with pendulums. Pendulums will give you those easy Yes or No answers. And from there you can work your way up the divination later.

If you can’t get your hands on a pendulum, tarot cards, runes, or any other tools – do what our ancestor witches did; glass of water and an egg (the white yolk only). Drop the white yolk in the glass of water and stare at it. Images should start appearing to you, sometimes moving images. This won’t give you a specific answer to something unless you ask a spirit for assistance, otherwise, this is a “this could be in your future,” kind of deal.

Flame and water gazing are other ways if you lack the other divination tools. Also with the assistance of a spirit, these are easy ways for divination. Flame gazing depends on what flame you’re using. With candles, you won’t so much get full images, but probably like the pendulum, get yes or no answers. On the other hand, if you’re using a fireplace where the flames are much larger and wider, you’ll have a better chance of seeing images and signs in the flames. For water gazing, it’s best done with a black or dark dish. Two ways for water gazing: the first, by simply gazing into the water. The second, by using en egg’s white yolk, dropping very small chunk-like crystals in the bowl, adding crushed herbs, or sprinkling sand (this is better in larger bowls). With all these ingredients, some kind of image or sign should form and appear.

Using an ouija board is probably the hardest and least effective way of divination. Because not always will a spirit listen to your call and give you a visit, and rarely do the spirits that do come around have the power to completely move or influence you to move the board’s pointer. Tea leafs is one of the oldest and probably best and most entertaining way of divination. With tea leafs, you’ll almost always get an image. Sometimes you’ll see a person you know, a thing, place, etc. You can look up what the different images mean, but be sure to cross-reference multiple sources to compare the similarities of meanings. But also use your own intuition and feelings about the things you see and feel to decode the message/image.


Blessed Be,


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